Be you

Be true

Be who God made you to be

Because that is what you

Are called to do

Be original

Not a copy

When you are not

You will be exposed

And everyone will know

Being fake always show

If you have to change who you are

For someone let them go

When it comes to being you

Don’t be practical

Making any adjustments

Makes you less than who you are

And that’s factual

Fake people make me sick

Not trying to sneak diss

Besides my Christian

Heart won’t allow it

So I won’t put people

On blast

I’ll pass on that

Because being fake

Won’t last

Just wanted to address it

What people have to understand is

That we must impress God

No man

Not being true

Does everyone a disservice

Outsiders aren’t fooled

So the jokes on you

Be you

And the right people

Will flock to you

Real people have the mindset

To be true

We don’t follow the trend

We set it

Which is brilliant

Real people are winning

Feeling like a million

We don’t change like a chameleon

Jammin to Queen

We are the champions

My friend

And we’ll keep being

Real til the end


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