Happy Birthday MLK

Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today is more than just a day off from work. I want to thank Dr. King for helping to make civil rights possible. I appreciate everything that  you have done and  I will never take it for granted. You fought to make your dream come true. Thank you for getting us to love one another in spite of our color.Yes we still have a longs to go because of people with their heart issues regardless I just want to thank you. I won’t complain instead  I will do my part to help enforce change in a positive way.

John 13:34 – A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Jesse Williams Speech


Jesse Williams received an humanitarian award from BET. A humanitarian is concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. As I have posted before I am not into award shows. The only reason why I know about the Jesse Williams speech is because all the attention that it has received both positive and negative. I for one enjoyed the speech the way he gave it was like spoken word. Everyone knows that I enjoy spoken word. 

What I am trying to understand is why are some people upset by it. I watched the ladies on the View stand point on it. I’m sure that Jesse intentions were good when he delivered his speech. I watched a person video and I found it to be hilarious. The person was like he’s a good looking guy with a white mother and a black father as well as married a black woman. I’m like oh my gosh. With people always pointing out the wrong things how can the things that matter get right. It doesn’t matter about his background he cares about people. Also I didn’t like it very much when people slammed Justin Timberlake behind his statement. Sometimes it disappoints because I realize that we as a country have a very long ways to go. It sometimes takes saying things that people don’t want to hear to get things on the right track. 

I have never been a person who doesn’t like to hear what people have to say. Everyone is entitled to they own opinions we can all agree to disagree and leave at that. As I always say nobody knows everything by everyone has something that we can learn from if we are willing to learn. What I enjoy about the View is everyone has their own views on the Jesse Williams speech and they respect one another.


How Dare You?

Good Morning. Happy Saturday to All

I experienced a rather interesting week one that I will forever will remember as long as I live. This week’s homework assignment touched me as someone who is black, a woman and a Christian. As I have talked a little bit about on an earlier post there was a speech that we had to read and we had to explain which impacted us more about the speech reading it or seeing it. The name of the speech is called Ain’t I a Woman by Sojourner Truth’s it was given at a women Convention in 1851. She spoke of the inequalities of blacks and women. What I loved the most about the speech is how she made biblical references that really hit home for me. Even though I am black and a woman I am a Christian first. Nowadays people like to make a mockery about Christianity let me tell everyone something this woman showed strength and bravery during a time when it could have placed her life in danger. But her love for Christ made her fearless and it touched me in a mighty way. This speech put me more on fire for Christ more than ever.

The speech also got me stirred up about another thing that I talk about quite often and that’s how black women are disrespected by Some black men. I never feel that it’s okay for a black man to bash a black woman or a black woman to bash a black man. I could go on for hours on in about this subject however I find it comical the way that Some black men bash black women. Let me get this right a black man came from a black woman majority of the time witnessed first hand what his very own mother went through. Yet disrespect black women who are encountering the exact same thing? I highly doubt that God intended for it to be that way. In fact a man is suppose to be the head of the family and the woman was suppose oversee the household being the rib of her hubby. Some of these men can’t possibly feel that women don’t have frustration from the hand that was dealt and expect them to smile about it even though we do just don’t forget what’s behind our smiles. Absolutely cannot stand when a person says for a woman to pick better as if they knew that the man would waste their time. Most of the time we never know a person intentions until it’s too late. Some people are good as wearing a mask until they get what they want. The last time I checked no woman wants to be a single mother it’s a hard task.Look black women have to be strong and hold on no matter how much we get kicked around. Our strength is what keeps us going so Some of you black men don’t get intimidated understand us and respect us.

The last thing that peaked my interest was Cicely Tyson interpretation of the speech she’s 91 years old so we all can imagine what she has seen in her lifetime. I wrote a post about her in class she inspired me so much. One of my classmates said that maybe because she’s a great actress is the reason why she was about to bring the speech to life. I told them no that’s what she’s experienced in 91 years of life she definitely knows a lot the reinterpretation only sparked something inside. It made me feel proud to wear my life lessons like strips on a military jacket. I am indeed a Christian black woman and very honoured by that fact too.