I love to laugh, joke, write, and watch football to name a few still I love Christ the must! I love music sweet, sweet music especially worship music!!! I love to praise God. It is absolutely the best feeling in the world to lift your hands up high and wide with tears in your eyes. I was blessed to come across a song by Highland Worship called Here I Surrender. I love the lyrics in that song it just touches my soul unlike any other song. The lyrics go:

High and Holy King  

                                  You had it all and you left everything. You walked the Earth beneath to make a way for me. Humbled to a cross You suffered death and paid the highest cost. You died so I could live. You washed away my sin. Now I can see You. Now I can know You. Now my heart has a song to sing. Jesus I love You. Oh, How I love You. You have my heart. My everything.

 Beautiful lyrics they go so wonderful over the melody and vocals everything just flowed. I kept singing it over and over. If you can please check out this song you will love it.


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