This may come off as a surprise to some but there isn’t too many things that I regret in my life. So if I were to write a letter to myself it would be about the three rules to live by. The rules would help situations that would occur to go along smoother. I really don’t think much would changed in my life by keeping these things in mind. I guess must of it is because I think about the scripture Romans 8:28 all things work together for the good this I believe strongly. We cannot have the rainbow without the rain, wind or mud it’s all apart of the process.

First of the rules that I would write is to never take the people who God placed into your life for granted. Let them know how much you love them and don’t hold back. I lost my mother on February 3, 1997; she and I were very close. Not saying that I  didn’t show her that I loved her. Let’s be honest we all make the mistake of living like our parents will be here forever and life gets busy too. However no matter what always make sure that people know and feel how much that you care lay it on thick.

The second rule would be one of my favorites nowadays which is never place time limits on things that  takes time. It’s pretty self-explanatory the reasons why I  say this. Things that requires an extensive commitment should never be rushed it’ll only get you into trouble. Things like getting married, having children and healing from a broken heart.Trust God no matter what the clocks says everything will turn out alright in the end.

Lastly don’t waste too much time trying to relive situations that have long been over, over and over again. The past robs your present which eventually ruins your future. If something  bad has happened no matter how much we think about it thinking won’t change a thing. If you are bless to get a chance to fix the problem it will not happen until it’s time to do so. Just let the past go completely go back into history if you are studying Social Studies only.This goes for good memories too like me getting my degree life keeps going the world keeps spinning and it’s not going to stop for us. We can’t stop time we just stop making new memories reminiscing about old things. Things would go alot better when we are open and honest with ourselves to begin with. Not saying that my life is perfect and that I am absolutely proud because I’m not. Guess what that’s okay all that means is that there’s more to do and I am so ready to.

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