Love Isn’t

If I see another commercial for the new show Love is, I am going to scream. Love is a new show that will be on OWN the commercial is being played in heavy rotation. It looks like it’s about struggle love and well I won’t be watching it.

Guess who doesn’t seem to be enduring struggle love? Okay, I’ll give you a hint. The show Love is will be on her network. Yeap. Oprah. We all know goodness well that she wouldn’t take any kind of mess from no one especially from a man. She has been with Stedman for how many years? I’m pretty sure that she has never had to question Stedman’s love for her or take any kind of mistreatment. I bet he has proposed too. But she’s featuring struggle love on her network. Come on now.

We all know that most people mimic what they see on television. That’s why on commercials that displays crazy stunts there are small words on the bottom of the t.v screen saying please do not attempt because there are people who are silly enough to do it. Just look at the fire challenges and other crazy challenges.

Lets talk about what love isn’t it’s not a struggle because real love shouldn’t be. I for one am not glutton for punishment. Yeah I said it. One have to question their self-esteem if they are willing to put up with mistreatment. Some things are by choice whether we choose to accept this or not.

When I watch Maury and the women be on the show talking about the reasons why they feel that their men are cheating. I be thinking to myself how much more proof do you need? Why do you need a lie detector test? The boyfriend or husband is then brought on stage to tell their lie I mean their side of the story. Maury reads the results that these women already knew. Sometimes these men make out with a decoy knowing it’s a set-up but they don’t care. The women run backstage crying while the men are looking all stupid in the face and some be snickering. Why should it be such a power struggle between what you deserve and why you choose to settle for less? I just don’t get it.

What is going on? Now a days it’s about how much abuse is a person willing to take to prove their love, it’s crazy to me. We teach people how to treat us. A person who truly loves you would never want to see you hurt.

Bottom line when you force yourself to be with someone who isn’t meant for you, you’re only prolonging what is meant. People have to know their worth and go for what they deserve. If you are feeling more hurt than love then you already know what to do, let it go.

Know Your Worth

Through out the Bible 

There are instructions given

About how women

Are supposed to be treated

Genesis, Proverbs, Ephesians, 1Peter

Could it be made any clearer

It’s time to look in the mirror

And reevaluate

Making sure the same value

That’s placed on yourself

Are very high and it should

Be placed on your daughter

As well as someone else’s too

It’s important for them to know

That they are valuable

Take to time to read God’s plan

It’s the way that it is for a reason

Mostly for protection

Women are like a precious jewel

Or beautiful flowers

And should be treated as such

By ourselves and the ones

Who we choose to love

Let’s be careful

Not to make a mistake

If a man truly cares

He will wait

Make sure that he’s willing

To do what it takes

Because as women

We are great

Understand there’s much at stake

Don’t allow unhappiness

To be the fate

Because we deserve so

Much more

God has wonderful things in store

We must stay focused

Do things according to God’s plan

He knows what He is doing

Understand that God has a man

That He has that’s meant

To be our husband

It’s our God given

Right since birth

It’s already done

Always remember to

Know your worth