I Get It Now

Yesterday on Facebook I spoke out against gun control. I’m so thankful for my blog because it reminds me of the reason why I started it. People always tell me to speak for myself but when I do, I end up hitting someone’s nerve. I’m all for people having their own opinions but I can’t tolerate dealing with people who can’t see anything else, a debate becomes a headache instantly.

The post that I wrote said,” Everyone wants to talk about gun control but no one wants to talk about broken homes”. Oh! Why did I say that?! Here comes the backlash!

Everyone wants to talk about mass murders but no one wants to talk about what started it all prior to the person pulling the trigger. Bullying, delinquent associates, substance abuse, untreated mental illnesses and so forth all goes back to a child’s upbringing. Poor family relations and poor parental supervision are some of the reasons for the lack of parental intervention. No one wants to address the potential risk and need factors before the violence occurs.

Now please don’t misunderstand me I am sorry for the lives that were lost in violent crimes. I just don’t feel that gun control is the solution. People want a quick fix to more than likely a problem that they may have helped to contribute to. Its let’s take the guns away but don’t talk about poor home training. Everything isn’t a microwave fix sometimes a stove has to be used. Modern times have spoiled some people, they want quick fixes without putting in the work.

No one wants to talk about some women not using birth control or caring about the kind of partner they are having children with (who will soon be absent). The crazy thing is that some of the very people who support abortion feel that it’s okay to take away a person’s right to bear arms.

Like I said, “it’s all fun and games to talk about taking away someone else’s right until it’s something that they care about”. I’m being honest some of the black people who are for gun control because of the mass shootings are the same ones who get upset when black on black crime is mentioned. Some black people want to talk about the crazy white kid who committed mass murder but doesn’t care about a black kid being shot on the street corner. That’s when the snitches get stitches come in to play and no one says a word that could help to solve a murder. Some black people are selective about certain causes. Yes. I said it. They rather talk about the broken homes happening overseas. They don’t want to talk about the 72% out of wedlock rate that is climbing. The children born out of wedlock will want to know where they came from and why their parent is absent. It is selfish for adults to mess up as parents and expect their children to be okay. There are no do-overs in parenting it’s easier to fix a damaged kid than a broken adult. These broken people go out into the world, become society’s problem and sometimes people get hurt.

I am convinced more than ever that everything that I experienced growing up has lead up to this moment. I used to be ashamed about the pain from my childhood but now I want to help others. I get it now my past has molded me and now I am speaking out.

While growing up in a broken home
All I ever wanted
Was if I was blessed to become a mother
That my children would not experience
The same thing
My father was abusive
My mother struggled
She did her best of raising me
More important than the
Time spent, home cooking, cooking lessons
Was teaching me about Christ,
Responsibility and accountability
People say that the best way
To reach others is to be
Able to relate
To their pain
To their upbringing
I get it now
Everything that happened in my life
Was meant for something greater
People speak of gun control
But no one wants to speak
About the dysfunction
That is produced from a broken home
Serial killers, mass murders, bombers,
Black on black crime, terrorist etc.
All of these people are apart of situations
Where innocent people were killed
Not all by guns
When people want to kill
They don’t always use guns
One way or another
They will find a way to get it done
They will do what they set out to do
It’s time for me
To speak the truth
Being silent
There is no use
I get it now

Whose Philosophy was Better?

I had an amazing conversation with one of my friends who is white. He is really concerned about the frequency of hate that is going on. I assured him that everything would be okay because things will be. He asked a interesting question it was whose philosophy did I agree with the most Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X? I respect Malcolm X but I choose Martin Luther King Jr. it’s all about peace and love. The way that I think isn’t received well by some of the people of my race however there are some black people who think the same way as I do. A lot of the way that I think comes from the way that I was raised and my education too.

First off what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia was absolutely terrible everyone at least agrees on that. From my understanding the protest that was took place was pertaining to a confederate statue being removed forgive me if I am wrong. I have already written my views on the confederate flag. There are people who view the confederate flag as their heritage both blacks and whites. No,I do Not support hate I find it repulsive however everyone has the right to exercise their first amendment rights. Problems arise when things become violent which is never good.

Here’s the thing yes slavery took place and there was segregation years ago. Even though my mother grew up during the time of segregation; she was not racist. My mother did not raise me to hate anyone but to love everyone. I once went for classes to be able to volunteer at the YWCA one thing that stuck out during the classes was meeting people where they are. Positive things can happen when we meet people where they are. There are people my age bring up slavery and segregation we never encounter that; our ancestors did. There are white people my age and younger who feel like there have to pay for what their ancestors did. I will never forget how one of my Facebook friends apologized for what her ancestors did; it was heartbreaking. No one should have to feel like they have to pay for a debt of someone else’s wrongdoings, ancestors or not.

It is time for our country to start healing together. All white people aren’t racist. All black people aren’t criminals. Healing cannot be done if salt continues to be applied to a wound. When we cut ourselves from a fall or a paper cut the body immediately begins the healing process. I have two sons and I want them to live in a world that is better than what’s going on now. Going into the past doesn’t solve anything if nothing positive is being done about it. Answering hate with hate does not solve anything. As the great Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness;only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

The Aftermath

A person can tell what I stand for just by reading my blog and that’s for Jesus Christ. As Americans we have the right to vote and regardless of what anyone says or feels the outcome is clear Trump is the president-elect. Every election things flip flops a democrat is placed into the White House then a republican that’s what makes this country great we have the luxury of enforcing change by our say so, which is by our vote.

People are protesting and really there’s nothing that can be done. Trump won and that’s that. We have to respect what has happened. Being a Christian my faith is in Jesus Christ and not man. Worrying, being negative and angry will do nothing at all it solves nothing. What people have to understand is that just because a person voted for Trump doesn’t make them racist it makes them a republican. News flash the people who voted for Trump wasn’t white only but every color so the hateful comments most cease. I have Facebook friends of every race and some of them are Trump supporters. I am not getting salty behind someone else’s choice it’s their right. Question how do people know who voted for Trump unless they say it and apparently regardless of his lack of experience amongst other things didn’t change the outcome. So how do we handle the aftermath of the election? We respect the results and give Trump a chance if he doesn’t do well in four years return back to the polls and allow your voice to be heard just like what happened this time.

I’m praying for our nation that everyone goes forward with an opened mind and open heart. This land is your land this land is my land let’s do the best that we can. Together we stand divided we fall and we will all feel it. I will continue to put my faith in God who’s in control of America and beyond. God is in control of you and me one day we all will see it. Believe that! I don’t have to see God to know who’s really in charge even though He’s shown His power through events in my life several times. Everything will be alright we all just have to believe it the first step is acceptance that will help things to smooth over in a positive way. Blessings to all.

Please Stop

I’m not complaining just voicing how it’s hard to be a Christian that’s a black woman. With all the police brutality that’s been going on against young black men there has been a lot of hostility. When I voice how I feel I get attacked and I’m okay with that.  I get called names and made to feel as if I am betraying my race. I’m a Christian first I speak love and peace. I spread positive messages because let’s face it anything that negative like riots and violence gets us no way. The point that I am making is bring up past events is meaningless if they are not accompanied with positive resolutions. Everyone is shouting and no one is listening. White people along with other races have been victims of police brutality as well. One case of police brutality is too much it has to stop.


Praying for all seven continents and every nationality. The violence needs to end. If we all pull together to we can make a difference it can happen in a major way. I know that we can do it.

We All Matter

Black lives matters, White lives matter, Asian lives matters, Women lives matters, Men lives matters and Children lives matters why??? because all life is precious. I have to be honest I’m really getting tired of every time there is some violence that occurs automatically the idea of gun control comes up. I feel so sorry about what took place in Orlando. No one deserves to lose their lives no matter who they are.

Over the last few years America is becoming more and more less free for some. I don’t own a gun but if I wanted  to purchase one I should be allowed to minus the headaches. I think about the future of America and I’m thankful to be a Christian otherwise I would be living in fear thinking about our country. If it isn’t race baiting going on then there’s talk of gun control. There’s a bigger picture going on and it saddens me when others can’t see it. A gun is a tool used by a human it’s just that simple.


As I always say I respect all but don’t accept everything. Everyone has the right to enjoy their rights of the Constitution. Although lately “We The People” is becoming more like I the person because people are more concerned about themselves and less about others. Which is so not cool and that’s so Not American.

Not condoning it but violence has been around for how long? If a person wants to kill they will. The Right to bear arms has been and should stay that way. No one should have their rights changed because of a person who loss control that’s not fair. I’m all about fairness and rights. There are so many ways to stop violence from happening without making gun control the short cut.



Domestic Violence Forget What You Think You Know

I have been a huge fan of Johnny Depp every since he starred on the television show 21 Jump Street. He is quite an attractive man. Not too long ago I wrote a post about domestic violence. However Johnny Depp doesn’t come to mind it just goes to show we never know who could be an abuser. His wife has gotten a restraining order and has shared pictures of the bruises on her face. I admit that I’m a person who is inquisitive so I have many questions pertaining to this situation. How long has Johnny Depp been an abuser? He offered his wife money to be quiet about the abuse. How will the public receive this news? I know it’s his private life but it definitely gets us to raise our awareness. Will he be treated like Chris Brown? The public was outraged about his abuse against Rhianna could it be people were more upset about Rhianna being harm. All I know is it will be very interesting to see how things are over the next couple of weeks.

All jokes aside I can’t get Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory out of my head.What makes Johnny Depp go off? I know that he recently loss his mother. Now in no way am I making up excuses but I feel in order to change a situation we must understand it. When a person hit another person it’s just not good to stay. I’m praying for his wife, everyone who has been abuse and the abusers. It must stop. Prayers going up for all of the hurt people in the world. Abuse is never okay no matter if the person is famous, good looking, poor, rich, man or woman.


Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

It’s a television show that I watch that’s called Snapped. The show is about women who kill men. Majority of the time when these women goes to trial they claim that they were victims of domestic abuse. Understand I am no way saying that murder is okay and neither is abuse. The result always end the same every time the women are convicted mostly because when the police interview the couples family and friends no one saw any evidence of violence. Plus it doesn’t help that people have an misconception of what domestic violence looks like actually it’s a obvious thing that’s well kept hidden. Many people who are abused are ashamed to tell anyone what’s going on they always live in constant fear of their lives and their children’s lives as well.

Talking about Oscar winning performance an abuser can put on a show. No one suspects anything at all people on the outside think things are perfect. Not to mention how hard it is for the one who’s being abused hearing the abuser tell them that they are sorry, them buying things and promising to never hurt them again only to do it.

One of my first post is called Stay or Go as I have shared I had an abusive father and so was my ex the father of our sons. We have to educate ourselves on domestic abuse it can happen to anyone believe me I know from experience. It’s important to know what to look for here are a few:

1. The person who is being a abused attitude will completely change they will be unhappy and withdrawn.

2. The person who is being a abused will move far away and distance themselves from others.

3. Their children will be unhappy as well.

There are many more signs still what’s most important is if you suspect that someone ( men are victims too)that care about is being abused keep the line of communication open. If you find proof seek help you could save a life not just the one who is being abused but the abuser too. We must shed a light on domestic violence and the person who is being abused must speak up and speak out.