New Lifestyle

As I have shared I took a nutritional class and I have decided to become Vegan. I have been a Vegan for about 21 days. It is said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit so I feel comfortable discussing about being Vegan.

Vegan and Vegetarian are Not the same vegan is a plant based diet. A vegan does not eat animals or things that comes from animals such as milk, cheese or eggs. Some vegetarians eat fish, chicken, eggs and cheese occasionally.  Vegan is all or nothing so I am riding with that. I’m pretty proud of myself I have so much energy meat can make a person feel weighed down. The holidays are quickly approaching so now is the best time it’s as good of time as any. There are so many delicious vegan recipes I can’t wait to try them all.

To be honest I haven’t been a huge meat eater so that help me out a lot. Since I just recently took on this lifestyle I’m not pushing it on my sons. Even though my sons are not huge meat eater they enjoy meat when they eat it thus I will not force them to become Vegan. There are various people who I follow on YouTube who are Vegan and some are black. Yes there are black people who enjoy the Vegan lifestyle myself included. January is try Vegan month give it a try and see what happens. I love it!! I am Vegan!! Yes!


Clean Eating

The Bible has scripture on what to eat. God filled the Earth with great food that will keep us healthy, looking fabulous and living longer. Today was Angela Bassett birthday the woman looks amazing for 58 years old if we take care of our body it will take care of us. Processed food, fried food and too much red meat is not good for our bodies. Eating clean, exercising and determination will help to keep us healthy.


I will look good at 58 years old. I am claiming it!




A Strong Believer

A strong believer

Always looks at a negative

As a positive

Which is an awesome way to live

A strong believer doesn’t

Stay sad

Cause they know that

What was meant for bad

Will be made into good

We should think of

Joseph brothers

Who were mean and jealous

Sold him for silver

Yet he still believed

In God Almighty

Joseph boss wife lied

Had him thrown

Into prison

He still believed

Regardless of how

Things were looking

In the end

God had His Glory

Job loss everything

Even though he was

Left with absolutely nothing

He still believed

He had faith in knowing

That God never stops helping

With everything that happens

It has reasoning

In the end Job

Had double of what he

Had in the very beginning

It’s not about the physical blessings

It’s knowing that

God is not a part-time God

Just hold on

The problem will soon

Be solved

Hold on you will soon see

Just believe

The Perfect Fit

There are so many books

On how to find love

Well I am thankful to God

That I have not read none of them

Waiting on God is what I have done

In my mind I truly believe that

There’s someone for everyone

The journey with us

Has only just begun

You and I have so much fun

We both love the same music

Movies and TV shows

Have life experiences that has

Helped one another to grow

Aren’t afraid to be goofy

So God has to be

A part of this

I could not have

Found a better love

Even if I were to dream it

We are a perfect fit

Like an echo of finesse

Our love is a true

Product of happiness

It’s so strong

My heart with yours

Is where it belongs

Being with you is wonderful

I could never go wrong

Some people search for a lifetime

To find a love like ours

Like a lovely flower

I never want to stop

Seeing you as being beautiful

You make living so meaningful

I have you

And I won’t let go

I love you so

God has given me a kiss

And a big hug from heaven

When He sent you to me

You are such a blessing

We are truly meant

You and I

Are the perfect fit


Blunt Talk

Are the number of your past partners small enough for you all to be able to fit into your bed? There some people who actually needs additional beds and maybe rooms too sad but true. Blunt talk right now not judging still our souls should not be allowed to connect to everyone. We are better than cheap WiFi have it so a person needs the right password to connect to our soul.
Growing up I always looked up to my mother her faith was strong and she carried herself as a lady. My mother had only four partners during her whole entire life and I always told myself that if my mother can operate with self control so can I. I remain a virgin until I was a little over 21 years old my first love came along who was white and so I gave in to having sex. I don’t regret giving up my virginity to my first love just wish that it was gone about differently. The first time is a beautiful thing remember though there are no do over once you do it it’s done.

One would be surprised but there are many people who are sustaining from sex. Many rather wait then taking the chance and having sex outside of marriage. On Facebook I have various ladies who ask me for tips on staying strong and not giving in to their desires. It isn’t an easy thing to do seems like once one makes this choice all of a sudden people want to ask you out.
Abstaining from sex is one of the best choices that I made. I have been celibate for six years and I am very proud of it too.

A person being celibate is something to be proud of and not ashamed of. There is so much garbage out here making young people feel like sleeping around is okay. Sleeping around is not okay it’s okay to not sleep with anyone of the opposite sex that comes your way. We all should value ourselves and not allow anyone to make us think that we are less than the way that God sees us. If we allow people to dictate to us our worth we will be cut short every time most people are competitive and don’t want anyone to get passed them or even have the same things. Remember God wants and has the best for us all we have to do is trust Him. Everything that happens in our lives are meant good or bad it’s all about timing. Yes even bad things are meant for good so wait on God He has many awesome things in store and that includes the right partner. Don’t give up on what God has for by allowing loneliness to rush you. Just because one is alone doesn’t not mean that they are lonely.

Here are a few tips that can help you to stay celibate:

1. When going out with a person for a date meet in a public never be alone this gives one opportunity to mess up.

2. When you feel weak pray. Pray when it’s hardest to pray. And it does work.

3. Talk to other people who are celibate many times when we hear positive testimonies it inspires us to want to do the same.

Don’t cut yourself off from the world you can do it stay strong. You Got This!!




Be Good To Yourself

One of the best way to be good to yourself is caring about the people who surrounds you. I always hear people say that they keep their circle air tight. Loyalty does not come in shapes if you think that they do you are making a mistake. Deal with people who will only lift you higher. Everyone is not meant to be in our lives. It’s important to not try to win over people who wants to see you lose. Have people that celebrate you it’s what you deserve. It’s  what we all deserve.

And Sometimes

On my journey with God

I have learned

That sometimes God

Helps right away

And sometimes He won’t

Sometimes He will take away pain

And sometimes He will allow

One to go through

Not to hurt you

But to strengthen you

So that the next time

A challenge happens

You will pass the test

Without stress

You will know what to do

Sometimes God want us

To be an inspiration

To somebody

What an honor

Let’s face it

No one wants to listen

To a person who has no idea

Kinda like applying for a job

With no experience

Experience is the best teacher

One can try to relate

But even that can be done

Only but so much

God has a season

For everything with a reason

Though we may not ever realize

Why things are happening at the time

One thing is for certain

God will end the hurting

I have learned this

Yes I have gained experience

Sometimes God helps us out right away

And sometimes He waits

No matter our fate

Or how long it takes

His timing is great

He makes no mistakes

He is with us all the time

For always

Because He is that kind of God

He is simply wonderful




The Good Old Days

Ahhhhh the good old days

How I miss them

Spending time with

Family and friends

Playing fun games like

Jacks, Hopscotch, Count 4

And many more

Going in the backyard

Playing horseshoes and volleyball

Playing tag and jump rope

Going to the park

Parents telling you to be home

Before it gets dark

Enjoying great movies

On TV and at the drive in

Dawn of the Dead, Karate Kid,Breakin

What fun we had

Dancing the coolest dances

Snakin, Whoppin and DC Walkin

Oh Yes

And we can not forget about the music

Run DMC, Salt &Pepa, Debbie Gibson

Tiffany, Beastie Boys and 3rd Bass

Boys groups

New Edition, New Kids On the Block

And Menudo

Can’t forget about Rock and Roll

Poison, Europe and Cinderella

I will always love heavy metal

The good old days I love them so

Playing video games

Atari and Nintendo

When all real talented women did

Was rap, sing and dance

With their clothes on

Awesome TV shows

Gimme a break, Facts of Life

A-team and Different Strokes

Do you remember the very

First music video ever

I do it was by the Buggles

When MTV really was

Music Television

Because they played

Music videos all day everyday

It was my dream to be a VJ

Rap City and Yo MTV Raps

Maaaannn these memories

Are taking me way back

Those days will live on forever

In my heart and they will never part

Holding them tight always

Here’s to the good old days






Are There Anymore Good Black Men?

My preference are white men however just because I am attracted to white men doesn’t mean that I hate black men. Love has no color and souls connect to one another. I’m a black and I want everyone of all races to be happy in love as well as my black sisters. Most black sisters that I know are down for black love only. They are completely devoted to our black brothers. There are many black people who believe in black love and that’s all good. Relationships requires two good committed people to making it work. By no way am I bashing black men still there are many statistics and numbers don’t lie. Some black men have many children, are unmarried and aren’t in their children’s lives. When I turn on the television the media doesn’t make things any easier either black men are shown in a negative light as well how they treat women, very disrespectful and huge cheaters. Some have a deep hatred for black women which probably stem from many things. With all this is there hope for black love?


What can be done to break the chain of what seems to be a curse on black love? Someone has to be brave enough to save black love. Many things start at home that’s where life changing decisions are born. I know for me it was. The way my father treated my mother, my sister and I had a lot to do with my mindset. Somebody has to do something or black love may soon to become extinct.

Pep Talk 101

Good Morning! Good Morning! Every day that you open your eyes give yourself a pep talk to boost the day like coffee. You don’t have to give a presidential speech just generate enough positive words can produce a tidal wave. Give yourself a pat on the back and yes it’s okay to toot your own horn. Besides God you and only you know about you. Yes in your life you have encountered bad things but do not stress too much about it because there have been positive things too. So don’t wait until your birthday to celebrate you give yourself that treatment everyday. You may not believe this but it’s so true one life touches another and that includes you! You are valuable.


Be your own cheerleader don’t wait for someone else. A sense of confidence is something that we all need. GOT SPIRIT!!!!! USE IT!!!!! BE SURE TO PASS IT ON!!!!