The Covenant Keeper

Bone of my bones
Flesh of my flesh
She will be called Woman
For she was taken out of Man
This man and woman are
Two who will become one
So they are no longer
Are two but one
This was Jesus exact quote
Don’t believe it
Go read the Bible
Anyone who considers themselves
To be of God
Who speaks against this
Isn’t a true Christian
Yeah I said it
If the shoe fits
Wear it
Stop trying to break
God’s Covenant Promise
Or there will be consequences
Like God’s vengeance
It’s best to
Respect other people’s marriages
Even if you don’t like
The person who
Your family member
Is married to
Mind your business
Not doing so is dangerous
God took one rib from Adam
Not a slab
To make just Eve
Not Sarah, April, and Jane
Besides his rib cage was
Needed to protect his
Vital organs especially
His heart so
It could beat for his
God given wife
Holy Matrimony
Is what God intended
There is something
About people being the
Husband and Wife
That God has called them to be
It’s about dying to self
Letting go of selfishness
Stepping outside of
One’s comfort zone
Being a loving husband and wife
Who always desires to
Treat one another right
Always speaking well of one’s spouse
Being truthful
Spending alone time together
Being gentle
Showing your spouse that
You are grateful to have them
How you complete each other
And how it makes
You better because of it
You are one another’s strengthen
Never let them forget
Making them feel like
They matter
And not treating them
Like they are a habit
Regardless of the number
Of years that you two
Have been married
It’s a full commitment until death
A wife should be
A husband’s satisfaction
And a safe place
Be her husband’s release
Not a barrier
A husband should be attentive
All his wife’s concerns
He must understand
Every day he is constantly
Learning each and every one
After all God
Gave him the position
To be the head
Of the household
It’s God’s Way
We must respect it
He knows what is best
There will be times
When trouble may happen
It may be one of
The biggest test
That anyone could ever imagine
Suddenly it feels like
Your world came crashing down
Remember your vows
You can’t stop now
If one person falls
Be strong
Don’t fall too
God has greater
For you two
Every obstacle in
Life is a lesson
And a blessing
To help us to be
A light and a testimony
For others
To show the world
That in spite
Of our circumstances
God is still God
All by Himself
There is no need
For anything else
When all else fails
God will always be there
So many times
Situations have proven
That God’s power is real
Make your spouse
A priority
By doing this
It’s making the marriage
A priority
No matter the battle
Even if things are
Going amazing
Don’t ever stop fighting
To keep what makes
You both so happy


So the other day I was watching a reaction video for Type O Negative. The young lady spoke of how she had not seen masculinity like Peter Steele ever! I was thinking to myself, “What kind of men has she seen?” Not just her, I have seen other comments too. One video by Type O Negative called “Love You to Death a person assumed that Peter had self-esteem issues because of his lyrics. In the song “Love You to Death, Pete asked, “Am I good enough for you?”

First off, Peter Steele could have had any woman that he wanted. Peter Steele was a different kind of man. When I think of the lyrics asking, “Am I good enough for you?”Perhaps he understood a woman’s worth!!! Which is something that certain men could be less about if at all?

I feel that today’s world is so sad. Masculinity to me isn’t about a man’s physique; it’s about a man standing up in his manhood without fear. A strong man makes responsible decisions and knows how to make a woman feel safe. All women want to feel safe.

Once an honest opinion is verbalized, it seems like the whole world comes to an end. As a black woman, I feel that being dishonest is doing a disservice to those who need to hear the truth. I’m not going to lie about what some black men should be doing. We have been taking on many things for far too long only to be told that we have attitudes, harsh, and not feminine. I would love to be carefree like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, I can’t.

Young ladies of this generation needs to see more men like Peter Steele and not feel that they are extinct!!!


It is 2016 and it’s time to take accountability for our own actions. This goes out to my fellow black sisters let’s stop being competitive. We are different shades that doesn’t matter at the end of the day we check off the same box on a job application and that’s for the black race. I’d like to think of all of us as flowers unique but all very beautiful. Today is a new day black women are more educated and career driven with brand new visions that are on the horizon. Stop with the stereotypes many of us don’t watch Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives,  Empire, Scandal etc. I  prefer flesh eating zombies Walking Dead baby! So let’s stop with the division and let’s lift one another up. If treating another person wrong makes you feel good then what’s wrong with you. Come on we have to do better.

Really not caring what people think of me when I say that we have to stop living in the past unless your intent is to make things better otherwise doing so is just useless.  What are doing in the black community?  Why are we still hung up on the complexion? What is wrong? We have sisters walking around hating the skin that they are in. Who’s responsible for this? When are we going to be responsible for our own actions?  All black women are gorgeous our lips,  our noses, our foreheads, our hair texture and our sexy curves the same things that our very mothers own as well. It’s time for us stop this nonsense seriously something has got to give.

Men Have Feelings Too

One thing that I am instilled

Into my sons minds early

It’s healthy to say how you feel

Whether it’s sad,mad,or glad

It’s doesn’t make a man less than

A man because he’s in touch

With his feelings

Keeping feelings bottled up

Is not good at all

Women and men are both human

We require the same things to live

Food, water, air, love etc

The problem is when men

Were boys they were taught

That their feels were to be surpressed

They’re told all during their boyhood

Not to cry but to be a man

But once we are women

We expect them to express

What they can’t

It makes no sense

It’s not the right way

If a man feels some type of

Way then he should say it.

Without any delay

We speak of maturity

And the way that men act

When in fact we helped to

Contribute to that

Men being numb and cold

Yet we want them to step into

The loving nuturing husband role

Allow boys to express their feelings

Early and what amazing

Men they will grow to be

The mentality of men

Who show emotions are wimps

Logic must be ripped away

Christ even weap if He can

Do it so can everyone else

We all need to get a clue

And admit the truth

Men have feelings too





We Deserve To Be Lifted Up

First off everyone knows that I enjoy inspiring and encouraging still we have to discuss what’s going on in the black community. The way black women are treated it’s a disgrace and there really isn’t any excuses for it. Too many people are pointing fingers and no one is taking ownership for what’s happening. Or coming up with solutions for the hate that’s going on. Black women are constantly being put down especially in music. I pray that God steps in and show us how to go about breaking this chain of hate. It’s heartbreaking. There are good black men saying positive things about black women but their voices are being drowned out. I just feel that the hateful black men are hurt little boys. Yes I said it. It needs to stop.

For Me To Cave

This is a sad thing to say

But there are people standing around

Waiting for me to cave

Crazy as may sound it’s okay

Because they will be

Waiting forever in a day

The moment something special

Happens in my life

Like a relationship

They delay to congratulate and

Wish for me to encounter heartbreak

What a disgrace

They will never see

No frown or tears on my face

They won’t see me crumble

If I have a slight stumble

I’ll carry it like the

Superbowl performance by Beyoncé

Keeping my balance

And dance stepping with grace

I don’t care what I go through

Or what comes my way

I am not a slave

To choices, disappointments or mistakes

Failure is a sign of trying

Therefore I’m doing great

I am brave

I will behave

I am in control like Janet

And I will not stray

From God’s protection

By acting with the hate

That some have towards me

I will have what’s destined to

Which isn’t by human being

But by God Almighty

So nothing bothers me

Not focused too much on what I’m getting

Eventually it’s going to happen

Just waiting to see

So in God I am trusting

My faith is like Superman Baby

Man of Steel

Ready for what the future reveals

Thankful for all of the eyes on

Call me 2Pac

Foes, friends and family

They can continue to watch

God said that He would

Prepare a table before my enemies

My strength will sustain

Negative things will not

Make it go away

Therefore I will not cave