That Special One

Ben Okri once said,” The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, that everything good or bad molds us into our unique selves. Love is one of the most beautiful things that we all want at one point in our lives. There are some people who lie and front about love, those kinds of people are fools.

One of my guy friends said something that was absolutely profound. I have to be totally honest I learned a heck of a lot from him. Anywho he said,” that every man wants that one special woman”. This friend also told me, “that a man knows when he first meets a woman what his intentions are”. We have seen memes that have said that it doesn’t matter what you do for a man you can be the best cook, great career, beautiful face, body but the heart wants what the heart wants. A woman cannot keep a man that does not want to be kept. So many times we get on people about their lack of commitment but being in a loveless relationship is dangerous. Being honest and upfront with a love interest is always best. Let a person know what you want and if they don’t want the same set them free. If you don’t see a person in your future, set them free. It’s unfair to rob a person of their time because life is so short.

Prince Harry has had his share of girlfriends whom he dated from two years up to seven. He said that when he saw Meghan he knew that she was the one. Meghan is American, divorced, three years older than Prince Harry and the special one for him. Everything that has ever occurred in Meghan’s life molded into her unique self and made her fit for a prince. In less than two years Meghan is Harry’s wife, it doesn’t take years for a man to marry a woman.

There has been so much speculation about the reasons why Prince Harry called his ex just days before his wedding. It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on. In my opinion, I think that what he did was smart. There is nothing worse than a scorned ex that brings up ancient history fixed the way they recollect aka selective memories. Like Bedrock twist, twist!!!

Breakups are always hard but it’s best to iron out anything kinds of misunderstandings in order to find a common understanding which is that Prince Harry has moved on.

I have always talked about the relationship of Rick and Michonne, yes it’s tv but I want a love like that! Look beyond Rick and Michonne’s skin color because real love runs deep. Michonne knows the right time to give a suggestion and to get Rick to look at things differently. Michonne also stands behinds Rick’s decision even if she doesn’t always agree with it. The most important thing about Rick and Michonne is that they have one another’s backs. They both have encountered tragedies and in the end, found something beautiful which is their love.
True love is like something off of tv. Yeah, I said. With the way that modern day society is set up being faithful is like make-believe or a fairy tale. As we all know that true love isn’t a fairy tale just look at His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex. True love is worth fighting for. Everyone deserves their special someone.

Ray of Hope

I don’t have to experience someone else’s love
To be happy for them
There are so many
Ways to be able to relate
Maybe it was heartbreak
That makes me want to see others happy
And for them to not endure my mistakes
It’s never too late to realize what it takes for love’s sake
I don’t need other people’s possessions
I know that God is in the blessing business
I can go through life storms
Because I know that there is a rainbow afterwards
There is a balance that God manages
Which is why through it all
I believe that it’s what God
Has intended
What was meant
All things works
Together for good
I will trust God
Like I always do

The Haunted Mansion

I find the men who have trouble with commitment quite comical. No one and I do mean no one is going to stop me from being happy for people who are getting married or have gotten married especially for Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex and Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel. I was so stoked for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding yesterday, ooh and that gospel choir though!!!

These kinds of men will tug (attempt to anyway) at a woman’s self-esteem until they are able to bring them down to their level/standards. Newsflash if a man is one of substance he would not try to bring a woman down. Mind you if they are able to bring a woman down it is not for a commitment it’s only to use and abuse her while bashing the woman after she has given in and done what he wanted. A woman isn’t good enough for commitment but she’s good enough to have sex with.

Women must be careful of these kinds of men real men don’t do these kinds of things. These kinds of men possess soul ties so many souls that are tied to them that they no longer possess a temple but more like a haunted mansion. They have trouble with commitment however unbeknownst to them soul ties are for life and they need to get their lives right. We all need to pray for discernment so that we don’t connect with the wrong people.

As long as we are living we all deserve to smile so there is no time to entertain people whose main objective is to prey on you. We are better than that.

Twilight World

Swing Out Sister are my favorite pop group. The music from the 80s was so touched by them. BET played a lot of their music back in the day.They are considered as a pop group but their music sounds very soulful. There are so many songs by them that I love. One of my favorite songs is called Twilight World!! Check out the lyrics:

Twilight World
Song by Swing Out Sister

It’s twilight world
It’s twilight world
Time out
World in a hurry
There’s more love than money changing hands
Lights out
Thinking out loud
Turn your back on the world outside
Night thoughts
No one can share
As darkness breaks through another day
Talking out loud
Silence waits just a dream away
Forget lonely crowds, unfriendly faces
They’ll soon became familliar places
Before too long, before too long
Don’t be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts
You’re living in a twilight world
Don’t be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts
Don’t give in to the twilight world
Time out
World in a hurry
There’s more love than money changing hands
Lights out
Thinking out loud
Turn your back on the world outside
Forget lonely crowds, unfriendly faces
They’ll soon become familiar places
Before too long, before too long
Don’t be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts. You’re living in twilight world.
Don’t be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts. Don’t give in to the twilight world.
Don’t be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts. You’re living in a twilight world. Don’t be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts. Don’t give in to the twilight world.

What Being A Mother Means to Me

It’s not about being recognized
Because we will continue
To do right by our children
As long as we are alive
We make sure that our children
Are fed and not just fast food
But homecooked meals
That are filled with our love
We make daily sacrifices
We give our children
Our undivided attention
We cloth our children with the best
But it goes beyond fashion
When we send our children off to school
It’s with the hopes
That they will do better than we did
We put smiles on our children’s faces
We give hope and strength
We pray that when our children get older
That they will not know
Anything about the word poverty
We teach our children the importance
Of having a strong relationship with God
Because it’s one of the best things
That they will ever have
Yes, we may make mistakes along the way
But when we mess up
We know how important it is
To fess up
Of course we are human
But no one is too big
That they can’t ask for forgiveness
Because besides having
God’s respect
Our children’s respect comes right behind His
We pray that our children
Will have better marriages
And no soul ties
Nothing that will ever break their spirits
But inheritance of happier hearts and beautiful minds
So when they go out into the world
They will be equipped with the knowledge
To thrive
Time flys
Our children will go from babies
In our arms
To young adults that are off to college
So we have to bless our children
With memories that will last them a lifetime
Being a mother isn’t about us
It’s about the children
Whom God blessed us with

Happy Birthday Kalieel

You were born ten days before my birthday
You are one of the most beautiful gifts
That I have ever been blessed to receive
Happy Birthday to my youngest son
Ever since you were born
You have been a ray of sunshine
And one of the best things
That I have ever held in my arms
Besides your brother
You know me better than anyone
In spite of you having autism
You know my favorite
Music, tv shows, video games, and football team
Our number one favorite thing is praying
Such an amazing young man
You always know how to brighten my day
When I am feeling down
You tell me that
Things will be okay
I could go on forever in a day
Telling you how much
Of a blessing that you are to me
I am so thankful
That God gave me you
I love you very much
You are my everything
To my heart
There is so much joy that you bring
Happy 15th Birthday Kalieel
I pray that God blesses
You with the desires
Of your heart
Each and every one