Forever Young

Anyone can make a change

Anyone can be use by God

Regardless of theirĀ age

Just ask Moses, Abraham or David

So you’re not a Christian

Okay Rosa Parks wasn’t a teenager

When she refused to give up her bus seat

Joyce Meyers was in her 30’s

When she received her calling

Vera Wang was 40

Julia Child published her book at 50

I could go on and on

Tune out the negative noise

God doesn’t stop using us

Because of our ages

Retirement is man made

God has no limits

As to how and when

He choose to use us

We just have to keep a head’s up

For when God will be calling

On us to do His work


Not Just Another Day

Today is not just another day. It’s a new day to start something new, do something special! Who knows what today could possibly bring? Let’s be open to possibilities so that we don’t miss opportunities. I rather live with regret from failing but not from not trying. Fear has no place with me. Now that I have given a pep talk it’s time to act. Faith without works is dead.