I Won’t Give Up On Love.

Although life dealt me with what
Some may consider to be an
Unlucky hand
I haven’t given up on one of the
Things that
I desire the most and that’s love
I long to feel complete
With the love who embraces who I am
Unique yet difficult at the same
Time who I would
Give my all for
Even if it makes me feel uncomfortable
It’s necessary
In order to grow
Love is feeling vulnerable
I am willing to step out of my
Comfort zone as long as the feelings
Are mutual
I desire a king because I am a queen
A queen longs to take care of her
In ways that all the money in the
Money cannot buy
I want to be the one that he can
Talk to
About whatever it is that’s on his
Mind his desires, his fears always
Backing him in his dreams big
Or small
Never allowing doubt to shadow his
God-given potential and no matter
What I will always remain loyal,
Faithful and true blue
Most men and women were hurt
They have wounds and scars from pain
Even when they move on the hurt
Vowing never to allow themselves to
Trust or love again
But they cannot give up on love
On being united with their
Kings and queens
Join together can you say
Love royalty
Like Meghan and Prince Harry
No one should take love lightly
Or for granted
Love sometimes is treated as a
Bad habit
Some people give love a bad name
Which is something that it doesn’t
It’s something that
Beautiful and pure
Still, people can make a U-turn it
Doesn’t matter about
Life throwing them
A curveball if they wait and
Be Patient
Their love problem will be solved
Love can make the coldest heart warm
When God made man in His image
He thought that a man
Should not be alone
So God made a woman
He intended for a
Woman to be a helpmate
She is to relieve some of his weight
She is to kiss her kings wounds
And forgive his mistakes
Never making him feel like less than
A champion
The greatest love comes from above
With God as our navigator
He will guide us towards things
That are greater that includes
The mate that He has for us
All we have to do is trust
Therefore I won’t give up on love

For the Time That We Are Here

Lit a candle in remembrance
Of all the people
Who passed away
Someone’s best friend
Someone’s wife or husband
Someone’s brother, sister, or cousin
Someone who was held near and dear
The pain of loss
Can put anybody into tears
And then here comes the fears
The realization
Of how short life is
Becomes painfully clear
Some people prepare
By having a relationship with Jesus Christ
Some people prepare
By getting life insurance
Some people prepare
In others ways
And all of these things are great
Regardless of what people
Do as ways to prepare
What do we do
For the time that
We are still here
Life is precious
It should not be spent
Wasting time
On hate
On grudges
On fear
We should live
A life that is filled with love
A life with a heart of forgiveness
A life that is lived fearless
Forgetting about the things
That we cannot fix
It shouldn’t have to take
The passing of someone special
To realize this
We should live life
Appreciating the people
Today before they go away
There are not many
Opportunities for second chances
So when they present
Themselves grab them
All while enjoying the lives
That we are blessed with
Because it’s a gift

Valuable Lesson

There are so many things that I have learned over the years some of the things were hard lessons. Although it’s said that experience is the best teacher in some cases I would like to elect not to take the lesson.

The job where I worked in the 90s had a lot of great people. I enjoyed going to work just to see them. My friend and I met one another at this job. We became great friends instantly. She was a big help to me when my mother past away in 1997 with her support. At my mother’s funeral I can’t tell you the number of people who promised to have mine and my sisters’ backs. I can tell you the number that kept their promises, it was about five people perhaps. My mother’s funeral was packed with people too. When tough times hits you find out who your true friends are. I didn’t need money I needed a listening ear and she was there. I had a lot of responsibility on me at the time.

Recently, I reconnected with my best friend. About ten years ago I saw her while I was at work and we talked for a few months sadly we lost contact. To be honest I was going out with a guy was extremely jealous and selfish. Thankfully I broke up with him it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.

It’s important when people are in relationships or marriages to make sure that the person is happy but not at the expense of losing friendships and family. It’s a big red flag when a companion wants you all to themselves. So run for the hills.

Anywho, my friend was on my mind and so I looked for her on social media. I could not find my friend anywhere on social media. She doesn’t have any social media at all. While I was searching for her I found out that some of the people my friend and I worked with passed away. It really hurt me too. Especially when I found out that her mother passed away during the time that we had lost contact. I was devastated, it’s a feeling that I don’t want to know ever again.

It’s so important to stay connected to the people who we care about. Money can always be earned back but time once it’s gone that’s it. The most valuable lesson that I learned is to never lose contact with great friends. I promised my friend that I would not lose contact with her ever again. Great friends are hard to find. They are like precious diamonds. We should hold our friends tight and never let them go. I know that’s what I am going to be doing from now on.

That Special One

Ben Okri once said,” The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, that everything good or bad molds us into our unique selves. Love is one of the most beautiful things that we all want at one point in our lives. There are some people who lie and front about love, those kinds of people are fools.

One of my guy friends said something that was absolutely profound. I have to be totally honest I learned a heck of a lot from him. Anywho he said,” that every man wants that one special woman”. This friend also told me, “that a man knows when he first meets a woman what his intentions are”. We have seen memes that have said that it doesn’t matter what you do for a man you can be the best cook, great career, beautiful face, body but the heart wants what the heart wants. A woman cannot keep a man that does not want to be kept. So many times we get on people about their lack of commitment but being in a loveless relationship is dangerous. Being honest and upfront with a love interest is always best. Let a person know what you want and if they don’t want the same set them free. If you don’t see a person in your future, set them free. It’s unfair to rob a person of their time because life is so short.

Prince Harry has had his share of girlfriends whom he dated from two years up to seven. He said that when he saw Meghan he knew that she was the one. Meghan is American, divorced, three years older than Prince Harry and the special one for him. Everything that has ever occurred in Meghan’s life molded into her unique self and made her fit for a prince. In less than two years Meghan is Harry’s wife, it doesn’t take years for a man to marry a woman.

There has been so much speculation about the reasons why Prince Harry called his ex just days before his wedding. It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on. In my opinion, I think that what he did was smart. There is nothing worse than a scorned ex that brings up ancient history fixed the way they recollect aka selective memories. Like Bedrock twist, twist!!!

Breakups are always hard but it’s best to iron out anything kinds of misunderstandings in order to find a common understanding which is that Prince Harry has moved on.

I have always talked about the relationship of Rick and Michonne, yes it’s tv but I want a love like that! Look beyond Rick and Michonne’s skin color because real love runs deep. Michonne knows the right time to give a suggestion and to get Rick to look at things differently. Michonne also stands behinds Rick’s decision even if she doesn’t always agree with it. The most important thing about Rick and Michonne is that they have one another’s backs. They both have encountered tragedies and in the end, found something beautiful which is their love.
True love is like something off of tv. Yeah, I said. With the way that modern day society is set up being faithful is like make-believe or a fairy tale. As we all know that true love isn’t a fairy tale just look at His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex. True love is worth fighting for. Everyone deserves their special someone.

Our Blessings Blueprint

Just like building a house or building they require a blueprint so does our blessings. There are steps that we have to follow. A cake can’t be made with just a box of cake mix alone there are steps to follow in order to make it. Number one don’t talk about your blessings while your blessings are in process. Sometimes we can spoil our blessings by talking about them too soon. Or better yet we could give our blessings away by sharing our ideas. Each step works hand and hand to help our blessings to come to pass.

I pray that we all encounter our blessings that God has for us!

My Love

How can something

That seems so simple

Become so difficult

I love you

And I know this much

Can’t stop thinking about you

Can’t stop wondering about you

Can’t sleep

Constantly staying awake

Like I have drank gallons of coffee

You mean so much me

I don’t care about being vulnerable

Or who knows

You are my love

And I love you so

You just don’t know

What this is doing to me

It’s a good feeling

But it also gets me in touch

With other feelings

That aren’t me usually

Like jealousy

I can’t stand the thought

That someone could replace me

So when it comes to you

Even my self confidence

Is threaten

Not going to sit here

And act like I ain’t sweating you

Cause that isn’t true

When you love someone

That’s what you do

I stay loyal

Faithful and true

There is nothing

That I won’t do for you

I know that this has

To be real what I feel

Because I have no fear

Of telling you

Or telling every man, woman, boy, girl

At the same time fear losing you

You are a huge part of my world

You’re my vanilla

I’m your chocolate

Loving this swirl

Let’s close our eyes

And give this thing a whirl

You are the only one

I’ve wanted for a very long time

I have been praying to God above

For Him to give me you

My love




Every Once In Awhile

You cross my mind

Every once in awhile

I wonder how you are

Hoping that all is well

After all this time

The feelings still feel new

There’s no shaking you

It’s no use

Or any substitute

Beside I don’t want to

For it’s what I choose

Like a natural piece

Of uncut diamonds

You are one of a kind

Not a knock off

Or a fake wanna be

You speak your mind freely

Not wanting to be in a relationship

But I would love to

Have the chance to show

You why I feel that

You are worth it

And it has nothing to do with sex

Yeap you crossed my mind

A couple times today

It made me smile

Yeap that happens

Every once in awhile


You Will Forever Mean So Much Me

I just don’t understand

How can the love that once was

Be the last thing that is thought of

Some people may call me a fool

And a sucker too

But I will always love you

I love hard so I can’t

Just turn my love off

Like a light switch

Or just forget about it

As if it never existed

When I love I mean it

My love runs deep

Like a beautiful blue sea

Or like space that’s never ending

You will forever mean so much to me

I don’t wish you bad luck

Or hate you ever

My only wish is that

We had spent more time together

However some is better than none

Everything happens for a reason

Sadly we were only

Meant for a short season

It’s okay

We will understand why someday

The love that we had was strong

I still miss you everyday

Won’t erase or get rid of

Anything that reminds me of us

Poems, music, videos

Pictures, old morning hot texts and gifts

The distance made things hard

I couldn’t stand it

So I ended it

It’s hard to let go

I will admit it

The woman that I am

So devoted

True love doesn’t have an ego

I still love you so

You got me to open up like a rose

Feel the warmth of love

Like sun rays against my skin

Filled an empty void

That was in my broken heart

Every word that I say is true

I have move on

You don’t have to be with a person

To love them

Truly this I believe

Because I am experiencing the feeling

You will remain special for an eternity

From now until forever

Thoughts of you will always make me happy

You will forever mean so much to me