Put A Lock On It

Hey Everybody!!! Blessings to All!!!

Man going back to college this time around really is keeping me way busy. I’m glad that it has it got me to thinking about a whole lot of things. I was looking at a Wi-Fi signal with a lock on it and boy did that get my creative juices flowing. I am a people person and I do enjoy people of all nationalities.  As a Christian I do love all of my brothers and sisters. I’ve always have been inquisitive something about getting to know a person sparks my curiosity. Now that I am in this Cross-Cultural class it’s really has gotten me in more interested in people. As I have said before I feel that everyone has something to offer that’s worth knowing. The key is what’s worth knowing and what’s not. Indeed God sends everyone into our lives for a reason if only for a season. It’s important when to hold on, let go or not let a person in from the start. Some people may cross our paths as a demonstration of what you don’t want or need.

I have become a lot more cautious of whom I connect to. I have learned to put a lock on my connection. Have you ever noticed some of the places that offer free Wi-Fi but sometimes the connection is  crappy? Well our spirits are like Wi-Fi they can’t stay connected all the time especially with people who drains you. Even phone companies after a certain amount of data usage it gets reduced. I want to connect to as many people as I can. I want to brighten days and put smiles on people’s faces. After all the best things in life are free. Still I don’t want the wrong kinds of people connecting with me to download what they can from me it’s can drain my spirit. I want my data usage to stay up and so I have decided to place a lock on who I connect to. God maybe sending someone my way to inspire it’s okay to have a cut off point if we give too much away we won’t have anything left for ourselves.

Thank You Jesus

As I have shared I have started back to college and I cannot believe that I am done with my first course already. The start was rocky but with God’s help I kept pushing. I have come up with ways to stay focused. I’m super excited. I received an A. This is a giant step of a life changing  journey. I know that I could not have done it by myself. When I think of all the many times that God has brought me through I simply cannot thank Him enough. If I had a million tongues and  hands it still wouldn’t be enough to thank Him or Praise Him. I’m thankful that He can look into my heart. I just want to Thank You Jesus!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 – In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Breaking My Heart

Three police officers were murdered this is just so heartbreaking. Being a police officer is a tough job. They risk their lives for people some don’t care.Prayers are going up for the officers and their families. The violence must stop. Father God please step in and bring more peace into this world.

I wrote a report on bias for class. The media has an huge influence on society. So quick to put out stories and people make quick decisions with part of a story. How many police officers are there thousands most are doing their jobs and that’s something that everyone needs to think about.


Blossom- mature or develop in a promising or healthy way

Like the flowers in the spring love can become a beautiful thing. Love doesn’t need help to start in fact I believe when it’s rushed or forced it tends to fall apart. I was watching TWD and it got me to thinking about Rick and Michonne romance. It wasn’t rushed it happened slowly over time. I know what you are thinking “Tameeka what are you talking about.” The chemistry between Rick and Michonne was happening in a subtle way from almost day one. Real love starts very much that way. When Rick and Michonne shared their first kiss I was super excited. I loved seeing interracial love happening in a huge way. Though I always stress that love has no color.



When we are in love we hope and we pray that it doesn’t go away. Love is something that we want to last forever. We all want to experience the love from the 1940’s, 1950’s or even earlier when people fought for what they wanted and won. When all they had were letters and telegrams to rely on yet with all of the technology of today. Holding on to love should be less harder. Indeed it’s the question of the heart and the will to not give up. But we have to allow God to guide us and we have it trust the process. We will know when we have it can’t be ignored .

As I have said before I am not a hopeless romantic but I do admire the beauty of true love. I mean who doesn’t? I’d love to experience real love Rick and Michonne style. You know the kind where the two people involved don’t care about what outsiders think but the people on the outside knows that it’s real. So they want to experience it for themselves. Yes love is so incredibly awesome.