Straight love

Is great love

A connection between

A woman and a man

Is so wonderful

Call me homophobic

All you want

Claim that my heart

Is filled with hate

That won’t stop me

From being proud to be straight

You love who you choose

And I will too

When we stand before

God Almighty I will

Have to answer for what

I have done

Not pressed or calling

Out anyone

Not trying to get anybody

To change

Like everyone else

My choice will remain

I’m attracted to men only

A man’s build is so sexy

Would like to thank God

For creating something

That is so amazing

What I admire the most

Is a man that’s comfortable

With being who he is

Especially as he ages

Once again not

Trying to shove

My preference

Down anyone’s throat

Or force they’re eyes open

However I will

Promote Straight Love



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