There are so many books

On how to find love

Well I am thankful to God

That I have not read none of them

Waiting on God is what I have done

In my mind I truly believe that

There’s someone for everyone

The journey with us

Has only just begun

You and I have so much fun

We both love the same music

Movies and TV shows

Have life experiences that has

Helped one another to grow

Aren’t afraid to be goofy

So God has to be

A part of this

I could not have

Found a better love

Even if I were to dream it

We are a perfect fit

Like an echo of finesse

Our love is a true

Product of happiness

It’s so strong

My heart with yours

Is where it belongs

Being with you is wonderful

I could never go wrong

Some people search for a lifetime

To find a love like ours

Like a lovely flower

I never want to stop

Seeing you as being beautiful

You make living so meaningful

I have you

And I won’t let go

I love you so

God has given me a kiss

And a big hug from heaven

When He sent you to me

You are such a blessing

We are truly meant

You and I

Are the perfect fit


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