What’s Tameeka Listening To?

I have a favorite thing that I do on my blog it’s called What’s Tameeka listening to? I share music that people may or may not know. I am a music lover but I am really not a huge fan of the mainstream music especially now a days. The music that I listen to is pretty much everything but they are mostly old schooled. Anyways people are making huge waves about Solange new album it’s like everywhere that I turn people are talking about it. Solange new album is called A Seat at the Table. The first song off of her album is called Don’t touch my hair. The way people are going on about it I even asked some of my family members if they liked the song. There are people who I follow on YouTube that love the album. They say that they exercise to it. I’m like okay. I will be honest I gave it a listen and maybe I’m missing something here. Maybe her music needs to grow on me but 9 times out of 10 I won’t like it in the future neither. I’m not sure what the big deal is. And Yeah I said it I’m not caring that it’s Solange okay!!

If It’s Real

If it’s real

You know the deal

You know exactly

How your love one feels

If it’s real

There’s no ifs, ands or buts

There’s trust

Things are consistent

There’s no room for questions

If it’s real

You see the relationship

As a blessing

Even through the ups and downs

Because there will be some

But one thing that

Should never be

And that’s the notion

Of whether a relationship is real

Summer Fun

Summer is officially winding down. Today is Labor Day and children go to school tomorrow. So we get to have one last huge summer cookout. I love the Beach Boys their music is perfect to listen to today. Check out one of my favorite songs by them. Have a very bless and beautiful day. Enjoy your families! I am going to keep jammin to the Beach Boys they definitely have a one of a kind sound.

Jesus I Love You

I love to laugh, joke, write, and watch football to name a few still I love Christ the must! I love music sweet, sweet music especially worship music!!! I love to praise God. It is absolutely the best feeling in the world to lift your hands up high and wide with tears in your eyes. I was blessed to come across a song by Highland Worship called Here I Surrender. I love the lyrics in that song it just touches my soul unlike any other song. The lyrics go:

High and Holy King  

                                  You had it all and you left everything. You walked the Earth beneath to make a way for me. Humbled to a cross You suffered death and paid the highest cost. You died so I could live. You washed away my sin. Now I can see You. Now I can know You. Now my heart has a song to sing. Jesus I love You. Oh, How I love You. You have my heart. My everything.

 Beautiful lyrics they go so wonderful over the melody and vocals everything just flowed. I kept singing it over and over. If you can please check out this song you will love it.


Second Time Around

When you can look back at past mistakes and own up to your choices it says a lot about your work with Christ. Our God is awesome. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me!



We Must Do Better

These last few days that have passed were a nightmare. The division in this country right now is sad. I am black but I look deeper at what’s going on. My community is broken. How can we talk about that black lives matter when they only matter when someone dies. Why does it have to get to that point? Yes black on black crime is different from police brutality but how much different. Murder is murder. I see and hear a whole lot of anger but what positive resolutions are being done? In Dallas the peaceful protest produced dead officers who were only doing their duty. Facebook is crazy many are going back and forth there’s so much hurt that’s going on.

I’ll be honest I don’t always agree with the things that our president do or say but I do agree with what he said recently below came from an article that I read check it out:

“I’d like all sides to listen to each other,” Obama said as he answered a reporter’s question after meeting with Spain’s acting prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, during his shortened first visit to Spain as president.

It was the fourth straight day that Obama has commented on a series of distressing events back home: the fatal shootings by police of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, and a sniper attack that killed five police officers and wounded seven in Dallas.

He said violence against police by anyone concerned about fairness in the criminal justice system does “a disservice to the cause.”

He repeated that the vast majority of U.S. police officers are doing a good job, but said rhetoric that fails to recognize that will do little to rally allies to support efforts to change a system that is broadly recognized as being biased against minorities.

“Maintaining a truthful and serious and respectful tone is going to help mobilize American society to bring about real change,” Obama said.

The president also called for balance from law enforcement. “I would hope that police organizations are also respectful of the frustrations that people in these communities feel and not just dismiss these protests and these complaints as political correctness,” he said.

“It is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them,” Obama said.

I get the hurt but violence is not the answer. The police officers that were murdered was wrong anyone thinks that it was right has something wrong with them.

All I am saying don’t come preaching about black lives matter when you don’t show you brothers and sisters love on a daily basis. With all the constant disrespect that goes on daily in our community between black women and black men. All the broken homes in our community what exactly is being done about that. How about this show love and concern to those while they are above ground not beneath it. Make a positive difference in our community quit stirring up strife. I get that people are busy with their lives on my friends list on Facebook I have a handful of people who speak of human rights on a daily basis. They are consistent with the cause but some are not. Some are just making a whole lot of noise and doing absolutely nothing. Talking a whole and saying a whole lot of nothing just helping to add to the division that’s already happening.

It bothers me at times because I try to be as positive and as loving as I can. I don’t live in Dallas or Minnesota but I tell you what prayer works wonders. I am aware of what’s going on and I am not hiding behind my faith, I stand on it. I’m not walking on eggshells I am stepping out on faith and trusting God. At least I am doing something positive daily praying for everyone all the time. There’s no problem that God can not solve. He’s got this and loves us all.

Jesse Williams Speech


Jesse Williams received an humanitarian award from BET. A humanitarian is concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. As I have posted before I am not into award shows. The only reason why I know about the Jesse Williams speech is because all the attention that it has received both positive and negative. I for one enjoyed the speech the way he gave it was like spoken word. Everyone knows that I enjoy spoken word. 

What I am trying to understand is why are some people upset by it. I watched the ladies on the View stand point on it. I’m sure that Jesse intentions were good when he delivered his speech. I watched a person video and I found it to be hilarious. The person was like he’s a good looking guy with a white mother and a black father as well as married a black woman. I’m like oh my gosh. With people always pointing out the wrong things how can the things that matter get right. It doesn’t matter about his background he cares about people. Also I didn’t like it very much when people slammed Justin Timberlake behind his statement. Sometimes it disappoints because I realize that we as a country have a very long ways to go. It sometimes takes saying things that people don’t want to hear to get things on the right track. 

I have never been a person who doesn’t like to hear what people have to say. Everyone is entitled to they own opinions we can all agree to disagree and leave at that. As I always say nobody knows everything by everyone has something that we can learn from if we are willing to learn. What I enjoy about the View is everyone has their own views on the Jesse Williams speech and they respect one another.



I’m pretty sure that I am not the only person who feels this way but we all know that when we have a problem it seems bigger than everyone else’s. Many times I ask Christ for forgiveness about feelings that I feel when certain situations arises. Here’s the thing we as Christians know how hard it is once we decide to come to Christ especially when we tell our family and friends. One thing that I always say is a person can want to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and or blood pressure those things will get a round of applause but if a person says that they want to live for Christ it’s questioned. People want to bring up your past or want to feel like you really aren’t real about it.  Growing up all the way up until now I have had my guard up. I always worry about a person betraying me because they can’t accept who I am. So they will attempt to get close to see what they can find out. Is Tameeka really a Christian? What sins are Tameeka struggling with? Is Tameeka really as friendly as she seems? The most disturbing part is betrayal never comes from strangers. Enemies most times are family we aren’t speaking to or former friends. They know the most that is why betrayal hurts the most.

Recently I was betrayed by a person whom I thought was a great person sadly I found out otherwise. It hurt me to the core. What I am about to say may seem crazy but I am glad that the experience happened. For two reasons it helped me to become stronger and it helped me to have faith in good people. A good person came forward and told me about what this person did so that showed me that they are good person who stand for what’s right. I noticed that  I wasn’t hearing from people like I normally did. I thought that they were just busy it turned out that it was because of this person.At the time I was overflowing with emotions and questions. Like why did this person do this to me. What did I do for them to betray me the way that they did? What exactly did this person say? Why did these people believe this person? I felt so anger because I was so loyal and this person rewarded me by betraying me. Now understand this person turned people whom I have known for years against me. I have no idea what was said but I do know that this person is responsible for people not talking to me. This person’s betray felt like a crime of passion with all the backstabbing that they did. They are angry with me for some reason not sure as to why but I do know that God is a excellent defense attorney and will deal with this person. Still I never get angry with the person who lies on me must times I know why but I don’t understand why people choose to believe the lies even though the have witnessed differently. Look for me I always question when a person says something negative about someone there is always something behind it trust me. A messenger always has a motive that’s why it’s best to keep your eyes and ears open. What a person says about someone else actually says a lot about them. 

Majority of the time the lessons learned doesn’t feel great at the time but the purpose of it in the end does. Jesus Christ was betrayed and I can’t hold a candle to him. I do asked God to continue to protect me but to help me to  not shut out the wrong people. We are not meant to be alone Jesus wasn’t. Every person that cross our paths is for a reason we just have to wait and find out why. Also every move that we make has a purpose as well God many times allows us to witness situations to test us about what will we do. I’m thankful for the person who informed me of the situation even though it hurts I’m glad that I found out the truth.