My Very First Celebrity Crush

Regina King recently shared who was her all time celebrity crush. She has been crushing on Sam Elliot since her late teens.
As most people know my current celebrity crush is Jack White however my first celebrity crush was Roland Orzabal. Roland is the lead singer of Tears for Fears. I have always been a huge fan of Tears for Fears and I will continue to be.

What’s Tameeka Listening To?

Tears for Fears are one of my favorite bands in the whole entire world. Roland was my first celebrity crush. Recently I came across an old interview that he did pertaining to Oleta Adams. He spoke of how she got them back in touch with feeling music again. Imagine they where at the peak of their careers yet he was not above giving someone credit. I tell you Roland is a brilliant man. Head over heels is a classic song. Check it out: