Racist Boyfriend?

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. On Facebook, I’m in a couple of swirl groups. I swear the people who allow people into the groups should make sure that they are screened more thoroughly. I think that some are black men hiding behind a fake profile picture.

There was a question asked in the group. The question was, can a white man date a black woman and be racist? Here we go going through the same thing. Here we go again!

It’s always someone who is trying to scare black women from being open-minded about who she wants to date. The question opened up a sea of emotions. This person caused hysteria with this one question it opened up all kinds of what ifs. Some of the women started to speak of some white men possibly having fetishes but that doesn’t bother me here’s why:
A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
“Victorian men developed fetishes focusing on feet, shoes, and boots.”

Most black men love black women’s butts!!!! Trust me on this; I’m just saying.

The question made some of the white men in the group feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t blame them. It had some people questioning white men’s motives for dating black women — just a bunch of foolishness. We should be allowed to date who we choose without people trying to destroy it, and it was a black woman doing it.

Some black men have wasted years that should have been spent on developing a career or getting a degree and instead have accumulated baggage like children with different women, out of wedlock, of course. The 77% out of wedlock birth rate proves this. Let’s not get me started on the IBM they aren’t marrying anyone, but they are open to multiple women trying out for a position that they aren’t thinking about. The fact is there is a shortage of quality black men, and the solution is to date out.

We can’t live in fear of what could happen. Are there racist white men that a black woman could come across? Sure. Just like a black woman could come across a black man who’s abusive, disrespectful, and a cheater. The chances of a racist white guy dating a black woman are slim to none. That’s facts.

Look every time we take a chance at love there is a possibility that a bad thing could happen and good things can happen too. Still, good things can’t happen if we aren’t open to the opportunity! The right man for us may not look like what we expect. Expectations and assumptions only help us to miss out because they are always wrong. I refuse to live in fear. If there is a black woman, who fears dating white men because of the chance that they may be racist, there is an excellent solution for that don’t swirl. It’s just that simple.

It’s a Trend?

There are a few swirl groups that I belong to and I am glad that I am in them every day I am seeing more black women and white men getting together. I just seen a white man and a black woman get married, the wedding was so beautiful. It’s incredibly awesome seeing love win. Today in one of the groups a person asked when you see a swirl couple in public honestly how does that make you feel? I answered of course by saying that it makes me happy to see black women opening themselves up to other possible avenues to happiness. What we think is meant to happen may not happen like we expect. But we can never receive the happiness that we deserve by placing limits on who can make us happy.

I have already shared my background at a young age I told my mother that I was attracted to white men, she didn’t take it well at first. The same way children go through puberty and decides which sex they are attracted to, I discovered that I was attracted to white men. It’s just that simple. So, no I wasn’t hurt white men is what I have always preferred. Sorry that you can’t minimize my attraction to being bitter or hurt. Nice try though.

In the 90s there wasn’t any swirl groups or anyone I knew that could give me advice on dating interracially. Still I understand that it took for us to go through the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s to get here today and I am extremely grateful.

If there is one thing that can grind my gears is a person downplaying or reducing a situation to nothing. When a person does that it’s a sign that they don’t want to face the reality of the truth. Recently, I read a comment on a video pertaining to interracial dating the commenter called black women and white men dating a trend. Dude are you serious right now?

The commenter was a black man, now don’t get your feathers ruffled I am in no way saying that all black men have a problem with interracial dating. So chill out okay.

I want black women to do whatever it is that makes them happy but let’s prove people wrong. Show the black men who thinks that white men and black women getting together is a trend that it isn’t a trend. The way to do this is to be totally attracted to white men to begin with. Black women should not date white men for stupid reasons like trying something new or if they have been hurt. I once knew a white guy who told me that a black woman only wanted to date him because she wanted a mixed child. Some people fail to realize that one life touches another if possible change a person’s life for the better not for the worse.

There are a lot of black women who are educated, speaks intellectually, attractive, have morals, can cook, and career driven etc. Every day I see black women breaking stereotypes about the so-called norms pertaining to us. It’s a great time to be alive. It’s a great time for white men and black women to be in love.

Without Fear

I have been trying to come up with
The right words to say to you
I don’t want to scare you away
But at the same time I fear
If I wait too long
You will be gone
Like the way a flower
Is admired for it’s beauty
Human beings can also recognize
Someone as astonishing as you
In today’s society
People are made to feel like
It’s wrong to speak about
What is in their hearts
Well I will say how I feel
You are attentive
You are God fearing
You are a strong believer
You are courageous
Because even though you have
Been hurt you are not
Afraid to love again
You are amazing to me
You have a big heart
Few meaningful words can describe you
Not even Hallmark
Would know where to start
You are not ordinary
Which is why you are
So very special to me
Life is short
And more often then not
We allow windows of opportunities to close
Nothing good hangs around forever
That is why we must cease the moment
I just want you to know
That somewhere in this big world
Whether it’s a cloudy sky
A blue sky
Or a starry sky
I am thinking of you
And praying for you too
I want to be the highlight
Of your day
To be the one who puts
A big smile on your face
To be the one who fills the void
In a empty space
That can never be replaced
I want to make lasting memories with you
I want to be your dream come true
You deserve the best
All I want to do is show you
Let’s love one another without fear

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Yes! Yes! Yes! Y’all!!! Interracial relationships and marriages are on the rise! Indeed love has no color! People are now widening their options which is a awesome thing. A recent studies shows a huge increase between black and white people since the 1980’s. What’s up with the change? Love is a wonderful thing truly. The internet is definitely making the world smaller and it helps people to broaden their horizons. There has been so many myths and bias pertaining to people of other races the internet shows different. People are using their voices and telling their own stories. Yaaaaaaay to interracial love!! Check out the top states for interracial marriages this may surprise you:


The state of Hawaii is number one Aloha Ha Ha Ha !!! Hey now!! People all over the world (everybody) join hands start a love train love train!! I’m so excited can’t you tell it’s absolutely refreshing to see something positive pertaining to love. It seems like everyday when you turn on the news a disaster comes jumping out of the screen and we all know that’s there’s more to life than negativity. God wants us to enjoy life and love is one of the most beautiful things that He created. I love love seeing people in love! Join the love train what do you have to lose in my Donald Trump voice!


Skin Deep

My brother my brother seriously

Some of you claim to care

About what’s happening

Within our black community

Yet some are you guys insults

Are never ending

Everyone of us are free to love

Who we choose and it has

Nothing to do with any of you

The only thing that any of us

Are obligated to do

Is pull and uplifted one another

In our community

Some of you guys needs to develop

More of an understanding

Be more loving

God has much to be

I am ready for what He has for me

Therefore I am not worry about

What other people think

Anyway negativity comes off

As a bunch of noise

So I will treat it as if

I have Van Gogh’s ear for music

Recently my mind and heart

Had an epiphany

It was as loud as an

Mozart No. 41 symphony

How can some of you claim

To say that you are madly in love

With a special loved one

But can not see others happy

Com’on now some of you guys views

On interracial dating went

Out in the 60’s

Get real

What exactly are some of your guys deal

You will not steal my joy

Black White Asian

We are all human

Can some of you black brothers

Explain to me how it is that

You say that appreciate a sister

For what’s on the inside

Yet you can’t get pass the outside

We are all the same underneath

Try looking beyond the skin color

How can we move forward

With this backwards thinking

Before you think that

I am a sister who is hurt or scorn

Let me stop you right there

I want what I want

By attacking me or others

Who dates like me

Show you don’t care clearly

No one can rain on my parade

Rattle my cage

Nor get me to change my mind

According to what you guys think

I’m throwing negative thinking back

Like a boomerang

Love was created to be learned

Then shared and cherished

With the one that we adore

Regardless of their color

I thought with all of the books

And advanced technology

That it would make people smarter

Have I held onto too much hope

Giving people so much of

The benefit of the doubt

As deep as space

That’s requires looking

Through a telescope

Judging me according to

My preference is not fair

I get asked questions

Like a questionnaire

Millions like a millionaire

Some brothers say that

They have all the answers

And not one of them can

Stop a person from being single

I want a white knight

That’s what’s right for me

Have him sing the lyrics

Of “Her” in my ear

By Majid Jordan

Going “I’m on the way

To finding out exactly

How to treat her right

Another day and I’ve been waiting

But I’ve been waiting

My whole life to find

Someone like her”

A woman longs to

Not feel as if she’s invisible

Much how some brothers

Treat us sisters

Women get  tired of hearing

Words of hate

Thinking that we have to accept it

Is a huge mistake

Mistreatment is becoming too familiar

It’s something that isn’t deserved

A woman seeks one who

Will see her as a beautiful creation

One that embraces

All of her imperfections

Without any objections

One who is attentive

Has an ear that hears

Her words and receive

Them as part of

Understanding communication

Mere venting and not calling

It meaningless ranting

See the truest love

Is one that’s beyond

Skin color and what any

Human eyes can see

Know that what will be will be




My White Knight

Yes I am for human rights, for my black community to respect one another and get along. However I can still be attracted to what I am attracted to and still want the best for everyone at the end of the day. Hey I just want my white knight. Can a black man be a knight? Sure for someone else. I don’t have self-hatred I love the skin that I am in. If it’s within God’s Will let people love who they want wish them well and be happy for them.

I will be his prayer partner, best friend, biggest cheerleader, his rib and his chocolate bar nice as well as sweet. He’ll be my prayer partner, best friend, knight, and my vanilla ice cream. After God and my children he will be my everything. What a wonderful dream come true!