Welcome to Be Lifted a place where the things that we think about are talked about in a positive and encouraging way. The purpose of this blog is to inspire and enlighten people at the same time. Social media is a great place to express yourself; however, I want to cover more ground freely and as much as I want. On my very own blog, I don’t have to worry about flooding a person’s Newsfeed as well as any other unnecessary drama.

When a person decides to walk with Christ, one has to have in mind two things to be successful. One we are not God, and two, we will make mistakes. When one falls, don’t stay down, get back up, forgive yourself because God already has.

There are many questions that fellow believers have so I will be covering various subjects from a Christian point of view with the Bible as a guideline. As a Christian, there are many things that we still deal with like marriage, relationships, dating, social media, money, church, parenting, TV, music, as well as things that are avoided in church. Not here to preach, teach, or push my beliefs; my only desire is to inspire. However, I will not hide my love for Christ.

I’m so excited and proud to be a blogger. Looking forward to this journey, it will be amazing.

I have podcasts located on Podbean at HTTP://belifteddotlive0306.podbean.com/feed/.

You can reach me by email at belifteddotlive@gmail.com

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