What’s Tameeka Listening to?

Yes! This is my first what’s Tameeka listening to post for 2018. The year was 1993 when I was up late watching headbangers ball when I saw Type O Negative Christian Woman video. I fell completely in love with Peter Steele’s voice and his looks. There’s no female fan of Type O Negative who doesn’t feel like I do.

Today is Peter Steele’s birthday he was the leader singer, composer and bassist of Type O Negative. I was so sad to hear about his passing on April 14,2010, he was a really talented guy. Type O Negative helped to make the 90’s music great. My favorite album by Type O Negative is called Bloody Kisses. The music of today can’t hold a candle to the music of the 90’s. Every genre of music of the 90’s was excellent that’s a fact.

Often I have wondered what my mom thought when she passed my bedroom hearing all the different kinds music. My mother was really an amazing lady she allowed me to be me completely and didn’t question my choices. My mother wanted me to be happy, heck she liked some of the metal songs that I listened to as well.

Peter Steele this post is for you. I wish that I could have watched you play live but it’s okay I’ll keep jamming to your music. There’s so many other things that you did that added to your sexiness but I’m just going to keep it classy. RIP.


Handsome Redhead Gentlemen

Today is national redhead day! Redheads makes up about 2% of the entire world population.Blondes gets a whole lot of love and redheads deserve love too. There are a lot of famous redhead gentlemen Prince Harry, Zack Ward, Seth Green, Shaun White and Axl Rose to name a few. Lots of redheads have freckles which are beautiful it’s like stars to a sky. Shout out to the redhead people! Enjoy your day!

Can Christians Be Sexy?

Sexy- sexually attractive or exciting

I am very inquisitive I believe there’s no such thing as a dumb question. If you don’t know ask it never hurts. Question: Are Christians allowed to be sexy? Some people think that being sexy is about the clothes that one wears that is just part of it I feel that sexy is being confident and tasteful at the same time. People have different opinions on certain words. For me I feel why not be sexy just don’t go overboard. It’s fine to be sexy for your husband what’s wrong with making sure that you are the apple of his eye. Doing things like staying fit and always looking close to how you did when you two first met. Ask a person that you trust whether or not if what you are wearing is appropriate. If it makes you feel uncomfortable then chances are it isn’t.

There was a picture floating around the internet pertaining to a lady who was standing in church if what she wore was appropriate for church. Now this is not what I  mean also in this situation I believe that she may was just coming to the faith perhaps it was all that she had. It’s never good to judge, a picture may can speak a thousand words but which one of them are true? Unless it comes straight from the horse’s mouth what you think holds no value really. Perhaps the very lovely Marilyn Monroe said it best “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to be a lady. Sexy is being confident and classy at the same time. Yes when we decide to become a Christian there are things that we are to no longer do that’s so true that includes our attitudes and choice of clothing too. When the holy spirit is within us he will definitely be our guide.  I think that God doesn’t mind us being proud of the temple that He gave to us. Just not too proud of course.

Promise Of A New Me

There are so many things that I got from my mother that I am proud of my writing skills, curvy body and unfortunately a struggle with weight. Growing up I was a thin kid but as I got into my teens and older the battle of my weight began. I’m 5’7 so the ideal weight is between 129 pounds to 145 pounds. My weight would yo yo between 190 pounds to 210 pounds but once I had my boys my weight toppled to a whopping 289.  I tried everything that I could all the fad diets I would lose a few pounds and gain it all back and then some. My highest weight was 320 pounds. The emergency room was like my second home having constant headaches and chest pains. Finally on one of my visits to the emergency room a doctor that became acquainted with me sat me down and started to press on my leg he goes “Do you see that?” “That’s fluid it’s around your heart too.” “Stop eating!”


I was so fed up with my weight. When there were parent teacher conferences I would always pick times when it was really early or really late I didn’t want to be an embarrassment to my kids let’s face it children can be cruel. The boys had enough on their plates they didn’t need me to be one of them as well. So I just made up my mind that I was going to do something about my weight. I started with Weight Watchers and Slim Fast bars along with walking daily. Before I knew it I was down 60 to 80 pounds so I let go of Weight Watchers and the Slim Fast bars. I watched what I eat and walked. With God behind me to help with my will power I went from 320 pounds to 154 pounds. Everyday is a struggle I love food and I eat when stressed. But I just keep fighting.