If It’s Real

If it’s real

You know the deal

You know exactly

How your love one feels

If it’s real

There’s no ifs, ands or buts

There’s trust

Things are consistent

There’s no room for questions

If it’s real

You see the relationship

As a blessing

Even through the ups and downs

Because there will be some

But one thing that

Should never be

And that’s the notion

Of whether a relationship is real

Make It A Great Day

I once had a person tell me that I am very optimistic that was a awesome compliment. While I am very optimistic person it’s not all of my doing but God’s navigation. My relationship with Christ is everything. How we think controls the direction we go. Everyone has experienced a bad day before and it begins with one bad situation. We have all been guilty of saying I know that it’s going to be a bad day based off of a bad start. Remember the book that we read growing up called  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, published in 1972, it was an ALA Notable Children’s Book written by Judith Viorst. Alexander keep saying I knew it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day we can literally speak things in to our lives soooooo let’s choose to speak life. Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

I know that we all have experienced some bad things but you know what those things are over. And we definitely show never look around at what other people have or are an compare. We should always look at another people’s lives as an inspiration and that’s all. In life at times we are up and we are down but the world keeps spinning. Situations doesn’t control who we are in Christ. God has an amazing life for us all and it consists of different kinds of days. So let’s live our lives with the mindset of making everyday our best day.

It Just Flows

Having the mindset of not caring about what others think of you is absolutely total freedom. When you care only about what God thinks of you the positivity just flows. I want what God wants and God has the best for us all. It feels wonderful to think positive. I love it so much. Thankful for all the positive vibes that God sends my way. I just want good things always and for others.

All I Want To Be

In order for things to be successful

Between me and you

There are essential things

That I need to do

I am going to be your

Prayer warrior, a leaning shoulder,

A confidant and a Proverbs woman

Because I want to be your

Best friend under God of course

All I want to be is

A ray of positivity

That shines like sunshine brightly

In your morning

When you first open your eyes

I want to be motivation

In your afternoon

That gives you a boost

So you can reach the end

Of the day with peace smoothly

I want to be the highlight

Of your night

So when you close your eyes

To sleep you will

Dream sweet dreams of me

When the next day come

We’ll start it right over again

I want to do this daily

Be everything

That you want and need

I’m going out on a limb

And be a little cocky

Because ain’t nobody like me

That’s why I do these things

With easy

I aim to please

My king

You are the right man

This I believe constantly

That’s why I show

You so much love

That it overflows

I love you truly

And I am not letting you go


So I came across a video on YouTube yesterday and the person was questioning the Bible as well as Christianity. One thing that is always puzzling to me is why are there so many people who feel like they must question the Bible and Christianity. I mean they are nonbelievers so why care so much about our Christian beliefs. Anyway he spoke of having physical evidence that supports the Bible. Look having evidence are my personal testimonies that can not be explained away. Most Christians have testimonies which is evidence even though we don’t need it because we love God that much. Why else is there such a huge Christian following? Millions of people can’t be wrong. America was founded on Christian beliefs. People swear on the Bible in court need I go on?

This is what I have figured out about nonbelievers they just want to do what they want and don’t want to change for the better. Being good, doing good, being smart, being good looking or being rich won’t get you into Heaven. The internet is an excellent tool but it can make people think that they know everything. Newsflash everything on the internet can not be taken at face value. Sometimes being so smart can actually cloud your mind and make one closed minded. Listen faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We can’t see air but we are breathing right. In fact air is the most important thing that we all need in order to live yet we can not see. Hmmmmmm imagine that. I have a problem with people who have to see everything in order to believe it. Having more faith in a chair that it will hold them or more faith in stranger that prepares their food in a restaurant. How weird is that? I don’t push my beliefs on others but I won’t lie I get really offensive when people try to come against what I believe.


Look I have faith in God and I’m a proud Christian if you don’t would to believe fine. But please stop trying to dismiss something that you don’t believe in the first place. A nonbeliever cannot shake my Christian beliefs or make me doubt when God has done so much for me. A human don’t have authority over my faith I don’t care how smart they think that they are it wouldn’t happen. People think that they are so smart that they lose respect for others which only shows you their morals which are very little which says a lot about them as a person. Making yourself feel like your superior based on things from the internet or wherever you got your information from. There is absolutely nothing  that no one can tell you that  will convince you no matter what is shown or what is told to you. Okay you don’t believe in Christianity I can’t say that I get it but I can ask why does a nonbeliever have so much interest in something that they don’t believe in? Something about Christianity peaks your interest so much that some of you make it your mission to dismiss it. Why? Think about it.

As Bizzle says in his song called Against You it’s so true what he says in his lyrics.

They go:

I think I know what it is father. I finally figured out what it is bout ya. I figured they know that if you exist there’s a lot of sin they love doin they gotta quit father. And the only ones callin it a fairy tale are the ones for which the story doesn’t end as well. Maybe they like it better if they mention hell, like a thief if the law never said he went to jail. I was seekin the truth, found it and I submit already. They just want the truth that agrees with how they feel already. So if they like the sin and they tired of fightin it, they just find another god that don’t mind it then. We got so used to democracy, we think we have the right to vote who we want God to be. God will be God with or without you, honestly. Your father is still your father even if you decide to leave


A Strong Believer

A strong believer

Always looks at a negative

As a positive

Which is an awesome way to live

A strong believer doesn’t

Stay sad

Cause they know that

What was meant for bad

Will be made into good

We should think of

Joseph brothers

Who were mean and jealous

Sold him for silver

Yet he still believed

In God Almighty

Joseph boss wife lied

Had him thrown

Into prison

He still believed

Regardless of how

Things were looking

In the end

God had His Glory

Job loss everything

Even though he was

Left with absolutely nothing

He still believed

He had faith in knowing

That God never stops helping

With everything that happens

It has reasoning

In the end Job

Had double of what he

Had in the very beginning

It’s not about the physical blessings

It’s knowing that

God is not a part-time God

Just hold on

The problem will soon

Be solved

Hold on you will soon see

Just believe