Father’s Day 2018

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers around the world! Thank you so much!

Now that I have gotten that part out of the way I would like to talk about why real fathers shouldn’t be robbed of their day. Yes. I am a single parent who is a mother but I am Not a father. Today is not the day to talk about my desires of an intact home or complain about my sons’ father. Yes. There are fathers who are deadbeats but Not all fathers. There are fathers who are wonderful dads.

There are some wonderful fathers who are hands on with their children. I have seen fathers who walk their children to school, take them to practices, and spends quality time with their children. These fathers know their children’s favorite foods, colors, and dreams. They are their children’s heroes and amazing role models.

When we talk about deadbeats on father’s day and being a single mother it takes away from the really excellent fathers. We should Not rob the great fathers of their day besides deadbeats are still that the other 364 days of the year. The deadbeats will continue to set records for not being a good father, they will not disappoint sadly they will continue to let us down by being deadbeats, trust me! Let’s not give them any kind of recognition even if it’s not in a good way especially today.

Blessings to all the excellent fathers around the world! Keep up the beautiful work it is appreciated!

The Truth Is

Good Morning! Happy Sunday! Happy Praise the Lord Day!!!! God is God!!

No one is perfect this we all know. I’m not saying this to make anyone feel bad but to feel better.  There are so many things available to help us to attempt to change what we don’t like about ourselves. There is plastic surgery, hair weaves, contacts for our eyes etc; it’s human nature to look for imperfections. We sometimes care about the opinions of people who are imperfect as well. The truth is nothing is perfect no matter how hard we try there’s no perfect marriage, there’s no perfect way to parent, there is not way to make ourselves perfect. That’s why we should never try to make ourselves perfect according to human beings standards. Imperfect cannot produce anything perfect. The only person who is perfect is Christ.

Imperfections are limitations. God is aware of our limitations. God is limitless and He can empower our limitations if we allow Him to. God knows what’s right with us and He can use us. So we should not come down on ourselves but not use our imperfections as an excuse either. God can use us regardless of our imperfections. Moses had the best of everything accept for himself. We know Moses story and God still used him to get His glory. When I speak of Moses it’s as an example of his life I’m fully aware that we are under the law of Christ. The point of this post is about us being imperfect yet God can still use us. Thankful for being under the law of Christ the sad part is there still people who judge others as if we are not under Christ’s law. This is what I mean about people that look for imperfection in others. Thank you Christ Jesus for loving us in spite of our imperfections. Knowing all of this give yourself a peep talk and claim this season as one with no limits. Christ loves us all in spite of our imperfections.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Yes! Yes! Yes! Y’all!!! Interracial relationships and marriages are on the rise! Indeed love has no color! People are now widening their options which is a awesome thing. A recent studies shows a huge increase between black and white people since the 1980’s. What’s up with the change? Love is a wonderful thing truly. The internet is definitely making the world smaller and it helps people to broaden their horizons. There has been so many myths and bias pertaining to people of other races the internet shows different. People are using their voices and telling their own stories. Yaaaaaaay to interracial love!! Check out the top states for interracial marriages this may surprise you:


The state of Hawaii is number one Aloha Ha Ha Ha !!! Hey now!! People all over the world (everybody) join hands start a love train love train!! I’m so excited can’t you tell it’s absolutely refreshing to see something positive pertaining to love. It seems like everyday when you turn on the news a disaster comes jumping out of the screen and we all know that’s there’s more to life than negativity. God wants us to enjoy life and love is one of the most beautiful things that He created. I love love seeing people in love! Join the love train what do you have to lose in my Donald Trump voice!



I’m pretty sure that I am not the only person who feels this way but we all know that when we have a problem it seems bigger than everyone else’s. Many times I ask Christ for forgiveness about feelings that I feel when certain situations arises. Here’s the thing we as Christians know how hard it is once we decide to come to Christ especially when we tell our family and friends. One thing that I always say is a person can want to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and or blood pressure those things will get a round of applause but if a person says that they want to live for Christ it’s questioned. People want to bring up your past or want to feel like you really aren’t real about it.  Growing up all the way up until now I have had my guard up. I always worry about a person betraying me because they can’t accept who I am. So they will attempt to get close to see what they can find out. Is Tameeka really a Christian? What sins are Tameeka struggling with? Is Tameeka really as friendly as she seems? The most disturbing part is betrayal never comes from strangers. Enemies most times are family we aren’t speaking to or former friends. They know the most that is why betrayal hurts the most.

Recently I was betrayed by a person whom I thought was a great person sadly I found out otherwise. It hurt me to the core. What I am about to say may seem crazy but I am glad that the experience happened. For two reasons it helped me to become stronger and it helped me to have faith in good people. A good person came forward and told me about what this person did so that showed me that they are good person who stand for what’s right. I noticed that  I wasn’t hearing from people like I normally did. I thought that they were just busy it turned out that it was because of this person.At the time I was overflowing with emotions and questions. Like why did this person do this to me. What did I do for them to betray me the way that they did? What exactly did this person say? Why did these people believe this person? I felt so anger because I was so loyal and this person rewarded me by betraying me. Now understand this person turned people whom I have known for years against me. I have no idea what was said but I do know that this person is responsible for people not talking to me. This person’s betray felt like a crime of passion with all the backstabbing that they did. They are angry with me for some reason not sure as to why but I do know that God is a excellent defense attorney and will deal with this person. Still I never get angry with the person who lies on me must times I know why but I don’t understand why people choose to believe the lies even though the have witnessed differently. Look for me I always question when a person says something negative about someone there is always something behind it trust me. A messenger always has a motive that’s why it’s best to keep your eyes and ears open. What a person says about someone else actually says a lot about them. 

Majority of the time the lessons learned doesn’t feel great at the time but the purpose of it in the end does. Jesus Christ was betrayed and I can’t hold a candle to him. I do asked God to continue to protect me but to help me to  not shut out the wrong people. We are not meant to be alone Jesus wasn’t. Every person that cross our paths is for a reason we just have to wait and find out why. Also every move that we make has a purpose as well God many times allows us to witness situations to test us about what will we do. I’m thankful for the person who informed me of the situation even though it hurts I’m glad that I found out the truth.

Skin Deep

My brother my brother seriously

Some of you claim to care

About what’s happening

Within our black community

Yet some are you guys insults

Are never ending

Everyone of us are free to love

Who we choose and it has

Nothing to do with any of you

The only thing that any of us

Are obligated to do

Is pull and uplifted one another

In our community

Some of you guys needs to develop

More of an understanding

Be more loving

God has much to be

I am ready for what He has for me

Therefore I am not worry about

What other people think

Anyway negativity comes off

As a bunch of noise

So I will treat it as if

I have Van Gogh’s ear for music

Recently my mind and heart

Had an epiphany

It was as loud as an

Mozart No. 41 symphony

How can some of you claim

To say that you are madly in love

With a special loved one

But can not see others happy

Com’on now some of you guys views

On interracial dating went

Out in the 60’s

Get real

What exactly are some of your guys deal

You will not steal my joy

Black White Asian

We are all human

Can some of you black brothers

Explain to me how it is that

You say that appreciate a sister

For what’s on the inside

Yet you can’t get pass the outside

We are all the same underneath

Try looking beyond the skin color

How can we move forward

With this backwards thinking

Before you think that

I am a sister who is hurt or scorn

Let me stop you right there

I want what I want

By attacking me or others

Who dates like me

Show you don’t care clearly

No one can rain on my parade

Rattle my cage

Nor get me to change my mind

According to what you guys think

I’m throwing negative thinking back

Like a boomerang

Love was created to be learned

Then shared and cherished

With the one that we adore

Regardless of their color

I thought with all of the books

And advanced technology

That it would make people smarter

Have I held onto too much hope

Giving people so much of

The benefit of the doubt

As deep as space

That’s requires looking

Through a telescope

Judging me according to

My preference is not fair

I get asked questions

Like a questionnaire

Millions like a millionaire

Some brothers say that

They have all the answers

And not one of them can

Stop a person from being single

I want a white knight

That’s what’s right for me

Have him sing the lyrics

Of “Her” in my ear

By Majid Jordan

Going “I’m on the way

To finding out exactly

How to treat her right

Another day and I’ve been waiting

But I’ve been waiting

My whole life to find

Someone like her”

A woman longs to

Not feel as if she’s invisible

Much how some brothers

Treat us sisters

Women get  tired of hearing

Words of hate

Thinking that we have to accept it

Is a huge mistake

Mistreatment is becoming too familiar

It’s something that isn’t deserved

A woman seeks one who

Will see her as a beautiful creation

One that embraces

All of her imperfections

Without any objections

One who is attentive

Has an ear that hears

Her words and receive

Them as part of

Understanding communication

Mere venting and not calling

It meaningless ranting

See the truest love

Is one that’s beyond

Skin color and what any

Human eyes can see

Know that what will be will be




Staying On Track

Staying on track it seemed like it was a major task all of this week there were situations that have come along to make me question what I am doing. Well I refuse to do that. What is meant for a person to do not everyone will understand as long as you do that’s all that matters. I enjoy blogging it’s not a hobby to me if it can inspire or help one person that is a success to me.As it’s said one will never know what being good hearted is until one does something without looking for anything in return. My dream isn’t to make it to Hollyweird way too old for that however I am old enough for the dream to do God’s Will.

You ever look at a track how it may bend but it’s still the same track. Situations may come along and try to throw you a curve however it’s okay. Nothing can stop for me from the things that I have have started to do. Have you seen an oak acorn? Look at how big an oak tree gets. Whatever it is that God has for me I will have and do what I must to get it. If I have to give myself the same pep talk over and over I will as well as scriptures. Two scriptures were placed on my heart strongly.

Matthew 6:33

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Philippians 4: 6-7

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.