Black lives matters, White lives matter, Asian lives matters, Women lives matters, Men lives matters and Children lives matters why??? because all life is precious. I have to be honest I’m really getting tired of every time there is some violence that occurs automatically the idea of gun control comes up. I feel so sorry about what took place in Orlando. No one deserves to lose their lives no matter who they are.

Over the last few years America is becoming more and more less free for some. I don’t own a gun but if I wanted  to purchase one I should be allowed to minus the headaches. I think about the future of America and I’m thankful to be a Christian otherwise I would be living in fear thinking about our country. If it isn’t race baiting going on then there’s talk of gun control. There’s a bigger picture going on and it saddens me when others can’t see it. A gun is a tool used by a human it’s just that simple.


As I always say I respect all but don’t accept everything. Everyone has the right to enjoy their rights of the Constitution. Although lately “We The People” is becoming more like I the person because people are more concerned about themselves and less about others. Which is so not cool and that’s so Not American.

Not condoning it but violence has been around for how long? If a person wants to kill they will. The Right to bear arms has been and should stay that way. No one should have their rights changed because of a person who loss control that’s not fair. I’m all about fairness and rights. There are so many ways to stop violence from happening without making gun control the short cut.



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