I know that this post may ruffle some feathers but I have never been one to shy away from serious issues. Unless you’ve been living under a rock there is a huge controversial situation that is taking place Colin Kaepernick has started to protest our national anthem. Now let’s think about this how long we have all stood and placed our hands over our hearts. Yeah that right Colin you too stood up.  You have never been Pro Black. Why now Kaep? What is your true motive? You got me looking at you like:

vmrkbqr Sorry Colin something doesn’t sit right with me about this situation and that’s my take on the matter. Simply put I’m not buying what you are selling.

Let’s talk about the Star-Spangled Banner number one it is a part of our American history just like the Statue of Liberty. The lyrics were written by Francis Scott Key on 1814 for the war that took place in 1812, it did not become our national anthem until over a 100 years later, it was put to music in 1931, it was actually for union troops, President Woodrow Wilson made it our national anthem for all military ceremonies. After alllllll these numbers of years Colin is now caring about the lyrics? Colin is biracial too what’s really the problem?  How old is Colin? How long has Colin been a quarterback? How many people have been singing our national anthem I loved when Whitney Houston did it. There’s four parts to this song. I just feel like when people get into their feelings they just want to start more crap between the races that’s alllllllllllllllllready there. Racism can’t die because many people won’t let it. My mother came up in a time when she had to drink from a separate water fountain but she never raised me to be separate from other races of people.

I just want to know why he is doing this now after how many years? I feel that there’s more to this situation with Colin that meets the eye. If he sits down today on 9-11 when so much took place on that day it will say a lot about him. When as Americans will we care more about others besides just ourselves? When will people think about the consequences of their actions? I know that the white people several hundred years ago did many bad things to many people they were misinformed people. These are the same people who drilled holes into the mentality ill people’s skulls to let the spirits out.  They burned women accusing them of being witches. I could go on and on. My question is after all these years who won’t let racism die? Who keeps racism going and going like the Energizer Bunny?  All I am saying Colin is stirring up crap and he’s going to have to lick the spoon. I hope he’s ready to keep up with what his true agenda is.


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