No one Deserves To Die

Many times I get slammed for my views on various situations and I am fine with that everyone can’t take the heat…. I can though. Just call me Onyx slam me all you want duh duh duh duh duh duh. On a serious note the media again has fueled another story up and has caused a stir between the races. There is already so much tension this just added more to it. Now let me start by saying that the Philando Castile shooting was in no way justified and neither was the shooting of the innocent Dallas police officers. It’s all wrong. It’s not about race but people try to make it about that every time perhaps sometimes it maybe but Not all of the time.

With my background as a Christian and education in Paralegal studies I base my judgement on a case to case basis. There are some people who are walking around with hate in their hearts towards cops, towards black people, towards white people, towards asian people, towards latinos etc etc. And don’t give me the I don’t care about black people or self hatred speech neither are true. I am a black woman who is the mother of two sons. Look I know who I am. I love all people and no one has the right to cut another person’s life short.

I get the frustration that everyone has but we must not lose our heads. Now I watched the video of the Philando Castile shooting it was heartbreaking the officer sounded like he was panicking. He pulled the trigger way too quickly. Now I know some police officers and they are good yeah I said it.  They are people too who are doing a hard job and the job isn’t a popular one. There are some good police officers anyway I would ask them questions and one thing that they all have said to me a police officer only has a split second to make a decision. A police officer’s goal is to get back home to their families every night. Do you know the things that they see everyday? The things that a police officer sees can mess them up and then they have to remain in control. I don’t know what happened in Dallas exactly but I bet that the snipers who gunned the police officers down used the Philando Castile shooting as an excuse. Which is wrong. Some people wants to say how much they hate the police but they’re the first ones that people call when there’s a problem.

There are good people in every race. There are bad people in every race. It’s time for us all to understand the difference. Some people wants to have a reason to be angry and sorry I’m not one of those people. Facebook is off the hook people are arguing and deleting one another racism is a touchy subject. We tend to see who people truly are when the subject is brought up. Everyone is hurting and our country is in need of healing. Our country need much prayer. God is the only person that can save us. Many of us are so lost because of hate. Everyone of us are sisters and brothers we may be different on the outside but underneath we are all the same. It’s time to get prayed up and to fight the real enemy which is the devil. Yes I said it the devil anything opposite of love is his work and he’s using people to do it. I’m not falling for the hate that’s going on. You can do if you chose to. I got nothing but love for everyone. That’s just how my heart is setup God give me my heart. Every life touches another we all matter to somebody. Nobody is a nobody somebody is somebody a to someone. We have to do better. Blessings. Much love to all.