Live Unapologetic

Time and time again
I find myself talking
About things that
Really should not
Have to be explained
However I find myself
Doing it anyway
Why is it
When it comes to black women
Wanting to live well
It becomes an issue
There should absolutely
Be no excuse
To blatantly try to devalue
Black women because
They want more
Women who don’t
Want the dead-end constant drama
Of a hood love romance
It has no positive ways out
Majority of the time
It’s not a comedy TV show
Life in the hood
Aren’t good times
There’s nothing good about it
Black women needs to know
That’s it’s okay
To rise above the madness
It’s okay to level up
Life should not always be
All Mary J. Blige
Or Erykah Badu
Jammin to R & B tunes
All while we are memorized
About being on
Emotional roller coasters
That make us want to be soldiers
Of a war that we will fight alone
As single mothers to
To deadbeat fathers
It’s a war that we can’t win
We have to stop foolin ourselves
There comes a time to
Be all EnVogue
And free our minds
Get out the matrix
Of hood life
Neo nor Morpheus
Are nowhere in sight
There’s more to life
Than just getting by to survive
It’s okay to thrive
Who wants the hustle and bustle
To heck with the struggle
It’s okay to want to escape
To live life a better way
If it’s done right a way
It’s possible to be unscaved
Who wants to contribute
To a life of poverty
To be apart of the community
With a legacy
Of broken homes
It’s time to change
What is viewed as the norm
Who wants to be a poster child
Of making the most
Of a bad situation
Making ourselves numb
To pain
That kind of life
Doesn’t produce
Anything that’s satisfactory
Think of the possibilities
Of living differently
Without being made to feel guilty
It’s time to be set free
Start on a new path
To seek a different
Kind of intimacy
Embracing the struggle
Is more like slavery
We should never settle
We are special
It’s a good thing
To aim high
To dream big
To live well
To love ourselves
To want to be loved right
There’s nothing wrong
With not wanting to live
A life of agony
Living a life of despair
Is so unfair
No one deserves that
It’s burdensome
We are under no obligation
So make freedom
Be something
That becomes contagious
Live life unapologetic
And don’t look back

Keeping It Real

I have heard some people say that it isn’t being fake if you deal with a person that you don’t like. To me it is being fake and ┬áthere should be an age limit on being fake. Being an adult is understanding that not everyone is going to like us and that’s okay. As long as God loves us it’s all good.

It’s Time To Swirl

As I have shared before there is a lady that I follow on YouTube her name is Christelyn Karazin, she’s is incredibly awesome. Anyway she has just uploaded a video called I would never date a black woman. It’s a response video pertaining a video that circulating with black women who are upset about the black men who say that they would not date them. This is why I promote interracial dating. No one can make a person love them and no one should force themselves on anyone. Love is an energy it can’t be forced or faked. There will be a podcast made for this post. This is absolutely too good to pass up. At the end of the day I pray that everyone of every race experience love and that includes my black brothers.

Myths About Black Women and Interracial Dating

There is a lady who’s book that I read on my Kindle her name is Christelyn Karazin the book is called Swirling. I follow her blog and her on Youtube as well. Anyway she had a fascinating video recently where a man had his theory on why black women dated white men. His theory was quite laughable to be honest. He claimed that black women are into thugs and that once they where done being used they would go and seek a white man. What I can’t understand is why everyone can accept the gay lifestyle but come up with ways to belittle black women that date outside of their race. As far as I am concerned everyone has there reasons as to why they dated outside of their race however one thing is clear it’s our choice.

I grew up without my father in the home, a neighborhood that was 70/30 black and white, mostly black schools, yet my first love was a white man not black. I am not a scorn black female just like many black women aren’t as well. So all of the hateful theories people can keep them it’s not their lives. The world would be such a beautiful place if people were nicer and wished others well. Different circumstances brings different results are there people who get hurt by someone in their race and decide that they want to date out of their race sure. Still I know females who gave up on men altogether there’s no difference. Everyone has a right to make their own choices and we should be responsible believe or not we will have to answer for them later. People can get hurt by anyone of any race just like people can be love by anyone of a different a race if it’s meant.

The Chains Must Be Broken

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t have a racist bone in my body and I have no self hate. At times it can be hard being me and being attracted to white men doesn’t help matters either. At times I get a whole lot of flack from my fellow brothers. It needs to be understood I don’t hate them as a matter of fact I love them in a Christian way. There is a chain that needs to be broken and it starts in the homes. When a family is broken it causes lots of damages for some that can’t be fixed. The blame game comes into to play attached with hate. Some of the black young girls become black women who wants love so much that she loses sight of her worth. Black boys grow up into black men who sometimes hate their mothers and they take it out on fellow black women. The chains must be broken it’s time to stop all the hate and turn negative into a positive. I came from a broken home but I allowed that to make me stronger. I don’t have a bad attitude I am simply aware of what I want and I go for it.

I find this video interesting: