One of the most beautiful things that God invented is love He gave it to us. The way that the world is nowadays it’s a complete shame. If a woman displays her passion, she’s desperate. If a man reveals his love, he’s thirsty. There is nothing wrong with showing the one that you love how much that you do. We can’t allow our egos to control us either all it is fear of feeling vulnerable. Being vulnerable is how we have to be to feel love. Love can’t be felt with your guard up, and it’s certainly not fair to the person that you are with. When you love getting hurt is a risk that comes with it and also the reward of being loved back. Don’t let the world try to harden your heart about love.

The media wants to have us listen to Beyonce’s lemonade you can fall for all the hype if you’re going to try to relate you will end up with lemons. Beyonce is running a business she’s an entertainer. She had the song out called single ladies, and at the time she was married. Okay!!!! She’s happy with Jay until I see divorce papers that’s what I will choose to believe. I don’t get all hung up on Beyonce I’m not a massive fan of hers it’s just how people want to think that there’s a problem and there isn’t much like her bank account. She’s just adding to the problem of getting people to give up on love.

When you put up a wall of protection, you also can’t see what’s in front of you, and you could miss out. If you are going to be involved, give it you’re all. Don’t allow outsiders to tell you different messages have motives so always be careful. There is never enough words that a person can express to the one that you love, never enough time spent, never enough I Love Yous, never enough good deeds as a matter of facts it’s never too much. Let me tell you if a person comes along and can sway your love one it’s one of two things. One they are just a selfish person, and nothing is good enough. Two you’re not doing enough to keep your loved one from feeling like they are missing something. You can’t get catch up into what the world is saying about love it’s beautiful. At the end of the day, you can listen. Be alone, or you can listen to your heart and love. Treat your king as a king and treat your queen like a queen.

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