Please Stop

I’m not complaining just voicing how it’s hard to be a Christian that’s a black woman. With all the police brutality that’s been going on against young black men there has been a lot of hostility. When I voice how I feel I get attacked and I’m okay with that.  I get called names and made to feel as if I am betraying my race. I’m a Christian first I speak love and peace. I spread positive messages because let’s face it anything that negative like riots and violence gets us no way. The point that I am making is bring up past events is meaningless if they are not accompanied with positive resolutions. Everyone is shouting and no one is listening. White people along with other races have been victims of police brutality as well. One case of police brutality is too much it has to stop.


Praying for all seven continents and every nationality. The violence needs to end. If we all pull together to we can make a difference it can happen in a major way. I know that we can do it.

Sorry Kaep Not Today

I know that this post may ruffle some feathers but I have never been one to shy away from serious issues. Unless you’ve been living under a rock there is a huge controversial situation that is taking place Colin Kaepernick has started to protest our national anthem. Now let’s think about this how long we have all stood and placed our hands over our hearts. Yeah that right Colin you too stood up.  You have never been Pro Black. Why now Kaep? What is your true motive? You got me looking at you like:

vmrkbqr Sorry Colin something doesn’t sit right with me about this situation and that’s my take on the matter. Simply put I’m not buying what you are selling.

Let’s talk about the Star-Spangled Banner number one it is a part of our American history just like the Statue of Liberty. The lyrics were written by Francis Scott Key on 1814 for the war that took place in 1812, it did not become our national anthem until over a 100 years later, it was put to music in 1931, it was actually for union troops, President Woodrow Wilson made it our national anthem for all military ceremonies. After alllllll these numbers of years Colin is now caring about the lyrics? Colin is biracial too what’s really the problem?  How old is Colin? How long has Colin been a quarterback? How many people have been singing our national anthem I loved when Whitney Houston did it. There’s four parts to this song. I just feel like when people get into their feelings they just want to start more crap between the races that’s alllllllllllllllllready there. Racism can’t die because many people won’t let it. My mother came up in a time when she had to drink from a separate water fountain but she never raised me to be separate from other races of people.

I just want to know why he is doing this now after how many years? I feel that there’s more to this situation with Colin that meets the eye. If he sits down today on 9-11 when so much took place on that day it will say a lot about him. When as Americans will we care more about others besides just ourselves? When will people think about the consequences of their actions? I know that the white people several hundred years ago did many bad things to many people they were misinformed people. These are the same people who drilled holes into the mentality ill people’s skulls to let the spirits out.  They burned women accusing them of being witches. I could go on and on. My question is after all these years who won’t let racism die? Who keeps racism going and going like the Energizer Bunny?  All I am saying Colin is stirring up crap and he’s going to have to lick the spoon. I hope he’s ready to keep up with what his true agenda is.


A Nightmare Dance

Would someone please tell me what’s going on? What’s going on within the black community? I know what you are thinking what is Tameeka talking about now? I’m talking about the way women are viewed and treated especially black women. Let’s be honest about how hip hop degrades black women with names like whores and of course the “B” word. Whether we want to admit it or not music is very powerful. I’m so tired of artist if we want to call some of them that not wanting to be  held accountable for the effect of the music that their music causes but want their bank account to reflect it. I mean what kind of world are we living in where three words gets a person killed. Now before anyone gets bent out of shape about what I am writing  about I am a black woman who is the mother of two sons. I’m making sure that my sons respect allllllll women of every race. No one has the right to touch a woman without her consent no means no so get over it. I don’t care exactly how  a woman says it how should a woman respond to disrespect? “Excuse me even though you are grinding on my body without my permission could you please stop? “Please don’t shoot. Please don’t curse me out. Are we saying that a woman has to live in fear if she rejects a man? Sad to say I believe most women have a story to share about the way some men behave when they are rejected. Some men who are rejected will curse a woman out. Some men will call a woman names. Some men will lie and start rumors allllll because they got their feelings hurt. Look real men accepts rejection and walks away I just want to make that clear. Anyone who feels differently I’ll pray for you.

There’s a story that I just heard about it’s about a young beautiful college student her name was Tiarah Poyau. She was dancing on a dance floor when a guy name Reginald Morse was grinding on her without her consent. This young woman said three words “Get off me” and was shot in the eye behind her body. Two young lives are gone what’s going on? Now I am not saying that all women haven’t been disrespected I just feel that something is terribly wrong when a woman can’t say no. There is something wrong in the black community. Where are the black lives matter voices? I’m just hearing about this story. Where is the outrage? One’s things for certain something has got to change.

The mindset that some people have towards women things like a woman is “asking for it” based on how she dresses. There are many stories where women have been raped and do you know what’s scary? Some women are afraid to report what happened out of fear of how they will be treated. It’s just isn’t right. Our bodies are our temples it’s our choice of who we choose to allow to touch it. I don’t care who the women are, how she dresses, what size she is or what rumors that you may have heard no means no lose the ego. Go take a stroll until you find a woman that will fulfill your desires. What one person won’t do another one will so go find them. We have to do better.

Breaking My Heart

Three police officers were murdered this is just so heartbreaking. Being a police officer is a tough job. They risk their lives for people some don’t care.Prayers are going up for the officers and their families. The violence must stop. Father God please step in and bring more peace into this world.

I wrote a report on bias for class. The media has an huge influence on society. So quick to put out stories and people make quick decisions with part of a story. How many police officers are there thousands most are doing their jobs and that’s something that everyone needs to think about.

We Must Do Better

These last few days that have passed were a nightmare. The division in this country right now is sad. I am black but I look deeper at what’s going on. My community is broken. How can we talk about that black lives matter when they only matter when someone dies. Why does it have to get to that point? Yes black on black crime is different from police brutality but how much different. Murder is murder. I see and hear a whole lot of anger but what positive resolutions are being done? In Dallas the peaceful protest produced dead officers who were only doing their duty. Facebook is crazy many are going back and forth there’s so much hurt that’s going on.

I’ll be honest I don’t always agree with the things that our president do or say but I do agree with what he said recently below came from an article that I read check it out:

“I’d like all sides to listen to each other,” Obama said as he answered a reporter’s question after meeting with Spain’s acting prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, during his shortened first visit to Spain as president.

It was the fourth straight day that Obama has commented on a series of distressing events back home: the fatal shootings by police of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, and a sniper attack that killed five police officers and wounded seven in Dallas.

He said violence against police by anyone concerned about fairness in the criminal justice system does “a disservice to the cause.”

He repeated that the vast majority of U.S. police officers are doing a good job, but said rhetoric that fails to recognize that will do little to rally allies to support efforts to change a system that is broadly recognized as being biased against minorities.

“Maintaining a truthful and serious and respectful tone is going to help mobilize American society to bring about real change,” Obama said.

The president also called for balance from law enforcement. “I would hope that police organizations are also respectful of the frustrations that people in these communities feel and not just dismiss these protests and these complaints as political correctness,” he said.

“It is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them,” Obama said.

I get the hurt but violence is not the answer. The police officers that were murdered was wrong anyone thinks that it was right has something wrong with them.

All I am saying don’t come preaching about black lives matter when you don’t show you brothers and sisters love on a daily basis. With all the constant disrespect that goes on daily in our community between black women and black men. All the broken homes in our community what exactly is being done about that. How about this show love and concern to those while they are above ground not beneath it. Make a positive difference in our community quit stirring up strife. I get that people are busy with their lives on my friends list on Facebook I have a handful of people who speak of human rights on a daily basis. They are consistent with the cause but some are not. Some are just making a whole lot of noise and doing absolutely nothing. Talking a whole and saying a whole lot of nothing just helping to add to the division that’s already happening.

It bothers me at times because I try to be as positive and as loving as I can. I don’t live in Dallas or Minnesota but I tell you what prayer works wonders. I am aware of what’s going on and I am not hiding behind my faith, I stand on it. I’m not walking on eggshells I am stepping out on faith and trusting God. At least I am doing something positive daily praying for everyone all the time. There’s no problem that God can not solve. He’s got this and loves us all.