My Youngest Is One Of My Heroes

With the last day of April upon us it stirred feelings up within me. April is the month of Autism Awareness and my youngest has autism. Next Saturday he will be thirteen years old officially a teenager. My youngest has come a long ways from not being able to talk very well until he was five or six. He was seven when he was completely potty trained. There is a lot to caring for a child that has a disability it requires a whole lot of patience.

It was hard at first accepting that my son was different I didn’t want to face it at all. No one wants to accept that something is wrong with what they created. My sons grandmother pointed it out put I refused to pay attention to what she said. She wasn’t mean about it she never was a mean person. She was trying to raise my awareness. Finally I took my son to the doctor and sure enough it was found that he was autistic. I was devastated in the beginning let’s face it the black community aren’t the biggest supporters of mental health. Growing up people believed that kids needs to be beat but some required more like medicine. Mental health awareness have come all a way from the 1300 when it was believe that a person was possessed so holes were drilled into a person’s skull as a way to let out supposedly evil spirits.

My youngest is one of my heroes he’s so sweet, giving and very caring. He and I share a very strong bond. I’m so proud of him. He’s growing everyday. We enjoy the same music and movies. His two favorite movies are Three O’clock High and Never Been Kissed. Yes he loves Never Been Kissed because he says that he enjoys happy endings. I have come a long way too. Many things have helped to  change me into the person that I am today and my son is one of them. I love him so much and I am so very thankful that God gave him to me. Looking forward to what the future has for my son and know that there will be many blessings to come.

A Strong Believer

A strong believer

Always looks at a negative

As a positive

Which is an awesome way to live

A strong believer doesn’t

Stay sad

Cause they know that

What was meant for bad

Will be made into good

We should think of

Joseph brothers

Who were mean and jealous

Sold him for silver

Yet he still believed

In God Almighty

Joseph boss wife lied

Had him thrown

Into prison

He still believed

Regardless of how

Things were looking

In the end

God had His Glory

Job loss everything

Even though he was

Left with absolutely nothing

He still believed

He had faith in knowing

That God never stops helping

With everything that happens

It has reasoning

In the end Job

Had double of what he

Had in the very beginning

It’s not about the physical blessings

It’s knowing that

God is not a part-time God

Just hold on

The problem will soon

Be solved

Hold on you will soon see

Just believe

Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

It’s a television show that I watch that’s called Snapped. The show is about women who kill men. Majority of the time when these women goes to trial they claim that they were victims of domestic abuse. Understand I am no way saying that murder is okay and neither is abuse. The result always end the same every time the women are convicted mostly because when the police interview the couples family and friends no one saw any evidence of violence. Plus it doesn’t help that people have an misconception of what domestic violence looks like actually it’s a obvious thing that’s well kept hidden. Many people who are abused are ashamed to tell anyone what’s going on they always live in constant fear of their lives and their children’s lives as well.

Talking about Oscar winning performance an abuser can put on a show. No one suspects anything at all people on the outside think things are perfect. Not to mention how hard it is for the one who’s being abused hearing the abuser tell them that they are sorry, them buying things and promising to never hurt them again only to do it.

One of my first post is called Stay or Go as I have shared I had an abusive father and so was my ex the father of our sons. We have to educate ourselves on domestic abuse it can happen to anyone believe me I know from experience. It’s important to know what to look for here are a few:

1. The person who is being a abused attitude will completely change they will be unhappy and withdrawn.

2. The person who is being a abused will move far away and distance themselves from others.

3. Their children will be unhappy as well.

There are many more signs still what’s most important is if you suspect that someone ( men are victims too)that care about is being abused keep the line of communication open. If you find proof seek help you could save a life not just the one who is being abused but the abuser too. We must shed a light on domestic violence and the person who is being abused must speak up and speak out.

Just Say No

Everyone pretty much knows my position on the public restroom situation. I’m say treat it like drugs with three words just say no. So tired of seeing these extreme memes of making wrong seem right. I don’t hate gay people and I don’t judge other people’s sin. At the end of the day I have to answer for my sin alone still I don’t want junk crammed down my throat. To be honest I liked it better when it was don’t ask don’t tell. Just because the law says it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s okay for it to be able to affect others. I feel the same way about breastfeeding however that’s another post. Breastfeeding should be done in a private place. I breastfed you have to relax to produce milk how can one do it in public anyway back to the subject. Public restrooms should remain the way that they have always have been just like how homosexuals and transgenders have always been around why should things change now???

Not caring about people calling me homophobic because that’s a lie. I believe everyone have rights as long as what you are doing isn’t affecting me and my children. When that happens I have a problem so tired of when we don’t go with the program we get labeled as being homophobic. Right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of how society tries to fix it. I know the Bible says to follow the law of the land but if it goes against God’s plan then I have to take a stand.


We get hung up on how

The celebrities go crazy

Overboard on plastic surgeries

Michael Jackson and Lil Kim

As well as many others of them

The simple truth is

Self hatred can run deep

Anyone of us could

Become a victim of it

It’s more than about

A person’s skin color

It could even be

A eating disorder

Not being happy

With oneself on the inside

So it shows on the outside

Wanting to be skinny

Have lighter skin darker skin

Or a big booty

The list is never ending

A person who wants to be taller

Slimmer waist and face

Wrinkle free, long hair, pointer nose

Things deeper beyond fancy clothes

A person who does anything

So one can change

One has to fix was wrong

On the inside and then

The outside will match

It’s all about the love

That a person has for themselves


Reasons Why Not To Lie

Yes, the number one reason why not to lie is because it’s a sin. Still there are other reasons to like why do it, it makes no sense to do it, it’s not worth it, and it  ruins one’s credibility. It may seem silly to write this post but it really isn’t. There are a lot of people who lie apparently they didn’t pay attention to the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Now I’m not saying when someone ask your opinion to be rude. Many times it’s not what’s said but how. There is no such thing as a little white lie, tell a little lie and one has to tell a bigger lie to cover it up. Lies are never worth telling whether you are a believer or not.