For the Time That We Are Here

Lit a candle in remembrance
Of all the people
Who passed away
Someone’s best friend
Someone’s wife or husband
Someone’s brother, sister, or cousin
Someone who was held near and dear
The pain of loss
Can put anybody into tears
And then here comes the fears
The realization
Of how short life is
Becomes painfully clear
Some people prepare
By having a relationship with Jesus Christ
Some people prepare
By getting life insurance
Some people prepare
In others ways
And all of these things are great
Regardless of what people
Do as ways to prepare
What do we do
For the time that
We are still here
Life is precious
It should not be spent
Wasting time
On hate
On grudges
On fear
We should live
A life that is filled with love
A life with a heart of forgiveness
A life that is lived fearless
Forgetting about the things
That we cannot fix
It shouldn’t have to take
The passing of someone special
To realize this
We should live life
Appreciating the people
Today before they go away
There are not many
Opportunities for second chances
So when they present
Themselves grab them
All while enjoying the lives
That we are blessed with
Because it’s a gift

Like a Sister

We see it on television or social media every day a person who was considered to be a sister who betrayed another in the worse way. Is there any true sisterhood anymore? Are there any loyal sisters today?

It’s all about the respect and the value that people choose to place on things like friendships, relationships, marriages, and yes sisterhood.

I saw a beautiful post and it’s so how I am. The post said ” I am a woman’s woman and a faithful friend. I won’t run off with your man. I won’t hate you because you’re beautiful. I’ll celebrate your success as my own. I’ll keep your secrets and listen to your rants. I choose my friends carefully and if I choose you, I’ll love you like a sister.

I don’t take pleasure in pulling other sisters down. No matter where I am in life through my highs and lows I am never stingy with a compliment. If a sister has lost weight, a new place, new hair-do I will tell her, that I am proud, that she’s beautiful. Never will I undermine a sister’s accomplishment she deserves her props. One thing I don’t do and that’s jock another sister’s style, I am a confident woman I don’t constantly need the spotlight.

This world is already wicked and filled with heartless hateful people. Being negative is easy to do, seeing the best in people can be hard if we focus on the bad things only. There is peace in positivity.

Being mean and fault finding all the time isn’t healthy it’s good to have awareness of the negative people and situations. However, it’s good to enjoy things as well as people that come along.

I choose to believe that there are still good people and that means sisters of every color. Flowers bloom together, they don’t compete because each has their own unique beauty. I’m keeping faith about true sisterhood. It exists.

African Americans and Mental Illness

Between the internet and google there are a lot of social media psychiatrists and psychologists, applying mental disorders to people like sticky notes or bumper stickers. News flash!!! Psychiatrists go to college for years and still understand the importance of the DSM-5, which they must go by. Psychiatrists also use assessment tools, interviews, tests, and observation before diagnosing a person with a disorder. Psychiatrists understand the harm that can come from misdiagnosing and mislabeling people. It’s about matching a client’s syndrome to a disorder. Look internet doctors leave the job of diagnosing people to the professionals, after all they went to college for it.

We really have to be careful how we handle mental illnesses. People feel uncomfortable being honest about their battle with an mental illness. A lot of it has to do with the negative stereotypes associated with mental illnesses. Some people would rather suffer in silence instead of talking about their mental health.

The black community is very bad at not handling mental illness well. Years ago black people would spank children but mental illnesses can’t be beaten out of people. Some also believed in divine intervention, which is great however God also gave us common sense to go see a doctor. I believe that God uses people and guides doctors to help people as well. There are still a lot of people who needs to be educated not to be doctors but so they will know how to treat people. A person can have a disorder and still live a normal every day life without becoming unhinged.

Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology and I am almost finished! With God’s help I plan on getting a Master’s degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. Yaaaaaaay!!! It’s important to support people when it comes to mental illnesses because it’s their health. It’s about living well, with the right support and treatment it is possible.

Domestic Violence Forget What You Think You Know

I have been a huge fan of Johnny Depp every since he starred on the television show 21 Jump Street. He is quite an attractive man. Not too long ago I wrote a post about domestic violence. However Johnny Depp doesn’t come to mind it just goes to show we never know who could be an abuser. His wife has gotten a restraining order and has shared pictures of the bruises on her face. I admit that I’m a person who is inquisitive so I have many questions pertaining to this situation. How long has Johnny Depp been an abuser? He offered his wife money to be quiet about the abuse. How will the public receive this news? I know it’s his private life but it definitely gets us to raise our awareness. Will he be treated like Chris Brown? The public was outraged about his abuse against Rhianna could it be people were more upset about Rhianna being harm. All I know is it will be very interesting to see how things are over the next couple of weeks.

All jokes aside I can’t get Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory out of my head.What makes Johnny Depp go off? I know that he recently loss his mother. Now in no way am I making up excuses but I feel in order to change a situation we must understand it. When a person hit another person it’s just not good to stay. I’m praying for his wife, everyone who has been abuse and the abusers. It must stop. Prayers going up for all of the hurt people in the world. Abuse is never okay no matter if the person is famous, good looking, poor, rich, man or woman.


Carry It Gangsta

Goodfellas, Griselda Blanco and Al Capone

When a relationship is over

You’ve got to carry it gangsta

At some point in most of our lives

We will have a break up

Gone are the days

When marriages lasted a lifetime

I’m not saying don’t work

Things out if you can please do

However staying in a relationship

When you are unhappy

Makes no sense

When you have done all that you could

It’s best to let things go

Will it hurt

Of course

But why hold on

Most times when relationships

Comes to an end

There were signs that it was going to

Like more arguments

Less time spent together etc.

So don’t be scorn

Don’t be bitter

Especially if you once loved the person

Where did the hate come from

Anger only hurts the

One that’s angry

Healed people heals others

Just because something comes to an end

It doesn’t have to be

On a sour note

There are many things that ends

Books but you don’t stop reading them

Movies but you don’t stop watching them

It’s all about how you look at it

One doors closes

And another one opens

So when a relationship is over

Don’t hate or mope

The way to cope is to

Carry it gangsta