Eyes Wide Open

I’ve been so meaning to write about this for over a week now. I am not into celebrity news, but I have written about Ciara a couple of times. Ciara changed her choice of men and found her king. Yes. He is a king because he serves God almighty.

In the past, Ciara dated rappers Future and Slim Thug. Recently Slim Thug accused Ciara of marrying the Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson for financial stability. Which goes right back to my post from yesterday about how some black men waste good years on things that don’t matter. Slim Thug further went on to call Russell Wilson “corny.” To guys like Slim Thug being a Christian, a one woman’s man and responsible is corny. This proves what I have been saying all along about the shortage of quality black men.

Slim Thug also said that women who date bad boys couldn’t date good guys. How much sense does that make? Remember the saying about kissing toads until finding a prince, making wrong turns before making the right one or experience is the best teacher. We are not our past; some people refuse to allow people to be happy. Another thing what are bad boys about? So because they don’t want to change the women who date them doesn’t deserve better? Is he saying that bad guys aren’t about anything or that they can’t change? Many questions can come from what Slim Thug is saying, and they aren’t good ones. Words are like a boomerang when you throw them at others; they come back.

As we get older we realize what’s important and what’s not. Sadly some people never get it and they never mature. I love Ciara response to all of her haters and butt hurt exes:

Being cool isn’t having children all over the place that are not receiving hands-on parenting, sleeping around, or hanging out in the streets wasting time.

Some people don’t want to change for the better and get jealous of the people who do. These same people will attempt to instill fear into others or destroy their happiness. They have wasted so much time until they don’t have a enough to make up for what’s lost. Life is too short to be in struggle love or poverty. There is more to life, and it isn’t just heartbreak or paying for poor choices. When we learn from our mistakes, our growth is our reward, and we reap a harvest that is plentiful. The people who don’t want to learn this life lesson are just plain pitiful.

Writing What Matters to Me

I once heard a person say that “a writer writes something every day”. Hmmmm, I am not so sure about that. It’s quality over quantity always. When I first started my blogging journey I wrote like I was writing in a diary really, really relaxed. The subjects that I shared were always interesting but I had to become more aware of my grammar. Overall, I am proud of my blog. I wanted to do something that had lots of interesting things. Having mind blowing posts that sticks leaving a lasting impression. That’s what I am aiming for. I believe also that I should do things that makes me feel that I am being true to myself. If not, why should I blog at all?

Growing up I always loved writing especially poems. I have been writing poems every since I was a teenager. Blogging allows me to dive into others things that are important to me as well. As I have said there is only but so much that I can say on Facebook without someone not feeling what I am saying.

I will do whatever it takes to keep my blog going. Since I am so passionate about what I write I refuse to fold when it comes to my blog. The things that I talk about needs to be said I am not about saying things so that it goes over people’s heads. Nope, nope, and nope.

Being A Great Dad

Growing up in a broken home

Taught me that parenting

Should not be done alone

Indeed we have our heavenly Father

He also gives us rules to follow

That we all should honor

A mother is to nurture her children

Instill compassion in her children

Teach them brilliant cooking skills

A mother plants amazing feelings

Into her children so that they take root

A father gives his children advice

Teaches his children how to ride a bike

Teaches his children how to drive

How a man treats a lady

He leads by example

He’s his children protector whether

Or not he and the mother are together

A mother’s and a father’s love for

Their children should always be equal

Too many are trying to minimize

A father’s unique contributions

As if it means nothing at all

These kinds of attitudes are part

Of the black community’s problem

I know men who are good fathers

Who have had the worse life experiences

I’m talking horrendous

Yet they don’t use them as crutches

Are there petty mothers

Who for no good reasons stops

The children’s fathers from having

A relationship with their kids

Yes and those situations I don’t accept

But let’s be honest those kinds of

Situations are rare

How about the fathers who makes

The choice to neglect

Having a relationship with their children

Those kind of fathers

Don’t deserve any respect

Once  a person becomes a parent

A mission must be made to make sure

That their children have

The absolute best

A parent’s love should always be felt

Even when they aren’t present

Children should never ever feel

As if they never received enough love

There’s nothing that hurts worse

Then to feel rejected by

Your very own parent

Why should a child have to learn

How to become immune to hurt

It’s the same old tune

We are living in a society

With people who are self absorbed

Classic narcissistic behavior

Some of these fathers who aren’t good

Align themselves with

A bunch of yes men

Ones who agree with everything

Whether they are right or wrong

Bobble heads who are afraid

To stand up or challenge

Newsflash they are not true friends

Sick of some of these dead beat

Fathers crying about children support

When you didn’t do right on your own

So mothers had to turn

To the government for assistance

It’s your fault that you fathers

Have to pay it

Some of your fathers words

Ain’t worth nothing

Never consistent

No wonder why you have bad credit

Constantly trying to make

A mother feel bad for asking for help

Dude we didn’t make these

Children by ourselves

If you can’t be a good father

Do us all a favor

And get yourself fixed

So over these good for nothing fathers

Who’s always coming up with excuses

Like a student sitting in

The principal’s office

Offering a reason for skipping

How about this don’t just be a father

Be a dad

That’s called being a man

A sign of great parenting

Is not having children

Who becomes estranged from you

The moment they reach 18

All behind past things that happened

In which they are still hurting

Having a blessed relationship

With our children until we are old

Should be every parent’s

Ultimate goal








Politics Gets The Side Eye

Okay I have a confession to make politics annoys me. Politics divides good people and things can gets really ugly. Whether you are for Clinton or Trump who cares why does it have to get bad? Bottom line it’s our choice our vote is our voice. Why can’t people agree to disagree?


A Christian Man Is That You?

First off a Christian man should look nothing like a man of the world. He is destined to be the head of his family and thus behave that way before it happening. I know some are saying, “Hold up, Tameeka what exactly do you mean?” Well, I am going to explain what I mean a true man of God can do many things yet understands that he should Not do them all.

He has self-control is a counselor, prayer warrior, and encourager. He always wants to be the man that God has called him to be. He is aware that there are young men who are watching him. He doesn’t take his walk with Christ lightly and is mindful that he may be the only Bible that some people reads. He doesn’t makeup excuses for what he does or hides behind grace as a way to get away with things. He takes a tally of what he is doing and matches it to what God wants. He’s continuously evaluating himself he desires to be the best man of God that he possibly can be. He treats people like how he would like to be treated.

People will flock to him for advice, prayer, encouragement, and inspiration. He never takes advantage of people, especially women. He lets a woman know where she stands the word games is not a part of his vocabulary. When he sees a marriage that’s in trouble, he sees it as an opportunity to pray for the couple and doesn’t try to prey on the wife. He has boundaries in place so that there are no misunderstandings. He never wants a fellow brother to feel any hurt caused by him. He knows when he can help and when it’s God’s job. He is very responsible never plays fast and loose he doesn’t use a woman. He doesn’t put anyone down but lifts them. A man of the world and a man of God only has one thing in common when it comes to women. They both realize at the time of meeting a woman whether she has the potential of being his wife. In a Man of God relationship, he doesn’t go tic for tac he knows that a real man doesn’t behave like that. He gives his all in his relationship. He has left no backdoors open with any other woman he knows that he is better than that. A man of God understands that the right matches don’t have to be tested he trust that God is in it. If for some reason a relationship doesn’t work out, and he finds that the woman isn’t the right fit he lets her go so that she can find the right man of God to commit to. He doesn’t walk around angry with grudges or a heart of revenge he thanks God for every life lesson. His mission with God’s help is to leave a lasting impression of positivity on every person that he meets.

This is not bashing it’s giving a lot of  Men of God credit I know many this is a checklist. Are you all of these things, or is it merely a bucket list. A man of God is held with the highest regards if you can’t uphold it then lose the Christian label. The word  Christian should not be treat as a bumper sticker but more like a tattoo. Be an ambassador for Christ as a man; make sure that you do it right. How can a Christian man be a leader when he can’t get minor things together? If it’s too much of responsibility  back away until you are ready. One can not have one foot in the world and the other with Christ. Understand that things aren’t all about you and that your actions can effect someone else’s life. Walk right.

Ezekiel 22:30

I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one.

2 Samuel 10:17

Be strong, and let us show ourselves courageous for the sake of our people and the cities of our God; and may the LORD do what is good in His sight.




Knowing Our Role

I already know that this post will not go over well with people and I am fine with it. On Be Lifted the things that are thought about are talked about in a positive and encouraging way. Time may change but the Word of God never will. As I always say technology,  broken homes  and cowardly men has messed up people’s minds. Every Word that’s in the Bible are there for a reason. I have had people tell me that I should be a pastor and every time it comes up I say no. Speaking for myself I understand my role and I am fine with it. I respect God’s Word.

I once had a person talk to me about being a pastor and they referred to Christ telling Mary to tell the Disciples that He rose. Mary went to His tomb it could have been anyone at the time in my opinion. The Disciples missed Christ and were mourning Him. Christ told the Disciples to go and tell the world about Him. The Disciples were twelve men. That’s how I feel and it won’t change.

Society has things all messed up if God put the man as the head of the household it makes sense for the woman not be the head of a church. Everyone is not meant to do everything we must understand our position and play it well. Even though I am physically the head of my household because of reasons that I have no control over God has the ultimate say in my life as well as my household. I will not allow what society is doing along with what’s going on in my life to close my eyes to what is in the Bible.

What I am saying needs to be said look at America we have no boundaries almost every line has been crossed without any second thought. Everyone wants to adjust God’s Word. I know that I need work and God has worked on me He still is. We can not change for the better if we refuse to accept God’s Word. Again I am not a preacher or a teacher I am Tameeka. As the Rock says from WWE know your role and shut your mouth. The truth is only a hard pill to swallow when one is full of themselves so go on the diet of Truth. You will be healthy in no time. Let’s face the facts if our way are so much better then why is society so screwed up and why am I so tired of running my household? God’s thinking and ways are higher than ours.

Ephesians 5:22

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord.

1 Timothy 2:12

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.