Quite Pathetic

Whether it’s on the television, the internet, or social media I always come across something that grinds my gears. Something that gets so much under my skin that I just cannot stand it.

Remember the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? Well, it’s true but only to a certain extent. The way that this world is set up evil people aka weak people use the internet in a attempt to publicly humiliated others. I remember when I wrote a post about this matter saying that I know why a person is saying mean things about me but why are people who don’t know me buying it? Our enemies most times are formal so-called friends and estranged family members. I just didn’t get it but then I thought some people just want to believe the worse when it comes to certain people.

Back on the subject I saw a negative post stating that some people aren’t as smart as they seem to be they are just good at copying and pasting stuff. Now this person who wrote this should learn how to copy and paste a positive attitude.

It’s sad that people would rather believe that a person is less talented or isn’t very smart just to make themselves feel better. Sometimes I share YouTube videos or reblogs, besides that my writings are of my ideas.

Writing What Matters to Me

I once heard a person say that “a writer writes something every day”. Hmmmm, I am not so sure about that. It’s quality over quantity always. When I first started my blogging journey I wrote like I was writing in a diary really, really relaxed. The subjects that I shared were always interesting but I had to become more aware of my grammar. Overall, I am proud of my blog. I wanted to do something that had lots of interesting things. Having mind blowing posts that sticks leaving a lasting impression. That’s what I am aiming for. I believe also that I should do things that makes me feel that I am being true to myself. If not, why should I blog at all?

Growing up I always loved writing especially poems. I have been writing poems every since I was a teenager. Blogging allows me to dive into others things that are important to me as well. As I have said there is only but so much that I can say on Facebook without someone not feeling what I am saying.

I will do whatever it takes to keep my blog going. Since I am so passionate about what I write I refuse to fold when it comes to my blog. The things that I talk about needs to be said I am not about saying things so that it goes over people’s heads. Nope, nope, and nope.

We Are

I want to take a second to mention

Before I begin expressing

My affection for my

Beautiful black sisters

I am not a person

Who promotes division

Uplifting others

Is always my intentions

To spread positive messages

My sisters and I

Marches to the beat

Of a different drum

Some say that we are

Rude or have bad attitudes

But my dude that’s

The furthest from the truth

We are radiant

We are independent

We are grounded

We are strong

Yet we are also delicate

It’s part of being feminine

We do what we can

All by ourselves

Even if we needed help

We don’t stress

We are loyal

We are true

We sacrifice daily

For our beautiful babies

We endure pain

We don’t allow it

To turn inward

We don’t allow things to change us

Even though it should have

Drove us crazy

We love hard

We don’t give up

We are beautiful

We are courageous

We are captivating

Sometimes we can be complex

Certain situations

Can make us perplexed

If we get upset

We can’t stress it

For longer than a minute

Doing that is whack

Haven’t you heard the saying

That black don’t crack

Stress has to take a seat

Like several of them

Yes we are human

But that’s the extent of it

Even though there’s

Information that’s not accurate

Floating about meant to oppress us

We don’t answer to it

We don’t claim it

We know who we are

We are compassionate

We practice unity

We are women of substance

We have powerful spirits

We nurture intensely

Our goal is to

Accomplish positivity

Hopefully it’s passed

Down from generation to generation

What a feeling of gratification

We march to the beat of a

Different drum

And we answer to no one

Except for God Almighty

In heaven we are a part

Of the rhythm nation