My Promise To You

I can’t tell you

What the future will bring

But I can tell you

This one thing

I love you

And I will always take really good care of you

This is my promise to you

No matter what you do

I mean this from my heart

Honest and true

Like a mama bear

You are my little cubs

I will not go anywhere

This I swear

You and your brother

Are the ones that I am always thinking of

Willing to give you two the

Love that you deserve

Everyday that I live

My love becomes greater

For you and your brother

Are a part of me

When I look into you guys eyes

I see me looking back

I promise to guide you

Through every storm

For every achievement

That is ever born

I will be there to cheer you on

I will always be strong

Never will I ever let you see

A tear that I cry

I don’t ever want you to

Worry or wonder why

You deserve the very best

And nothing less

So that means no stress

God gave you both to me

For that I am blessed truly

With all the joy that you two bring

To my heart

So I will do my part

By making this promise to you

I will always take great care of both of you

I give my word honest and true

My Boys

One of the things that

I am most proud of being

Is a mother

My two greatest creations

Were added to this nation

Wonderful young men

Growing up I

Came from a family of girls

So that’s what I wanted

But God always knows best

He blessed me with sons

They mean so much to me

I’m grateful to be their mommy

One is so funny

The other looks just like me

I could not have asked for more

Looking forward to sharing

Magical moments to look back on

We have many things to explore

Smiling faces, hugs, kisses and more

My two boys

Whom I truly adore