I absolutely have no desire
To be apart of
The in crowd
Confident people do not
Give a fudge
When they say that
You can’t sit with us
Oh boo hoo
Jocks, cool kids, mean girls
We all know about these groups they
Ruled the yearbook
Yet these kids
Are all a part of the
Adolescent clique
In some
Kind of capacity these
Group of kids become bullies
Precursors of adults
Who still possess
Middle and high school mentalities
Constantly reminiscing about
Their former popularity
In which I am immune to
I never was one whose desire was
To be a popular kid in school
It’s like being in a
Zombie apocalypse
Surrounded around a bunch
Of brain dead people
Who are unable to think
For themselves
Who relies heavily on
Group thinking,
Group dependency,
And group acceptancy
It’s not welcome to
To do anything differently
Or people will experience
Tribal shaming
It’s like a sorority for
Pettiness that doesn’t exist
At any university or college
The scariest thing about it is
They think that
They are individualistic
When they are actually
Apart of the collective
How sad is that
I love me some me
Because I have always felt free
Embracing what makes me unique
Secure in my individuality
And that is amazing
Some people spend most
Of their lives
Trying to figure out
Who they are
But most of it is due
To them giving into peer pressure
When they were very young
And fear of their insecurities
Afraid to be themselves
Afraid to be rejected
Afraid of not being able to
Be apart of the secret group
To be apart of the in crowd
Or maybe it’s a cult
Which is a serious problem
Sometimes wanting to be accepted
By a certain kind of people
So badly
Will cost you something
Like losing your identity
Becoming a carbon copy
Or a string of cut out dolls
Until something goes wrong
Then the in crowd will turn
Into an angry mob
Eventually betraying
You with a Judas kiss
On the outside you will sit
People like this don’t
Stand for anything
Which is why they always
Turn on one another
I have witnessed
This kind of behavior
For years
If this is what it’s
Like being apart of the in crowd
Then I am so glad
That I have never been apart of it

4 thoughts on “The In-Crowd

  1. Very good, however, I experienced knuckleheads like this when I went to Community College. Community Colleges are basically glorified high schools and many people who go onto them carry their high school mentality with them. That was why, although I was 22 and 23 and despite the fact that I had spent 4 years in the service of our country, I was still treated like an outcast because of my heinous crimes of growing my hair long, (four years of having to wear a crew cut wasn’t a good reason) and other fashion faux pas like Native American moccasin boots. I thought and still think these people were pathetic.

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    • You’re right about how community colleges can be as well. I feel sorry for people who don’t have their own identities because they are lost from bonding with the in-crowd. They are definitely pathetic people. You knew who were and you owned it. Thank you for serving our country!! I have so much admiration for the military!!! Also thank you so much for your support. Have a wonderful day!

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      • Thank you. That’s the thing, people like yourself these days thank me for my service, to which I am truly grateful. However, if more people had done that when I did serve and when I got out, I wouldn’t have been so bitter for 30+ years. See, our post Vietnam peace time military was seen as a joke. Rednecks, who proudly display “Support Out Troops” on their t-shirts and bumper stickers didn’t support us back then. I have some stories, though my personal experience wasn’t as bad. In America’s eyes, we were all criminals and druggies and in some ways, welfare cheats because we all went into the military so we wouldn’t have to try to find a ‘real’ job. Sorry, if I ranted too long. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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      • The military helps to keep our country safe for that I thank you. People who decides to serve our country are amazing people it’s a huge career decision. I appreciate and enjoy your comments. Happy Sunday to you! Blessings!

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