What Is Most Important?

Everyone is different so everyone seek different things when it comes to a potential mate. What they seek separates us from who’s right for us and who’s not. I believe that there is somebody for everybody because God made it so. I was watching an interview pertaining to relationships and  people’s choices in a mate. It was quite interesting. To me nobody knows everything but everybody knows something that we can learn from. We just have to be open to learning. Anyway on with the story there was a lady speaking saying that she cares about what a man has to offer financially. She mentioned nothing else accept the man being really tall. I found that to be very disturbing though it shouldn’t have. Most people care about money men and women. My question is what happens when the person can not provide or they get sick. The world is filled with selfish people. Don’t get me wrong I want to live comfortable too. Comfortable for me are my bills being paid, a nice place to live it could be an apartment, townhouse etc it doesn’t have to be a mansion. You get where I’m  coming from and I mean what I am saying. Some people care about looks and that’s fine. It’s just isn’t good to care too much about things that don’t matter very much. They change over time eventually.

For me I want my Boaz to be smart, kind hearted, respectful, loyal a natural born leader someone I can trust. These things are actually pretty hard to find. I’m a leader but a woman is not suppose to lead it’s  a man place. Being a true leader is knowing how to be a great follower. Of course no leader will allow just anyone to lead them. It’s like giving a person a map that they can not read that’s definitely setting yourself up for failure. You’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere fast. I love Courage the Cowardly Dog but nowhere doesn’t look like a cool place to live. I’m not glutton for punishment. At my age I am realistic, I have sons therefore I don’t expect to find a man my age without children. That’s just a selfish mentality. To be honest I really don’t have everything down to an exact science of what I  am  looking for in my Boaz. Not looking in the first place God has the situation covered already. I do know that I want the love of the old couples who fought for their love. Everyone wants to learn from them a true romance story.