The Raconteurs

Everyone on the planet Earth knows how much that I love Jack White. As 2018 started to come to a close I became completely bummed because Jack White’s tour was coming to an end. I was thinking about how much I would have to wear out the Boarding House Reach album in order to get my Jack White fix. Then news about The Raconteurs releasing an album happened, I got so excited. The best day ever occurred and SpongeBob Square Pants happiness had nothing on mine. Jack White is truly amazing. After about ten years the Raconteurs released two songs “Sunday Driver and Now That You’re Gone.” I love the song “Now That You’re Gone” the most, the guitar riffs on the song are remarkable. On top of everything, the Raconteurs will be touring too. Jack White is one of the hardest working musicians in the business.

No You No Me

Like a line dance

We step together

Your love is like no other

Higher than the highest

Amount of the lottery

Infinite like space

You are my compass

Without You I am lost

In You I place my full trust

Even though I can’t see You

I know that You are here

Doing everything that You

Can to show that You care

It’s so rewarding

For You I live and breathe

I am willing to do anything

You are all that I need

Without You I am nothing

No You No me

You are my everything

You are life

I pray to You

Nobody can love me

Like You do

Long to have the

Best relationship with You

You have brought me from

A long ways I am thankful

To You Father God always

All I want to do

Is spend my life

Showing You how special

That You are

The best part of my life

My mission from this day forward

Will always be

To have You see

Have You Believe

That if there is no You

There is no me

We’re Just Friends

Is it possible?  Can a man and a woman be just friends only? This applies to straight people. Yes we all realize how important friendship is it should be the foundation of a relationship. There’s more to a relationship than the basic things we have to be able to get along with our mate. What I am talking about is not a relationship just friendship can it happen without it developing into more.  Definitely  not speaking of being friends after a relationship that has ended it’s rare that a friendship works out.We’re not suppose to be in a relationship with everyone. Friendship if it’s true last a lot longer than some relationships and marriages. People who enter our lives have different assignments this must be kept in mind.

Can a woman and man enjoy the same things like football, same music, movies, TV shows and hobbies?  Most men and women who are friends only have had some sort of sexual contact at least once. Or wonder what it would be like to cross the line however the thing about crossing a line there is no turning back. Curiosity should not overpower ruining a great friendship how much do you value it. Friends true ones anyway are hard to find so when you’re blessed with them do what it takes to keep them. That means not placing a friendship in jeopardy regardless of the person’s  sex. I  don’t know about anyone else but I rather have a lasting friendship over most things any day.

Just Be Happy

A young lady that I have been knowing every since she was a teenager got married yesterday. I was happy for her she came from a long way. She truly deserves all the happiness that her heart can hold. The wedding brought up some things that was still inside of me.They were things that were apparently lying dormant. I struck out with my first marriage my plan when I got married was to be married for life. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way and guess what it’s okay. We live and learn. I’m glad that I learned it would have been horrible to not gain anything at all from the experience. She’s an awesome person truly. It was amazing seeing her as a bride I still keep seeing her as a teenager. What a gorgeous bride that she was. Simply beautiful.

If I could give her some advice about ways to keeping her marriage solid. The number one thing I would tell her would be to keep God first. Also keeping the line communication open all the time never make your husband feel like he cannot talk to you. That out of everyone that’s in his life the wife is the one he should feel comfortable with the must. Never allow outsiders to interfere within your marriage there’s nothing that cannot  be worked out just have to have the want to. To make everyday feel like your wedding day.  The list could go on forever mainly work on your marriage daily because it’s a team effort. Never give up on the one who you truly love. Always make your hubby feel like a king because that’s what queens do. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Enjoy the destiny that you two will have together. Just Be Happy.

Kingdom Women

Before we do anything

We get on our knees praying

We are always focused

On the Almighty King

We are women

Of  a different breed

We draw our strength

From reading the Bible daily

Psalms gives our hearts

Beautiful songs to sing

We are stress free

God takes care of all our needs

Everything we need

Chases after us

Blessings showers us continually

New miracles and mercies

We experience them constantly daily

We don’t care about

What man is thinking

Whether it’s talking, lying or judging

We are suited up

We’ve got our Armor of God

Our cape of the Holy Spirit

Our uniform of hope

We going out to battle

Who’s in need

Of our help

God is with us

Right now we are capable

Of doing anything

Feeling so spiritually high

That we could fly

Or the tallest buildings

Our mission always

Is to spread God’s Word

All around the world

Our rewards are heavenly

Though we aren’t looking for them

The benefits are infinite

And they come straight

From our King in Heaven