You Are Worth The Wait

Celibacy is a hot topic different people have different opinions on the subject. In my opinion it’s best to wait because we are worth the wait. If a man or woman cannot wait, it’s best to let them go, they are not worth your time. I will repeat these words several times to drive it home. Besides a person who loves you truly will respect you and your wishes.

Ladies, there are men out there who are celibate to think that we are alone in the waiting game is not being realistic. With sexually transmitted diseases being at an all-time high, it’s clear that God’s way is the best way. When we wait, it gives us a chance to know for sure if a person is right for us. I don’t know about you, but I will rather be heartbroken with my standards intact. God created lovemaking as a way for a husband and wife to bond. Souls are being connected you are special therefore you should not be getting connected to just anyone. Anyone who can lay down with anybody without any thought is a dangerous soul to get with anyway.


Premarital sex has so much confusion and remembers God is not of confusion. If you come across a person, who says that they can’t wait to be like oh you can’t wait to get married? Because I am not having sex until I am married. Stand your ground; it’s your body. Making a person wait is your choice, and it’s also the person’s choice to accept it if they can’t, then they can leave. Think about it you’re good enough to sleep with but not to marry? Look, God said that He would give us the desires of our hearts if a person doesn’t feel that you are worthy to let them go. Intimacy is one of the most precious gifts that you can give a person don’t allow them to devalue it; it’s priceless. Don’t let a person to treat you like you are pawn shop worthy when you are Tiffany jeweler worthy if your price is too high tell them “bye.” Compromising happens during the marriage, not when you are in the process of receiving what God has for you. God has the absolute best, so don’t settle for less. Treat that person like you would when you get into a car accident, you go to a lawyer and not settle. That’s what we must do allow God to handle all of our business.

A true man or woman of God will do things God’s way because they respect it, and they want to do what’s right. A person who loves you will not pressure you to go against God’s way. Let’s be honest when was there a time when God’s way did not work? I can’t tell you the number of times when I was happy doing God’s will. Being celibate is hard. I think it helps to have people in your circle who is celibate too. Another suggestion is when you go out on a date, make sure that it’s in public don’t put yourself into a position for an opportunity to present itself. Date a person that’s on the same page as you and that will help to reduce having a slip-up. Most importantly, keep these five words in mind you are worth the wait.

1 Corinthians 6:18-20

18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Don’t Wait Too Long

I could be wrong but I don’t think so. I feel that there is a lesson in every step that we make in our lives. As I have shared I have started back to college this is my third week. The first week was a little rough because my application and everything else was approved the same day that I started. The second week I made a plan on how to minimize distractions and making a schedule of when to work on my school work. Let me tell you when you plan on doing something it seems like everything under the sun comes at you it’s like a defensive line coming at a quarterback to strip the football. It requires being focused and moving around in the pocket to get things done like Tony Romo. This week which is the third week I had my mind made up that I was going to complete one of my assignment last night. Now I had three days to do the first one but I waited until the third day like four hours prior to it being do. I know. I know. Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad me! Anyway my assignment was to read a speech called Ain’t I a Woman? and then watch the interpretation of the speech by Ms Cicely Tyson I basically had to explain which did I enjoy more than the other and why. I also had to explain how important is it to have a visual of something. For me I don’t really need a picture to understand what a writer is trying to say. I’m old schooled so I rely quite a bit on my very own imagination it’s good to keep my brain juices flowing it gets great exercise creating something on it’s own. In a world that takes pictures of everything every five seconds it helps to have a brain like mine. Take music for instance if it’s by a great artist it can make you picture and feel what the artist is feeling make one create even a mini movie in the mind. Anyway I had everything perfect my ideas, grammar, spelling, etc etc I think that I may have kissed the paper. I typed everything in perfectly went to send it and it would Not send with a half and hour to send it in!!!! Oh my goodness it took me five minutes to get into contact with technical support and ten minutes to work on the problem. Whew!!! Lesson learned I will not wait too long ever again.

Blunt Talk

Are the number of your past partners small enough for you all to be able to fit into your bed? There some people who actually needs additional beds and maybe rooms too sad but true. Blunt talk right now not judging still our souls should not be allowed to connect to everyone. We are better than cheap WiFi have it so a person needs the right password to connect to our soul.
Growing up I always looked up to my mother her faith was strong and she carried herself as a lady. My mother had only four partners during her whole entire life and I always told myself that if my mother can operate with self control so can I. I remain a virgin until I was a little over 21 years old my first love came along who was white and so I gave in to having sex. I don’t regret giving up my virginity to my first love just wish that it was gone about differently. The first time is a beautiful thing remember though there are no do over once you do it it’s done.

One would be surprised but there are many people who are sustaining from sex. Many rather wait then taking the chance and having sex outside of marriage. On Facebook I have various ladies who ask me for tips on staying strong and not giving in to their desires. It isn’t an easy thing to do seems like once one makes this choice all of a sudden people want to ask you out.
Abstaining from sex is one of the best choices that I made. I have been celibate for six years and I am very proud of it too.

A person being celibate is something to be proud of and not ashamed of. There is so much garbage out here making young people feel like sleeping around is okay. Sleeping around is not okay it’s okay to not sleep with anyone of the opposite sex that comes your way. We all should value ourselves and not allow anyone to make us think that we are less than the way that God sees us. If we allow people to dictate to us our worth we will be cut short every time most people are competitive and don’t want anyone to get passed them or even have the same things. Remember God wants and has the best for us all we have to do is trust Him. Everything that happens in our lives are meant good or bad it’s all about timing. Yes even bad things are meant for good so wait on God He has many awesome things in store and that includes the right partner. Don’t give up on what God has for by allowing loneliness to rush you. Just because one is alone doesn’t not mean that they are lonely.

Here are a few tips that can help you to stay celibate:

1. When going out with a person for a date meet in a public never be alone this gives one opportunity to mess up.

2. When you feel weak pray. Pray when it’s hardest to pray. And it does work.

3. Talk to other people who are celibate many times when we hear positive testimonies it inspires us to want to do the same.

Don’t cut yourself off from the world you can do it stay strong. You Got This!!




Sex and Christianity

Sex and Christianity yes I am going there (you already know) every aspect should be discussed. Heck sex is covered in Genesis God says to be fruitful and multiply. Of course we all know the reasons why waiting to have sex is the best option. Nobody wants to end up being a notch in someone’s belt the way I see it if things don’t work out one can still walk away with their dignity in tact. Everyone that we come across whether it’s dating etc aren’t meant to know everything or explore everything either. Some people are only for a season their purpose is to get us ready for the one that God has for us. Don’t share too much we must be ready for the right one. We must never compromise our happiness that’s what’s done as long as it’s within reason once married. We will definitely know who they are once they come along.

Now that we have found our other half and got married what’s next? Here’s where things get interesting when it comes to intimacy you can not and should not be stingy. Don’t try and brainwash yourself into thinking that your other half is greedy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with catering to your other half everyday. I mean why not this is the person that you decided to spend the rest of your life with. The key to intimacy is communication like with anything openness is important never make your mate feel like they can’t talk to you that includes fantasies. It’s a sad situation when a person feels like that have to walk on egg shells around their other half. Not being able to communicate makes one feel like they are suffocating or a mute that’s not cool. I have been doing research about what a couple can do and what they can’t according to the Bible. Another thing not attacking the church but sex needs to be talked about help must be done to keep married couples together. Back to what I was saying there isn’t much that can’t be done you don’t want your other half to feel uncomfortable. It’s a great thing to explore mostly never deprive your mate that’s a huge mistake. That’s one of the reasons some step out on the marriage. Even if you are mad make up quickly the Bible says not to let the sun go down upon your wrath. Why hold a grudge against  the one that you love it makes no sense let it go. Remember there’s  nothing  that can’t be worked out all you have to have is the want to. Many couples speak about after a number of years have past that the fire has went out within the marriage. This should never happen all you have to do is not stop doing what you did on your honeymoon. Don’t be afraid to press the refresh button on your marriage as well as you sex life. Give it all that you got.


Yes he’s hot and yes she’s pretty but are they willing to wait? Sex is a heavy subject it can be talked about nonstop and it should be talked about and not avoided. Children shouldn’t be told to wait without having an understanding as to why. The Bible talks about it 1 Thessalonians 4:3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification, that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality;  plus there’s diseases, unwanted pregnancy etc still there’s so much more.

We are worth more than being a notch in a person’s belt there needs to me an understanding of worthiness by us and the person whose suppose to love us. It feels nice to be loved not lusted after and those two words tend to get mixed up. A lot of it has to do with being in a rush and that’s dangerous.It’s better to wait than to regret a mistake.

Intimacy is beautiful with the right person. Yes it’s for replenishing the planet but it shouldn’t be treated like using the bathroom it’s much more deeper than that.Not trying to get all preachy but isn’t it better to love the person that you are intimate with? It’s two souls coming together to connect in love.

When God tells us something it’s truly for our own good. The same way our parents tells us what’s right it’s for our protection.I would rather wait no matter how long it takes I’m trusting God to send the right one and He will. It will be one the best days of my life. I’m a precious jewel and you are too know your worth.



Let the Biological Clock Tick

1992 may not mean much for some people, it was the year when a seed got planted into my subconscious. My Cousin Vinny had a part in the movie that stuck out to me. It was the porch scene when Mona Lisa Vito she was talking to Vinny she goes “My biological clock is [taps her foot] ticking like this.” that one little line would get me into trouble nine years later. In my twenties I was in a rush to do everything and placed a time on when important events were to happen. I have since learned that anything that requires a long term commitment allow the biological clock to tick. The last thing that should be done is forcing something that should not be. In my opinion the saying “You make your bed hard now you have to lay it” should not be forever for anyone.

We should not act like an ambitious entrepreneur or a pushy car salesman when it comes to pursuing relationships or having children. These situations effects more than just one person. I know  that people always say that we must be careful who we have children with because we are stuck with the person for 18 years. I disagree having a child with a person is a lifetime commitment just because a child becomes 18 doesn’t mean that they will no longer need you. When the children graduate from college, get married or have their very own kids guess who else will be there besides you? I’m not being negative just realistic. As a matter of fact we should base these kinds of decisions on how our partner would treat us in case things don’t work out. A person who truly loves a person would not want to see the person hurt even if they are angry with them.

Real love is true love that at times have it’s ups and downs which should not be confused with red flags. Ups and downs in a relationship is when the love has been tested and proven that it’s meant. Therefore a relationship  that is meant one puts in the work to keep it. Red flags are signs that have been popping up from the very beginning but they were ignored. Most times when a relationship is not meant family and trusted  friends can see that it’s not. People on the outside tend to be able to see things better  than those that are on the inside. It’s important to be wise about these things. Also sometimes loneliness and low self esteem can a play role how things get viewed. It’s all about realizing that we are worthy of the best. Single people should look at happy couples as an inspiration of what destiny has to bring but it won’t happen by rushing it. I truly believe that every person that comes into our lives are for a reason. Still some are for a season and some are permanent it’s all about knowing that difference. That is why I have learned to ignore the biological clock it can tick away I trust God and I know that everything will be okay.