I’m not deep, not a preacher or teacher. I’m Tameeka and when Tameeka stand before God that’s who I have to answer for. Praying that I don’t have to answer for someone else because of something that I have done. I never want to get so full of myself that I look down or judge someone else. Definitely don’t want to be a person who picks and chooses what I want out the Bible neither. I want to be pleasing to God by being the best Tameeka that I can be. Will I make mistakes sure being a Christian doesn’t come with a manual. As I always say what I take most from the Bible is how everyone of the people in it had various situations but they overcame them and endured. Everyday that I live I pray that my walk becomes stronger and when I am weak it’s okay I know that I can turn to God for help me. Not putting on a performance for what??? I’m only human and knowing this keeps me grounded. Don’t go off of my emotions or feelings I know whose in control and that’s God. I just stay focused on Him not man. Focusing on what man says means that I make them an idol annnnndddd not human beings are always changing. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day, and for ever.


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