Like a Sister

We see it on television or social media every day a person who was considered to be a sister who betrayed another in the worse way. Is there any true sisterhood anymore? Are there any loyal sisters today?

It’s all about the respect and the value that people choose to place on things like friendships, relationships, marriages, and yes sisterhood.

I saw a beautiful post and it’s so how I am. The post said ” I am a woman’s woman and a faithful friend. I won’t run off with your man. I won’t hate you because you’re beautiful. I’ll celebrate your success as my own. I’ll keep your secrets and listen to your rants. I choose my friends carefully and if I choose you, I’ll love you like a sister.

I don’t take pleasure in pulling other sisters down. No matter where I am in life through my highs and lows I am never stingy with a compliment. If a sister has lost weight, a new place, new hair-do I will tell her, that I am proud, that she’s beautiful. Never will I undermine a sister’s accomplishment she deserves her props. One thing I don’t do and that’s jock another sister’s style, I am a confident woman I don’t constantly need the spotlight.

This world is already wicked and filled with heartless hateful people. Being negative is easy to do, seeing the best in people can be hard if we focus on the bad things only. There is peace in positivity.

Being mean and fault finding all the time isn’t healthy it’s good to have awareness of the negative people and situations. However, it’s good to enjoy things as well as people that come along.

I choose to believe that there are still good people and that means sisters of every color. Flowers bloom together, they don’t compete because each has their own unique beauty. I’m keeping faith about true sisterhood. It exists.

Spiritual Maturity

I will not and do not pretend that  I have it all together; however, I will say that I am a woman who has learned from her mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes that  I have done in the past is allowing my emotions to control me. Too many times we live off of our feelings when we live from off of our feelings, we don’t make wise choices. Spiritual maturity is knowing how to manage our emotions and not allowing them to control us. It’s good to have feelings they help us to be able to relate to others we can empathize and have compassion, but we can’t allow our feelings to lead us the wrong way. There can be no spiritual growth as long as we follow our feelings; we have to know what feels wrong but choose to do what is right.

The enemy mission is to kill, steal, and destroy the one thing he wants the most is to kill our faith; he tries to do this during times of trouble. How we respond to the enemy attacks is to not act like him but act like Christ. I speak about marriage a whole lot; it’s a covenant that was created by God; marriage is one of the best examples of commitment. Marriage is a beautiful thing, especially when it has God as the foundation. So many marriages end in divorce because people go into it with unrealistic ideas of what marriage is. A word of advice if you are standing in front of the pastor exchanging vows with the thought of if this doesn’t work then. Do Not Get Married!!! Divorce should not be an option if a marriage encounters problems. Unions have problems sometimes  I don’t care how great it is at times. The vows have for better or worse, let’s focused on both words because they are both critical. When people first get married, everything is new, but after a while, it will wear off commitment is suppose to step in, it takes a marriage to a deeper level which is more substantial.

I want a husband that is committed to me once the excitement and newness wear off. I want a husband who loves Christ more than I do, is loyal, faithful, sincere, a leader, and is more stringent than the toughest times that we encounter. Commitment is strength and not giving up just because things don’t feel right anymore. An excellent marriage strength is in its commitment and not just feelings alone; it’s a sign of real victory!! Remember a marriage will lose its newness like a brand new car but you will still keep the car, right? Total commitment is staying committed to the very end.

I’ve come along way, and  I have been through a lot, but I thank God for all of it. Every day I commit to putting on love, kindness, and patience regardless of the situation or how I feel. People have disappointed me, betrayed me, let me down, and hurt me even after  I have been helpful to them. I feel sorry for people who are always angry; it’s a sign that they are operating off of emotions alone, and that is never good. Regardless of how people treat me, I am still going to do things on purpose like loving those who have hurt me and pray for them. Hurt people hurt others healed people heal others; I am whole!! I am always counting the cost of every move that  I make, and I am walking in love too. Thankful so much for becoming strong spiritually off of the Word of God.

Colossians 3:14

And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.


I’m pretty sure that I am not the only person who feels this way but we all know that when we have a problem it seems bigger than everyone else’s. Many times I ask Christ for forgiveness about feelings that I feel when certain situations arises. Here’s the thing we as Christians know how hard it is once we decide to come to Christ especially when we tell our family and friends. One thing that I always say is a person can want to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and or blood pressure those things will get a round of applause but if a person says that they want to live for Christ it’s questioned. People want to bring up your past or want to feel like you really aren’t real about it.  Growing up all the way up until now I have had my guard up. I always worry about a person betraying me because they can’t accept who I am. So they will attempt to get close to see what they can find out. Is Tameeka really a Christian? What sins are Tameeka struggling with? Is Tameeka really as friendly as she seems? The most disturbing part is betrayal never comes from strangers. Enemies most times are family we aren’t speaking to or former friends. They know the most that is why betrayal hurts the most.

Recently I was betrayed by a person whom I thought was a great person sadly I found out otherwise. It hurt me to the core. What I am about to say may seem crazy but I am glad that the experience happened. For two reasons it helped me to become stronger and it helped me to have faith in good people. A good person came forward and told me about what this person did so that showed me that they are good person who stand for what’s right. I noticed that  I wasn’t hearing from people like I normally did. I thought that they were just busy it turned out that it was because of this person.At the time I was overflowing with emotions and questions. Like why did this person do this to me. What did I do for them to betray me the way that they did? What exactly did this person say? Why did these people believe this person? I felt so anger because I was so loyal and this person rewarded me by betraying me. Now understand this person turned people whom I have known for years against me. I have no idea what was said but I do know that this person is responsible for people not talking to me. This person’s betray felt like a crime of passion with all the backstabbing that they did. They are angry with me for some reason not sure as to why but I do know that God is a excellent defense attorney and will deal with this person. Still I never get angry with the person who lies on me must times I know why but I don’t understand why people choose to believe the lies even though the have witnessed differently. Look for me I always question when a person says something negative about someone there is always something behind it trust me. A messenger always has a motive that’s why it’s best to keep your eyes and ears open. What a person says about someone else actually says a lot about them. 

Majority of the time the lessons learned doesn’t feel great at the time but the purpose of it in the end does. Jesus Christ was betrayed and I can’t hold a candle to him. I do asked God to continue to protect me but to help me to  not shut out the wrong people. We are not meant to be alone Jesus wasn’t. Every person that cross our paths is for a reason we just have to wait and find out why. Also every move that we make has a purpose as well God many times allows us to witness situations to test us about what will we do. I’m thankful for the person who informed me of the situation even though it hurts I’m glad that I found out the truth.

How Far Are You Willing To Go?

When I think of love

So many things comes to my mind

A gentleman and a lady

Who are in real love, true love

Together pushing against the odds

Like a sail in the wind or a kite

Fighting to keep their love strong

They are ready to do anything

Knowing that they were meant to be

When they argue there are no ego

They have in mind if they separate

They both lose so its never about

Winning unless it’s together

There’s no team in I but in us

The real test in love

Is how far are you willing to go

When I say you it means both people

Involved doing their part

To keep what they have

It takes a person working on

Themselves individually

So they do mess up

So how far are you willing to go

To show your other half

How much that you love them

Do you have a limit

Do you care more about what outsiders

Think about your relationship

Do you love the person for

Who they are

Or it for what they do or what they have

Are there motives involved

What happens when they cannot

Do what they use to

Would that be the end for you

What happens when they age

Or they get sick

Will you stick

Will your love be the same

Or will it fade

Can you answer these

Questions honestly and openly

If your answers to these questions

Support keeping your relationship

Then you have answered my

Question of

How far you are willing to go




We Deserve To Be Lifted Up

First off everyone knows that I enjoy inspiring and encouraging still we have to discuss what’s going on in the black community. The way black women are treated it’s a disgrace and there really isn’t any excuses for it. Too many people are pointing fingers and no one is taking ownership for what’s happening. Or coming up with solutions for the hate that’s going on. Black women are constantly being put down especially in music. I pray that God steps in and show us how to go about breaking this chain of hate. It’s heartbreaking. There are good black men saying positive things about black women but their voices are being drowned out. I just feel that the hateful black men are hurt little boys. Yes I said it. It needs to stop.

For Me To Cave

This is a sad thing to say

But there are people standing around

Waiting for me to cave

Crazy as may sound it’s okay

Because they will be

Waiting forever in a day

The moment something special

Happens in my life

Like a relationship

They delay to congratulate and

Wish for me to encounter heartbreak

What a disgrace

They will never see

No frown or tears on my face

They won’t see me crumble

If I have a slight stumble

I’ll carry it like the

Superbowl performance by Beyoncé

Keeping my balance

And dance stepping with grace

I don’t care what I go through

Or what comes my way

I am not a slave

To choices, disappointments or mistakes

Failure is a sign of trying

Therefore I’m doing great

I am brave

I will behave

I am in control like Janet

And I will not stray

From God’s protection

By acting with the hate

That some have towards me

I will have what’s destined to

Which isn’t by human being

But by God Almighty

So nothing bothers me

Not focused too much on what I’m getting

Eventually it’s going to happen

Just waiting to see

So in God I am trusting

My faith is like Superman Baby

Man of Steel

Ready for what the future reveals

Thankful for all of the eyes on

Call me 2Pac

Foes, friends and family

They can continue to watch

God said that He would

Prepare a table before my enemies

My strength will sustain

Negative things will not

Make it go away

Therefore I will not cave