3 Ways to Rid Your Life of Toxic Relationships

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3 Ways to Rid Your Life of Toxic Relationships

We spend our lives moving from one experience to another. And along the way, we build relationships. And most of these relationships are positive. We enjoy one another’s company, and enrich each other’s lives.

But, sometimes…[Read more at Pick the Brain]

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Don’t Change

I am very kindhearted my heart has been rip out and torn apart. At one point I use to say that I will change who I am kind to but this morning I had an epiphany. If I change who I am kind to that’s changing my heart. I decided to be kind to everyone even mean people because the mean people need kindness the most. Besides being kind to kind people is easy I’m going to spread love everywhere. Just trusting God for protection.


Single Parenting It Isn’t A Joke

It’s not a white thing or a black thing being a single parent can be hard.We all come from a family which is suppose to be a beautiful thing. Unfortunately things happen and what we felt was destined sometimes falls apart. Many times a family split can become ugly. What really makes me think and I try really hard to not allow it to get to me is how can something that was once so happy become the opposite?

When a family experience a split it’s really hard on the children. As far as I’m concerned regardless of how I feel about my children’s dad I don’t allow it to affect them my feelings ended when we did. My children are my top priority their happiness is all that I care about. Every time I look at my boys it’s with the look of when they were first born so much love. I will give any and everything for my children to be okay. That’s why they don’t see tension between their father and I it’s not for them to be involved in adult situations.

Growing up my mother never discussed her feelings with me pertaining to my father unless I asked her getting an answer out of her was like abstracting a tooth from a tiger. She didn’t want to feel like she was influencing my decision about my father. My mother was an amazing mother all of my parenting skills comes from her.

Anyway back on top it doesn’t matter how we feel or where we are. The children takes priority they should never go neglected. They should never be used as pawns between a mother and father. At times everyone has advice to give about single parenting still each case is different but both parents must care about the children’s well being. When we bring children into the world our lives change and so does their too which should be for the better even if a relationship or marriage turns out bad.

Something Happens

Something happens

When I get my hands on a piece of paper

And a pencil

They make me feel invincible

So knowledgeable

Proud of the art

That’s formed

Sheer happiness like I have never known

Greatness is inevitable

All kinds of dreams

That are so inspiring

Come to life on the piece paper

That’s before me

So memorable

Simply unforgettable

I could not have ask God

For more

Thankful for this blessing

That was sent straight from heaven

To be able to share my feelings

For many to see

Something happens

When I get my hands on

A piece of paper and a pencil

It is something very special

Is She The One?

The last one who should not be confused about anything is a person who calls themselves a Christian. We must respect God’s Word all of it because it applies to us all. We don’t get to pick and choose which parts that works best for us. Christian people have to understand that we maybe the only Bible that people read.

I wrote a post the other day pertaining how a Christian man is compared to a man of the world. A Christian man is the head of the household thus must be treated as such and behave as such. Family is a very important subject in the Bible. The Bible should be the foundation of a family it has instructions which must be followed. If there is one thing that we shouldn’t be doing and that’s bring children into the world out of wedlock. We can look around at society it’s damaged much of it is due to broken homes. Do you really what to add more broken homes to society?

A man whether he is a Christian or not knows when he meets a woman what his intentions are. No Christian man should be playing house if she’s good enough to lay with then why isn’t she your wife? Why have children out of wedlock? When we know better we do better. It’s time to get real and understand that people aren’t toys either Man up or move on.

Domestic Violence Forget What You Think You Know

I have been a huge fan of Johnny Depp every since he starred on the television show 21 Jump Street. He is quite an attractive man. Not too long ago I wrote a post about domestic violence. However Johnny Depp doesn’t come to mind it just goes to show we never know who could be an abuser. His wife has gotten a restraining order and has shared pictures of the bruises on her face. I admit that I’m a person who is inquisitive so I have many questions pertaining to this situation. How long has Johnny Depp been an abuser? He offered his wife money to be quiet about the abuse. How will the public receive this news? I know it’s his private life but it definitely gets us to raise our awareness. Will he be treated like Chris Brown? The public was outraged about his abuse against Rhianna could it be people were more upset about Rhianna being harm. All I know is it will be very interesting to see how things are over the next couple of weeks.

All jokes aside I can’t get Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory out of my head.What makes Johnny Depp go off? I know that he recently loss his mother. Now in no way am I making up excuses but I feel in order to change a situation we must understand it. When a person hit another person it’s just not good to stay. I’m praying for his wife, everyone who has been abuse and the abusers. It must stop. Prayers going up for all of the hurt people in the world. Abuse is never okay no matter if the person is famous, good looking, poor, rich, man or woman.


Cowboy Fever

Team Dallas

Yeah I said it

My team deserve all the respect

We can handle it

So deal with it

All the trash that we be talking

We can back it

It’s a proven fact

The people who be hating

I can understand why

With 8 Superbowl appearances

5 Superbowl wins

10 Conference Championships

22 Division Championships

34 Playoff Appearances

480-364-6 All Time Record

There’s strength in numbers

Yeah Take That

In my Piddy’s voice

As far as I’m concerned

Not many times can try to match us

Thinking so is just whack

Our fan base is stacked

Yeah DC4L Baby

Having love for any other team

Is just crazy

This One’s for You

Ha Ha Ha

I’m about to make some

Of these negative black men puke

You know the ones who rebuke

The positive black men who uplift

Their black sisters and

The white men who love us

Would like to give a big shout out

This one’s for you

And I don’t mean Barry Manilow but

I do want you to take these words

With you wherever you go

You are appreciated

Just want you guys to know

What you are doing is in not in vain

When the smoke clears

Your positive actions will remain

Black women have been hurt

But who hasn’t

These things were beyond our control

Still we don’t allow it to

Take a toll

Black women have been spat on

Tongue slashed

With negative words and stereotypes

Like a horror movie

Still black women may cry

But it does not take long

For our tears to dry

We might sink a little

But still we rise

Once the pain is gone

There is none left over

We are soldiers

We still stick our hearts

Out and choose to love

We know our children will

Take our lives as an important

Lesson for when they get older

White men who love us keep

In mind that we chose you

Because we wanted to

We were never looked over

By certain black men

We know that everything

Happens for a reason

So we kept on movin

White men who love us

You are our choice

Not another option or backup plan

So have no doubt about

The black women who loves you

You are not pawns in a game

More like kings for us queens

Positive black men understand

We applaud you for being real men

Black women are becoming a whole lot

More wiser so we are more bolder

When it comes to making

The right choices for our lives

We raise our heads up high

And never hunch our shoulders

We are owners of excellent posture

We recognize who is

The true controller of our lives

In spite of the lies

We keep complete composure

Our self esteem will not be lowered

Please know positive black men

And the white men who love us

On earth you are the true stockholders

Of our respect

So you guys are the ones

Who we care about

Don’t stop doing the positive

Things that you do

One day it will all pay off

In the meantime just wanted

To commend you

You guys are valuable