People have a misconception about homelessness it could happen to anyone. That’s right no one is exempt. There are people who are living from paycheck to paycheck all it takes is a loss of  theirjob. There are various reasons that people become homeless and it’s not always drug related sometimes it’s from domestic violence, mental illness etc. There’s a lady who I follow on YouTube Tonya TKO she moved across the country and is now living from out of her car. She finally broke down and ask people for help I know that it took a lot of her pride to do that. She has many people who don’t believe that she is really homeless it has alot to do with what many thing that homelessness looks like.

There are whole entire families that are homeless with nowhere to turn or no one to turn to.Every life has a story so it’s important to not jump the gun.I remembered on my walks in the morning I would see a homeless man sleeping on the bench wrapped up. Sometimes I would give him money no he’s not a lazy person he was once in the military so he’s a veteran. It’s easier to assume the worst about people to keep from feeling sorry for them that way their warped minds can help their hearts to become hard like stone. Let’s say a prayer for the homeless and the people who are not far from it.

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