African Americans and Mental Illness

Between the internet and google there are a lot of social media psychiatrists and psychologists, applying mental disorders to people like sticky notes or bumper stickers. News flash!!! Psychiatrists go to college for years and still understand the importance of the DSM-5, which they must go by. Psychiatrists also use assessment tools, interviews, tests, and observation before diagnosing a person with a disorder. Psychiatrists understand the harm that can come from misdiagnosing and mislabeling people. It’s about matching a client’s syndrome to a disorder. Look internet doctors leave the job of diagnosing people to the professionals, after all they went to college for it.

We really have to be careful how we handle mental illnesses. People feel uncomfortable being honest about their battle with an mental illness. A lot of it has to do with the negative stereotypes associated with mental illnesses. Some people would rather suffer in silence instead of talking about their mental health.

The black community is very bad at not handling mental illness well. Years ago black people would spank children but mental illnesses can’t be beaten out of people. Some also believed in divine intervention, which is great however God also gave us common sense to go see a doctor. I believe that God uses people and guides doctors to help people as well. There are still a lot of people who needs to be educated not to be doctors but so they will know how to treat people. A person can have a disorder and still live a normal every day life without becoming unhinged.

Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology and I am almost finished! With God’s help I plan on getting a Master’s degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. Yaaaaaaay!!! It’s important to support people when it comes to mental illnesses because it’s their health. It’s about living well, with the right support and treatment it is possible.

Don’t Be Afraid

Over the last couple of days, some black people have been in a rage about what Ciara said about leveling up!!! I have seen women getting into arguments on social media. Ciara has been under attack. Quickly some people reminded her of her past relationship. Newsflash!!! Ciara is not her past. This is the reason why people don’t like to share their testimonies, out of fear that people will attempt to drag them back to where they came from. There is truth in her words.

I keep seeing some black people saying “Okay, We get it” but they haven’t done anything to change a lot of situations. It’s hard to do anything when you are not receptive to it, and you are bashing the messenger. As the old saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger. If Ciara message offends a person, they need to find out why it does. She is not a problem.

Sometimes people can’t win if you advise with no experience; it’s: “What do you know about my situation?” How can you relate? If people know about your past instead of them being inspired, they pick you apart and attempt to shame you into silence. I don’t follow celebrities a lot; I am just speaking on the backlash that she received. She is a celebrity, so she has zero privacy; the public knows her past. However, some women aren’t famous, who have experienced what she has too. I look at Ciara’s life as an inspiration. She overcame and endured, most importantly she’s happy!!! Happiness is the ultimate goal in relationships and marriages.

We can’t allow our past to keep us bondage. We are not our past. Everyone has a history. Everyone has parts of their lives that they don’t want to read aloud. Some people will receive what is said and some won’t. Some people agreed with Ciara, so what she said was not in vain. Even looking at stories from the Bible, Noah tried to warn people they laughed and called him crazy. Jonah did not want to warn the people of Nineveh. Jonah ran probably out of fear of how the people would receive the message. If a message is placed on your heart don’t be afraid, deliver it someone may need to hear it. It could be the message that they need to give them hope.

Set Free

When you have prayed about a situation whatever it maybe remember that you have given it to God and you are now set free. Caring about what others think is like living in prison it’s bondage. None of us have lived perfect lives we all have things that we are not proud of. I’m not saying to not care about the wrong that has been done I’m saying don’t be a slave to it. We live and we learn. It’s important to let go of people who won’t allow us to let go of pass mistakes no one can grow that way. The last people who should be making us feel as we are unworthy of God’s mercy and grace are fellow Christians. Yes we must face what we have done and no we don’t get a pass to do whatever we want the key is understanding this. Bondage is not a good thing. So break every chain!!!

The Perfect Fit

There are so many books

On how to find love

Well I am thankful to God

That I have not read none of them

Waiting on God is what I have done

In my mind I truly believe that

There’s someone for everyone

The journey with us

Has only just begun

You and I have so much fun

We both love the same music

Movies and TV shows

Have life experiences that has

Helped one another to grow

Aren’t afraid to be goofy

So God has to be

A part of this

I could not have

Found a better love

Even if I were to dream it

We are a perfect fit

Like an echo of finesse

Our love is a true

Product of happiness

It’s so strong

My heart with yours

Is where it belongs

Being with you is wonderful

I could never go wrong

Some people search for a lifetime

To find a love like ours

Like a lovely flower

I never want to stop

Seeing you as being beautiful

You make living so meaningful

I have you

And I won’t let go

I love you so

God has given me a kiss

And a big hug from heaven

When He sent you to me

You are such a blessing

We are truly meant

You and I

Are the perfect fit


Be Good To Yourself

One of the best way to be good to yourself is caring about the people who surrounds you. I always hear people say that they keep their circle air tight. Loyalty does not come in shapes if you think that they do you are making a mistake. Deal with people who will only lift you higher. Everyone is not meant to be in our lives. It’s important to not try to win over people who wants to see you lose. Have people that celebrate you it’s what you deserve. It’s  what we all deserve.


Many times we speak of

Forgiving or people not being bitter

Letting go and moving on

Well that’s all good

And that’s great too still we

Must always own our mistakes

Yes things happen

And not always on purpose

Still it’s very important

To be conscious

And have common decency

To make choices that won’t

Have to result into things

That requires looking

For forgiveness

We all have to be conscientious

By not hurting a person in the first place

Treating our moves like chess

Thinking of the outcome

Two or three moves prior

Let’s be honest

The things that hurts anyone

The most were things

Where the person who hurt them

Knew better but chose to

Do otherwise

But down the line

Most times become the advocate

Of forgiveness

When all it takes

Is having the mindset

Or crossing a street

Looking both ways

Before making a move

Treating people as we

Would like to be treated

Or another rule

If you don’t want it done to you

Then don’t do it to someone else

Let a warning signal go off in your head

Like the ringing of the Liberty Bell

And not expecting people

To get over what was done

Because we were in the wrong

So let’s not be so quick

To speak of forgiveness or grudges

Let’s first be careful and diligent

So we don’t have to seek mercy

From someone who’s hurting

All we have to do is care

About what we do in the first place






Politics and Christianity

John 17:16 says “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” Romans 12:12 says “And be not conformed of this world: but ye transformed by the renews of your mind…” I get this still we have to vote to make sure that our beliefs are not put into jeopardy. As far as I am concerned I have never been as worried in my whole entire life about Christianity. I look around and this country looks so different from the 80’s and 90’s. I have said it before I will say it again I am proud to be a Christian. I don’t push what I believe on people but I don’t hide my love for Christ either.

In my household growing up one of the rules were when you turned eighteen you have to get registered to vote. My mother was democratic  it was because she felt like they were for the middle class and the poor. And yes she was a Christian too. I understood what my mother meant so I became democratic too. I was really young so of course I am going to follow what my mother felt.

As I have shared before my first real job was at a convenience store. The cool part about is that a variety of people comes in and I loved it. There was a really nice lady that came in she got her coffee. She and I began to talk and she introduced herself as Thelma Drake. I was amazed at her views and what she stood for and I voted for her. Sorry mom the lady was brilliant she got me to see things differently. The older that I got I began to realize that to me my faith was very important so I vote for those  that feel the same. Now I know many politicians will say anything to get elected but there are some that try their best to follow through.

What makes me sad is how ugly the elections can get and how it can separate people. To the point where agreeing to disagree can’t apply. It should never be made about race because it’s not. Perhaps what we all must keep in mind that America is like a ship if it goes down we are all effected by it. We must do what it takes to keep her great and unite instead of fight. I want what’s best for our country there’s a generation coming up behind us. So all I want is what is right for this beautiful nation.

Inside Beauty

It’s not in the mirror

Or on the outside

For you to see

It’s in the inside and

It’s visible for all to see

It doesn’t matter

How pretty you are

Because inside beauty

Is only skin deep

It’s beneath layers

Of skin, muscle, and bone

It stands alone

It’s all you need

Not name brand clothes

The inside makes you

Yeah it’s true

The heart, lungs, and brain

Are all inside of you

There are other important parts too

When the body begins to age

It isn’t the same

The things on the outside

Begins to change

Looks fade away

The body begins to wrinkle

It looks different to people

Inside beauty never fades

Because  what is on the inside remains

If it does change

It just gets better with age

It gets better over time

Like a very fine wine

Or a valuable painting’s worth

There’s nothing like it

On the planet earth