Wubba, Wubba, Wubba, Y’all

I want my MTV!!! Did I ever share that I wanted to be a MTV VJ growing up? My top three favorite VJs were Kennedy, Karen Duffy, and Riki Rachtman. I love music so much being an MTV VJ gave a person a chance to share videos of various music. I would have been happy being a DJ too but depending on the radio station there would be a slim chance of the music being diverse. For an example 103 Jamz would not play heavy metal and FM 99 WNOR wouldn’t play hip hop.

I love Jack White because he’s not afraid to branch out. Chris Cornell recorded an album that was called Scream and a lot of rock fans couldn’t cope. Even Trent Reznor took shots at Chris Cornell for making the album Scream. My favorite song from Scream was the song Scream. Scream was a great album in my opinion. Chris Cornell’s voice was beautiful, he could sing anything and it would sound good!!! Like real talk.

Fans should look at music like a painting. How many paintings in an art museum has only one color? Just like how most musicians play more than just one instrument. Music is art. When an musician makes music it can be something beautiful.

Anywho, I’m too old to be a VJ now and MTV totally sucks it’s nothing like the 80s and 90s. I remember watching MTV’s first video which was “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles. Today reality tv has killed MTV.

What a bummer!

Don’t Wait Too Long

I could be wrong but I don’t think so. I feel that there is a lesson in every step that we make in our lives. As I have shared I have started back to college this is my third week. The first week was a little rough because my application and everything else was approved the same day that I started. The second week I made a plan on how to minimize distractions and making a schedule of when to work on my school work. Let me tell you when you plan on doing something it seems like everything under the sun comes at you it’s like a defensive line coming at a quarterback to strip the football. It requires being focused and moving around in the pocket to get things done like Tony Romo. This week which is the third week I had my mind made up that I was going to complete one of my assignment last night. Now I had three days to do the first one but I waited until the third day like four hours prior to it being do. I know. I know. Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad me! Anyway my assignment was to read a speech called Ain’t I a Woman? and then watch the interpretation of the speech by Ms Cicely Tyson I basically had to explain which did I enjoy more than the other and why. I also had to explain how important is it to have a visual of something. For me I don’t really need a picture to understand what a writer is trying to say. I’m old schooled so I rely quite a bit on my very own imagination it’s good to keep my brain juices flowing it gets great exercise creating something on it’s own. In a world that takes pictures of everything every five seconds it helps to have a brain like mine. Take music for instance if it’s by a great artist it can make you picture and feel what the artist is feeling make one create even a mini movie in the mind. Anyway I had everything perfect my ideas, grammar, spelling, etc etc I think that I may have kissed the paper. I typed everything in perfectly went to send it and it would Not send with a half and hour to send it in!!!! Oh my goodness it took me five minutes to get into contact with technical support and ten minutes to work on the problem. Whew!!! Lesson learned I will not wait too long ever again.

Balance Is Key

Never forget the people who was there for you when you had no one. They are the ones who you will need again this is a true fact. God puts everyone in our lives for a reason so balancing your friends and new relationship is key. It’s important to keep in contact with your friends. You never want it to come off as you only contact them when there is a problem. Friendship is a two way street if you don’t have time to talk a simple text is fine too anything to show a person that you are thinking about them. I get that life gets busy but if we really want to time can be taken out it’s all about priorities. One has to have the want to to do. Yeah I said it.

Relationships and marriages are completely different don’t get it twisted people can walk away from a relationship not so for a marriage. I am not saying not to give a relationship your all. After all relationships has to happen prior to marriage so I get it. What I am saying is don’t forget the people who will be there if the relationship goes wrong. As far as I am concerned best friends are not friends they are family. Family is for life through ups and downs as well as thick and thin. Proverbs 18:24

A man [that hath] friends must shew himself: and there is a friend [that] stickers closer than a brother.


Don’t Get Caught Up

Growing up I had a dream of becoming a writer, DJ on the radio or a VJ on MTV. I love music I can not express it enough so my choices should not be a surprise. Well the VJ on MTV will never happen because they don’t play videos like they used to years ago. Then again who knows what God has down the line I’ll find out in time. As long as I live as long as we live anything I do mean anything is possible. One of the great things about technology and the internet it allows you to do things like blogging. So now I am doing a little of something that I enjoy and that’s writing.

Numbers can be a good and sometimes they can not be. They can place limits on things. Example at a certain age we expect to have certain things but what happens when things don’t turn out as we had planned? I get that stress sends an alarm off in our heads to make the proper adjustments still don’t panic. There are so many successful  people who didn’t  have it in their twenties Joyce Meyer ministry  didn’t  really take off until she was  in her forties. What would have happened if she had given up all because she didn’t she any progress at the time? Where would she be? Don’t give up especially when we have a dream and seems as if nothing is happening. Our dreams will happen eventually just don’t stop and don’t get caught up. Take the limits off even the sky is too short. You  never know when things will take off. Keep going! Keep pressing on!

What Is Most Important?

Everyone is different so everyone seek different things when it comes to a potential mate. What they seek separates us from who’s right for us and who’s not. I believe that there is somebody for everybody because God made it so. I was watching an interview pertaining to relationships and  people’s choices in a mate. It was quite interesting. To me nobody knows everything but everybody knows something that we can learn from. We just have to be open to learning. Anyway on with the story there was a lady speaking saying that she cares about what a man has to offer financially. She mentioned nothing else accept the man being really tall. I found that to be very disturbing though it shouldn’t have. Most people care about money men and women. My question is what happens when the person can not provide or they get sick. The world is filled with selfish people. Don’t get me wrong I want to live comfortable too. Comfortable for me are my bills being paid, a nice place to live it could be an apartment, townhouse etc it doesn’t have to be a mansion. You get where I’m  coming from and I mean what I am saying. Some people care about looks and that’s fine. It’s just isn’t good to care too much about things that don’t matter very much. They change over time eventually.

For me I want my Boaz to be smart, kind hearted, respectful, loyal a natural born leader someone I can trust. These things are actually pretty hard to find. I’m a leader but a woman is not suppose to lead it’s  a man place. Being a true leader is knowing how to be a great follower. Of course no leader will allow just anyone to lead them. It’s like giving a person a map that they can not read that’s definitely setting yourself up for failure. You’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere fast. I love Courage the Cowardly Dog but nowhere doesn’t look like a cool place to live. I’m not glutton for punishment. At my age I am realistic, I have sons therefore I don’t expect to find a man my age without children. That’s just a selfish mentality. To be honest I really don’t have everything down to an exact science of what I  am  looking for in my Boaz. Not looking in the first place God has the situation covered already. I do know that I want the love of the old couples who fought for their love. Everyone wants to learn from them a true romance story.

I Got Time

The biggest mistake

That we all make

Is feel that it’s okay

To put off things until tomorrow

What can be done today

Should be

Don’t procrastinate

Don’t wait

Stop thinking

Oh I got time

Because none of us

Knows what’s down the line

We have to stop

Taking things for granted

Like our loves ones

We get into a fight

We run

We hide

We get an ego

We won’t let the anger go

We plan on speaking

With the person later

In hopes that the peace

Between the both of you

Will be greater

Or how about that special someone

The one we have feelings for

But has yet to tell them

It’s always

One day I will let them know

It’s always

Oh I got time

Let me ask you a question

Who’s in control of time

It certainly isn’t us

What happens

When the moment that

We are waiting for never arrives

Missed opportunities

Are dangerous

They kill you inside

Makes you want to cry

Makes you want to die

Waiting on tomorrow

Sometimes can bring sorrow

From being shallow

I challenge you to borrow

From your wasted time

And contact the one who

Has been on your mind

Ever think about what happens

If you never were

To see that person ever again

I’m not judging

We are all human

I too am guilty of this

I will admit

But we must not allow

Ourselves to forget

That everyone’s time

Is limited

We must not allow ourselves

To become blind

By the phrase

Oh I got time

Because the truth is

It’s  a huge lie



And Sometimes

On my journey with God

I have learned

That sometimes God

Helps right away

And sometimes He won’t

Sometimes He will take away pain

And sometimes He will allow

One to go through

Not to hurt you

But to strengthen you

So that the next time

A challenge happens

You will pass the test

Without stress

You will know what to do

Sometimes God want us

To be an inspiration

To somebody

What an honor

Let’s face it

No one wants to listen

To a person who has no idea

Kinda like applying for a job

With no experience

Experience is the best teacher

One can try to relate

But even that can be done

Only but so much

God has a season

For everything with a reason

Though we may not ever realize

Why things are happening at the time

One thing is for certain

God will end the hurting

I have learned this

Yes I have gained experience

Sometimes God helps us out right away

And sometimes He waits

No matter our fate

Or how long it takes

His timing is great

He makes no mistakes

He is with us all the time

For always

Because He is that kind of God

He is simply wonderful




Let the Biological Clock Tick

1992 may not mean much for some people, it was the year when a seed got planted into my subconscious. My Cousin Vinny had a part in the movie that stuck out to me. It was the porch scene when Mona Lisa Vito she was talking to Vinny she goes “My biological clock is [taps her foot] ticking like this.” that one little line would get me into trouble nine years later. In my twenties I was in a rush to do everything and placed a time on when important events were to happen. I have since learned that anything that requires a long term commitment allow the biological clock to tick. The last thing that should be done is forcing something that should not be. In my opinion the saying “You make your bed hard now you have to lay it” should not be forever for anyone.

We should not act like an ambitious entrepreneur or a pushy car salesman when it comes to pursuing relationships or having children. These situations effects more than just one person. I know  that people always say that we must be careful who we have children with because we are stuck with the person for 18 years. I disagree having a child with a person is a lifetime commitment just because a child becomes 18 doesn’t mean that they will no longer need you. When the children graduate from college, get married or have their very own kids guess who else will be there besides you? I’m not being negative just realistic. As a matter of fact we should base these kinds of decisions on how our partner would treat us in case things don’t work out. A person who truly loves a person would not want to see the person hurt even if they are angry with them.

Real love is true love that at times have it’s ups and downs which should not be confused with red flags. Ups and downs in a relationship is when the love has been tested and proven that it’s meant. Therefore a relationship  that is meant one puts in the work to keep it. Red flags are signs that have been popping up from the very beginning but they were ignored. Most times when a relationship is not meant family and trusted  friends can see that it’s not. People on the outside tend to be able to see things better  than those that are on the inside. It’s important to be wise about these things. Also sometimes loneliness and low self esteem can a play role how things get viewed. It’s all about realizing that we are worthy of the best. Single people should look at happy couples as an inspiration of what destiny has to bring but it won’t happen by rushing it. I truly believe that every person that comes into our lives are for a reason. Still some are for a season and some are permanent it’s all about knowing that difference. That is why I have learned to ignore the biological clock it can tick away I trust God and I know that everything will be okay.