What’s Tameeka Listening To?

This song is a classic by New Kids on the Block. Check it out.

Playing Detective

The other day I convicted myself I wondered what it is about me that I instantly turn into a detective. Why I just can not accept things at face value? I guess with everything that I have been through I simply can not help it. Especially when it comes to opening myself up to love again. I don’t want to risk my heart being broken or looking like a fool.

Not trying to make myself seem so special but I always come across people who try to make it their mission to prove who I am really, I’m liked” Really Bro how would you know me better than I know myself?” One thing about me I am very kind hearted and so that makes me an easy target.  People tend to take my kindness for weakness. I know that I am God’s creation therefore I am under His protection. No matter what happens I won’t change who I am because of people.

I will admit that I have trust issues at one point in life I didn’t want to. Admitting to having trust issues sparks characteristics within a person that they never knew existed. Let me explain further I do not believe it’s okay to go through a person’s things, have passwords etc if a person needs to do all of that then perhaps it’s best to end the relationship. My trust issues are with my heart and words whether a man is being genuine or not.

The one only that I have learned noone can convince a person not to hurt you if they want to justify why it’s okay to do so. Just pray that they are exposed for what and who they are to avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

A person who won’t be alone to heal is selfish Yeah I said it. It’s not cool to use a person to help you get over pain that’s not okay. For me I am willing to be alone as long as God sees fit I WOULD NEVER inflict any pain on someone else. God doesn’t like ugly and He does make people pay for their messed up way. No I am not trying to speak negativity on people still one can not treat a person wrong expect not to be punished for their behavior.

My hopes are for us all to find love with the right one and as far as for me playing detective I never will stop doing it. Nothing is going overboard when it comes to heartbreak I rather be alone. I know that God has my Boaz even if it takes a couple more years of waiting I will. Because I know that once my Boaz arrive I will never have to play detective again. All of my Boaz words will match I won’t have an uneasy feeling about him. He will do everything not to break my heart. I won’t make him feel uncomfortable because of doubt. Let’s face it a seed of doubt has the power to grow into the biggest oak tree.

Determined to not allow doubt to rob me of my Boaz or loneliness for that matter. Being lonely is the reason for a lot of bad relationships people aren’t patient enough to wait on God. Word to the wise you can’t be with the right one if you are with the wrong one. Mr. Or Mrs. Right now will ruin who you are truly destined to be with. The right one will not interrupt what you have no one can see if you are unhappy they just know that you are unavailable. I don’t know about anyone else I know that we are worth the wait.



No Frowns Allowed

The last people who should be sad, mad or have a frown on their faces are Christians not with all the good news that we know pertaining to God. Why be angry?  Why be sad? I for one just don’t understand if He did it before He’ll do it again. God don’t do things on our time but when the time is right.

With all that God has done we should be bring sunshine to someone’s cloudy day. Uplifting the spirit of a person that is in need.Make as many people as we can smile it’s not about us but about God. Let’s spread some sunshine!

Myths About Black Women

It upsets me having to make a post about this situation at this point in time. The disrespect that black women receive is so ridiculous. The myths pertaining to us are unbelievable that we have kids by several men, that we are uneducated, that we are lazy, the list just goes on. When a black woman decides to date outside of her race the stereotypes are even worse.  First off I don’t fit into the cliche’that’s placed on women who date outside of their race. I grew up in a mostly black neighborhood, had a mixture race of friends, mostly black schools etc. I don’t watch Empire or Scandal. I am just attracted to white men and that’s just how it is. I’ve spoken about this before there’s a lady that I follow on YouTube and she talks about interracial dating. She gets a lot of flack because she’s promoting love. So what’s wrong with that?  When I  find my potential white mate I’m going to broadcast it too. That’s what people do when they are in love.

I’m for the human race and yes I am very concerned about the black community. Being a black woman I am apart of the black community so how could I not be concerned. It’s quite laughable how many speak of racism and don’t  want to address the hate that’s going on in the community against black women. The lack of respect is astonishing.  Where did it all come from?  And why? In my opinion I believe that a lot of pain starts at home. Broken homes where mainly single mothers are the head of the household with fathers who aren’t in their children’s lives. Broken children who grew up into angry adults that’s hurting the community. Hurt people hurt others. Hurt people justify their hurt by hurting others. The saddest people are the ones who validate trying to destroy a person by blaming the person who they are trying to destroy. The hate that a lot of black men have for black women is so overwhelming that it demolishes all the positive things that’s going on. This needs to stop we have to do better. At the end of the day we are hurting ourselves as a community. Think about it we must break the chain. Who will be brave enough to not point fingers but do their part?