That’s riiiiiight Maury you won’t catch me running off of your stage. It never fails a woman comes on Maury claiming that they are one million percent sure that a certain man is the father of their child. Maury reads the result( You Are Not The Father) and the woman runs. Question ??! Where are they running to? Their face has been on national TV.

Nothing is more disturbing to me than the way people’s minds operates now a days. I wish people would lose the equal opportunity mindset it shouldn’t apply to everything. I am very proud of my old fashioned thinking and would not change a thing. Nothing is more upsetting to me than a woman who has no idea of who the father is of her children are. Sometimes they have to choose between up to ten men. They were being intimate with that many men within a short period of time. The problem is women who feel that they can behave as a man does. Some women needs to stop using certain men as an excuse for carrying themselves like a hefty trash bag that’s a wimpy cop out. Yeah I said it.

Growing up my mother would give us various scenarios of how society was when it came to the standards of women and men. She once said that a woman and a man could make out on the ground in front of people. The man could get up when it’s done and still be looked at as a man unfortunately it doesn’t apply to the woman she’ll be known as every name in the book. That’s just one of the many lessons that I was taught by mother. Let’s not forget about mama’s baby papa’s maybe that saying has been around forever. That’s just the way that it is.

A woman should never have her mind made up that she’s doing her and a child comes out of it. A woman should carry herself like a lady at all times. There should be no competition going on when it comes to acting in a degrading way. Morals should be a thing that’s kept in tack the children are watching. People can joke me all they want call being old fashioned whack but remember some fashion never goes out of style. Believe that!



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