Like a Sister

We see it on television or social media every day a person who was considered to be a sister who betrayed another in the worse way. Is there any true sisterhood anymore? Are there any loyal sisters today?

It’s all about the respect and the value that people choose to place on things like friendships, relationships, marriages, and yes sisterhood.

I saw a beautiful post and it’s so how I am. The post said ” I am a woman’s woman and a faithful friend. I won’t run off with your man. I won’t hate you because you’re beautiful. I’ll celebrate your success as my own. I’ll keep your secrets and listen to your rants. I choose my friends carefully and if I choose you, I’ll love you like a sister.

I don’t take pleasure in pulling other sisters down. No matter where I am in life through my highs and lows I am never stingy with a compliment. If a sister has lost weight, a new place, new hair-do I will tell her, that I am proud, that she’s beautiful. Never will I undermine a sister’s accomplishment she deserves her props. One thing I don’t do and that’s jock another sister’s style, I am a confident woman I don’t constantly need the spotlight.

This world is already wicked and filled with heartless hateful people. Being negative is easy to do, seeing the best in people can be hard if we focus on the bad things only. There is peace in positivity.

Being mean and fault finding all the time isn’t healthy it’s good to have awareness of the negative people and situations. However, it’s good to enjoy things as well as people that come along.

I choose to believe that there are still good people and that means sisters of every color. Flowers bloom together, they don’t compete because each has their own unique beauty. I’m keeping faith about true sisterhood. It exists.


Sister Power

Having a sister

Is like having

A special bond

Like no other

Sister Sledge

Made their pledge

To being a family

Of amazing sisters

It’s a part I love

To take happily

I love my sisters

That’s right all three

Sometimes we may

Not always agree

Still they are mine

And that makes me happy

It’s a big deal

For that I am delighted

I love seeing sisters united

Like the Pointer Sisters

I’m so excited

I’m not saying  that

Having a brother is

A bad thing

I’m just saying

That sister power

Is like no other

It’s one of life’s

Greatest rewards

Like a sweet melody

By Mary Mary

The Clark Sisters

Have been showing

Their sister power

For years

Sisters bonds are dear

It’s so clear

There’s nothing like

Sister Power