My preference are white men however just because I am attracted to white men doesn’t mean that I hate black men. Love has no color and souls connect to one another. I’m a black and I want everyone of all races to be happy in love as well as my black sisters. Most black sisters that I know are down for black love only. They are completely devoted to our black brothers. There are many black people who believe in black love and that’s all good. Relationships requires two good committed people to making it work. By no way am I bashing black men still there are many statistics and numbers don’t lie. Some black men have many children, are unmarried and aren’t in their children’s lives. When I turn on the television the media doesn’t make things any easier either black men are shown in a negative light as well how they treat women, very disrespectful and huge cheaters. Some have a deep hatred for black women which probably stem from many things. With all this is there hope for black love?


What can be done to break the chain of what seems to be a curse on black love? Someone has to be brave enough to save black love. Many things start at home that’s where life changing decisions are born. I know for me it was. The way my father treated my mother, my sister and I had a lot to do with my mindset. Somebody has to do something or black love may soon to become extinct.

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