Morning Treat

It’s my favorite time of day. Time to take a sip of some delicious and  very steamy coffee so yummy. My coffee has various romantic relationships with hazelnut, mocha, almond joy, heath but French vanilla is it’s main squeeze. I would not look at it as cheating more like a painting swirled with different colors that compliment one another. Morning the best part of my day I be so excited about sipping on coffee! Yaaaaaaay! Can I get a witness!


Tameeka ‘s Christian Walk

I’m not deep, not a preacher or teacher. I’m Tameeka and when Tameeka stand before God that’s who I have to answer for. Praying that I don’t have to answer for someone else because of something that I have done. I never want to get so full of myself that I look down or judge someone else. Definitely don’t want to be a person who picks and chooses what I want out the Bible neither. I want to be pleasing to God by being the best Tameeka that I can be. Will I make mistakes sure being a Christian doesn’t come with a manual. As I always say what I take most from the Bible is how everyone of the people in it had various situations but they overcame them and endured. Everyday that I live I pray that my walk becomes stronger and when I am weak it’s okay I know that I can turn to God for help me. Not putting on a performance for what??? I’m only human and knowing this keeps me grounded. Don’t go off of my emotions or feelings I know whose in control and that’s God. I just stay focused on Him not man. Focusing on what man says means that I make them an idol annnnndddd not human beings are always changing. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day, and for ever.



Growing up it was my dream to become a vj on MTV or a dj on a radio station I can not express it enough I love music. Every type of music there is I have love for. Loving the fact of having this blog so I can get the chance to share some of my favorite songs. Listening to music is something that I do daily I have a passion for it. And I find it cool when I come across another people who appreciates music the way that I do. I mean really love it and can prove it by being able to back up what they say with knowledge. For me I know that somewhere down the line I’ll be able to do something in the music field on my own and that would be a dream come true.


Kingdom Women

Before we do anything

We get on our knees praying

We are always focused

On the Almighty King

We are women

Of  a different breed

We draw our strength

From reading the Bible daily

Psalms gives our hearts

Beautiful songs to sing

We are stress free

God takes care of all our needs

Everything we need

Chases after us

Blessings showers us continually

New miracles and mercies

We experience them constantly daily

We don’t care about

What man is thinking

Whether it’s talking, lying or judging

We are suited up

We’ve got our Armor of God

Our cape of the Holy Spirit

Our uniform of hope

We going out to battle

Who’s in need

Of our help

God is with us

Right now we are capable

Of doing anything

Feeling so spiritually high

That we could fly

Or the tallest buildings

Our mission always

Is to spread God’s Word

All around the world

Our rewards are heavenly

Though we aren’t looking for them

The benefits are infinite

And they come straight

From our King in Heaven

Are There Anymore Good Black Men?

My preference are white men however just because I am attracted to white men doesn’t mean that I hate black men. Love has no color and souls connect to one another. I’m a black and I want everyone of all races to be happy in love as well as my black sisters. Most black sisters that I know are down for black love only. They are completely devoted to our black brothers. There are many black people who believe in black love and that’s all good. Relationships requires two good committed people to making it work. By no way am I bashing black men still there are many statistics and numbers don’t lie. Some black men have many children, are unmarried and aren’t in their children’s lives. When I turn on the television the media doesn’t make things any easier either black men are shown in a negative light as well how they treat women, very disrespectful and huge cheaters. Some have a deep hatred for black women which probably stem from many things. With all this is there hope for black love?


What can be done to break the chain of what seems to be a curse on black love? Someone has to be brave enough to save black love. Many things start at home that’s where life changing decisions are born. I know for me it was. The way my father treated my mother, my sister and I had a lot to do with my mindset. Somebody has to do something or black love may soon to become extinct.