Before we do anything

We get on our knees praying

We are always focused

On the Almighty King

We are women

Of  a different breed

We draw our strength

From reading the Bible daily

Psalms gives our hearts

Beautiful songs to sing

We are stress free

God takes care of all our needs

Everything we need

Chases after us

Blessings showers us continually

New miracles and mercies

We experience them constantly daily

We don’t care about

What man is thinking

Whether it’s talking, lying or judging

We are suited up

We’ve got our Armor of God

Our cape of the Holy Spirit

Our uniform of hope

We going out to battle

Who’s in need

Of our help

God is with us

Right now we are capable

Of doing anything

Feeling so spiritually high

That we could fly

Or the tallest buildings

Our mission always

Is to spread God’s Word

All around the world

Our rewards are heavenly

Though we aren’t looking for them

The benefits are infinite

And they come straight

From our King in Heaven

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