On This Day

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I pray and hope that everyone is enjoying their day, their way.

Facebook has something called “On this day” where people are able to look back and reflect on what they posted the prior years. On this Valentine’s day be happy for others and if you are attached be thankful for the loved one that you have.

I have seen some people who say that they are ready for this day to be over, I guess it’s a reminder that they are single. I think that some single people have to learn how to be happy for others. What’s the difference in seeing a person get a job promotion and a person who are in a happily committed relationship? A blessing is a blessing. It’s important that we are careful about how we express ourselves about certain things because it’s a reflection of who we are deep down inside.

Every day reflect on what occurred in your past relationships if you are single because you won’t be single forever. You want to make amends with the pain that may still be affecting you. Why else would you hate this day?

A person should never feel bad about being single. It’s best to be with the right one than the wrong one. It’s best to heal from past hurt than to get involved with someone and hurt them in some way. Hurt people, hurt others. Heal people, heal others. When we are healed we can then go on and have a healthy loving relationship.

So on this Valintine’s day look at it in a positive way because if you can do that it’s a sign that you have healed from whatever it is that hurt you.


The walk of a journey

Begins with one step

There is great power

And value in the number one

One second makes

Part of a minute

Of one hour

Of one day

One penny makes up part

Of a million dollars

One penny from a million

And it no longer is


One set of finger prints

One set of shoe impression

One you

One me

One heart

One mind

We are all one of a kind

A special moment

Relived never feels good

As the first time

The number one

Has great importance

Winning a million dollar lottery

Can happen only once

One bad choice

Makes a huge impact

One planet earth

One true love

One mother

One father

One wish

One north star

One dream can take a person far

One is so significant