Happy Veterans Day

Thank  you for choosing to serve

For our country

It’s something that  I

Do not take lightly

Because of your choice

Freedom continues to ring

That means everything

You are a blessing

Coast Guard

Marine Corps

Air Force



Different branches of the same tree

Our awesome military

You choose to serve knowing

What was at stake

Did not hesitate

You are the reason why

America is great

What you did goes beyond

Being recognized for one day

You made sacrifices everyday

Next to your life

Your family

Who loves you

They made sacrifices

Being away for many months and years

Far way

Relying on phone calls and letters

To help make the situation better

For all of those reasons alone

I just want to thank

Each and every one of you


Just Want To Thank You

God I don’t want to complain

Or pray for something

To gain

I only want these words to remain

I just want to thank You

For everything that You do

For allowing me to see

The gift of a new day

Blessing me to be

The best person that I can be

The person that I am destined to be

Someone who is passionate

And ready to walk

Down the path that you direct for me

For having the knowledge

As well as the confidence

In a strong faith

For the many tests

That You helped me to pass

Which became testimonies

Thank You for what you do daily

For making my burdens light

And a future that is bright

A family that unites in times of trouble

Like Job You have blessed me double

I know with You I won’t stumble

You give me courage to keep me stable

To look  at trouble not in fear

But as having an expiration date

If I had a million tongues

It still wouldn’t be enough

So I ask You to look into my heart

And to hear my praise


Because You are worthy

God I just want to thank You




Thank You

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Just want to keep it short

But fun and simple

From the bottom of my heart

I mean this too

Would like to say

A big thank you

I am appreciating all of the support

Greatly it has been a blessing

There will be so much more to see

Gosh have made a poem

With a beginning like this

Since elementary

My concern is what

I say comes off with sincerity

Have a blessed morning

Or evening whichever

It maybe